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Reviewer : Bradley
Ave Rating : 3.3333 for 3 reviews
Title : The Buried Age Rating : 5
Writers : Christopher L. Bennett Year : 2007
Review : An excellent story that could almost pass for canon; completely plausible too, the author did his homework. Some notable cameos in here too that add to the story.
Title : Star Trek TNG : Before Dishonor Rating : 0
Writers : Peter David Year : 2007
Review : Despite an excellent set up and a decent premise, the story is not one of Peter David's better efforts. The story of a Borg cube that literally consumes anything in its path is a bit on the weird side; the final straw comes when it eats Pluto and feeds on the sun to become the size of Earth. Bizarre doesn't quite cover it. Also, the death of a beloved Captain is handled so disrespectfully to be disgraceful- Kirk's in Generations has nothing on this ignomonious death :/
Title : Foreign Foes Rating : 5
Writers : Dave Galanter, Greg Brodeur Year : 1994
Review : One of the best TNG numbered novels out there; would have made a good episode. Very good plot, and excellent characterisation, especially with Picard

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