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NameUp Description First seen
N'Kree1 This Delta Quadrant species attempted to conscript a duplicate of Voyager into their battle fleet nine months and two days prior to Stardate 52586.31 Course: Oblivion
Na'kuhl2 Considered to be one of the more dangerous factions in the Temporal Cold War, the Na'kuhl regarded time travel as a right they had earned and treated it as a technology to be used like any other.

A group of Na'kuhl agents became trapped on Earth in the mid 20th century. In order to secure the raw materials to build a time machine for their return to their own time, they struck up an alliance with the Nazis whereby they would provide Germany with advanced weaponry in return for the raw materials and resources they needed. The Na'kuhl had no particular intention of holding up their side of the deal, and when Enterprise was sent to the period by Daniels the Na'kuhl leader Vosk offered to betray the Germans and restore history if Captain Archer would help them complete their machine, an offer that Archer declined.

The Na'kuhl were enemies of both Daniels' faction in the cold war and also of the Suliban - they once attempted to erase the Suliban from history by interfering in the distant past, but were prevented from doing so. Silik travelled into the past with Enterprise in order to infiltrate the Na'kuhl compound on Earth and steal time travel technology from them, apparently hoping to allow his own leader from the future to travel through time rather than just communicating through it. The attempt was initially successful, but Archer discovered Silik and prevented him from returning with the data.

Enterprise subsequently destroyed the Na'kuhl compound, killing all those there. The action restored the entire timeline to normal, effectively ending the Temporal Cold War once and for all.2
Storm Front, Part 2
Nacene3 A highly advanced species, a member of the Nacene known as the Caretaker was responsible for dragging various spacecraft into the Delta Quadrant.3 A millennia ago the Nacene accidentally caused an environmental disaster on the Ocampa home planet; two of their kind remained to provide for the surviving Ocampa who they housed in an underground city. Eventually one of these Caretakers left4, while the other died in 2371.5 Caretaker, Part 1
Nagilum6 Along with the Organians and Q, Nagilum is one of those mysterious entities whom the Federation may never come to fully understand. He - or rather, it - was encountered by the USS Enterprise-D in 2365. The ship encountered a 'void' in space, an area which seemed to contain no form of matter or energy - yet which was opaque to the light from stars on the other side. The void swallowed any probe which entered it, and when the Enterprise approached the region it expanded suddenly to encompass the ship.6

Within, the Enterprise crew found themselves dealing with a region where the physical laws themselves seemed to be different. Although the void had appeared relatively small on the outside, all attempts to reach its edge and emerge failed. Near copies of Romulan and Federation vessels appeared and disappeared before them, spatial relationships became oddly distorted.6

Eventually Nagilum itself appeared, showing itself as a disembodied catlike face hanging in the void - an appearance it claimed it had chosen because it was so close to Humanoid. It announced that it had been testing the crew because it was interested in seeing how they would react to unusual situations. It appeared intrigued by the physical differences between members of the crew, and surprised by the concepts of birth and death. In order to more fully understand the idea of death, Nagilum proposed to study the different ways in which a person could die by killing one third to one half of the Enterprise crew.6

Captain Picard chose to engage the ships autodestruct system rather than participate in the experiment. Nagilum attempted to deceive him into changing his decision by imitating members of the crew, but Picard remained resolute in his decision. Faced with this determination, Nagilum released the ship.6

Afterwards, Nagilum reappeared to Picard and stated that it had learned all it needed to know about Humanoids. It did not have a high opinion of them, and had decided that they had no common ground with itself, although Picard pointed out that both species were curious.6

The abilities it displayed were reminiscent of the Q and it is even possible that Nagilum was indeed a member of that species, although its behaviour was not typical of the continuum. Still, many fundamental questions remain unanswered. Since this incident there has been no further contact with this life form, and given the attitude to life that it displayed this is perhaps fortunate.6

Where Silence Has Lease
Nakan7 People who were massacred several centuries ago.7 Memorial
Nanites8 Nanotechnology has been used within the Federation for some time in the repair of cellular damage - at only one millionth of a millimetre in length these machines are easily able to penetrate a living cell. In 2366 Ensign Wesley Crusher was experimenting with forcing standard nanites to evolve on the Enterprise-D when some of his sample escaped from the containment vessel. The nanites continued to evolve, spreading through the ship's computer systems and inflicting considerable damage.

At the time the Enterprise was assisting Dr. Paul Stubbs in an important astrophysics experiment which had to take place at one specific time. When the nanite's actions threatened to prevent the experiment, Dr. Stubbs argued that they should be eliminated. Captain Picard declined, arguing that the nanites could be considered as a new life form and as such could not be killed en masse for the Federation's convenience.

Dr Stubbs attempted to force the crew's hand by irradiating one of the ship's computer cores with gamma rays to destroy the infestation. He hoped to provoke a conflict between the Enterprise crew and the nanites which would force the eradication of the machine life form. The nanites responded by launching attacks against Dr. Stubbs personally, indicating that they had developed a degree of intelligence.

Eventually the crew managed to make contact with the nanites via commander Data, and peaceful relations were established. The nanites proved to be fully sentient, highly intelligent creatures. The declined further conflict with the Federation, and the Enterprise transferred them to Kavis Alpha IV. This planet was designated as their home world.8
Napean9 Humanoid species. Napeans are empathic, and are capable of cross-breeding with Humans.9 Eye of the Beholder
Nasari10 The Nasari are sworn enemies of the Taresians, and will attack any ship carrying a Taresian on sight.10 Favorite Son
Nassordin11 Delta Quadrant civilisation which traded with the B'omar11 The Raven
Nasturtium12 Terran plant12 Imaginary Friend
Nausicaans13 Humanoid species native to the Beta Quadrant.14 The Nausicaans are large people renowned for their lack of subtlety and surly, ill-tempered manner.13 Nausicaan pirates were a problem for Earth cargo ships in the 2150s, since they carried energy shielding which made them highly resistant to the plasma cannon most of the Earth ships carried. The advent of the NX class helped to even things up somewhat.15 In 2371 a group of Nausicaans used an ultrasonic generator to break in rob central museum of Remmil VI by breaking down one of the walls.16 They are a common choice as bodyguards or hired muscle - FCA liquidator Brunt used two Nausicaans as bodyguards in 2372 when he investigated a labour union set up by employees of Quark. The Nausicaans severely beat Quark in an unsuccessful attempt to force Rom to shut down the union.17

In 2327 the newly graduated Ensign Picard and two of his friends became involved in a fight at a gambling establishment on Starbase Earhart after a Nausicaan cheated during a game of Dom Jot. One of the Nausicaans stabbed Picard through the heart, severely injuring him and necessitating an artificial replacement organ.13

In 2374 Quark made 200 bars of gold pressed latinum by selling Denevan crystals to a Nausicaan entrepreneur.18

Nechani19 Species who were willing to allow Kes to die for unwittingly breaking one of their religious laws.19 Sacred Ground
Neethian Catfish20 Creature which can survive being cut in half.20 Vox Sola
Neo-Roman21 Humanoid species from a planet which paralleled earth's early development but on which the Roman empire never fell.21 Bread and Circuses
Neuralian22 Species who lived in peace until the Klingons and Federation armed them, starting a civil war.22 A Private Little War
Nexian tapeworm23 Parasitic worm which can live within Denobulans. It attaches itself to the lower intestinal tract and absorbs nutrients from there; as a side effect, the host will tend to lose weight. Phlox used one of the creatures for this purpose in 215423 The Council
Nezu24 Voyager helped the Nezu resist an asteroid bombardment in 2373.24 Rise
Nibiran Humanoid inhabitants of the planet Nibiru, the Nibirans were the subject of a scientific study by the USS Enterprise in 2259. The species was threatened with extinction by the impending eruption of a gigantic volcano near their settlement. Captain Kirk violated the Prime Directive in order to prevent the eruption and save the species. In the process he exposed the Enterprise itself to their view; the Nibirans responded by abandoning their religion and worshipping a new god-image in the shape of the Enterprise.25

Nibirans painted themselves with white colouring and tribal markings. Their eyes were solid black in colour, and had an inner eyelid.25

Nibirilla A quadruped species native to Nibiru, the Nibirilla was used as a riding animal. Doctor McCoy planned for himself and Captain Kirk to ride a Nibirilla in their escape from the Nibiran settlement. Unfortunately Captain Kirk stunned the creature when it roared at him as he arrived and the two were forced to escape on foot.25 Speculative
Nibiru Tree Crawler A small creature native to Nibiru, this life form lived on the trees near the Nibiran settlement. It had a dozen small tentacles at the top of its body; these could be withdrawn into the body.25 Speculative
Night Being26 Delta Quadrant civilisation who lived within the Void and were well adapted to the conditions there26 Night
Night Blooming Throgni27 From the planet Gault28, this plant is known for its odour.27 Angel One
Nihydron29 Delta Quadrant civilisation; in an alternate timeline the Nihydron allied with Voyager against the Krenim29 Year of Hell, Part 1
Nimbus III Unicorn30 A horselike species native to Nimbus III.30 Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Nitrium Metal Parasite31 Spaceborne lifeform which eats metals and converts it into a viscous liquid31 Cost of Living
Noophian32 Species which have no sentimental attachment to old things.32 Brothers
Norcadian33 Humanoid Delta Quadrant species.33 Borg designation Species 68634 Tsunkatse
Norpin Falcon35 Bird from the planet Norpin known for its excellent reflexes35 Sons and Daughters
Nucleogenic Cloud Being36 Life form measuring over a billion kilometres in diameter36 The Cloud
Nucleogenic Lifeform37 A species which was considered to be spiritually important by the Ankari. The bodies of these creatures yielded a substance which greatly improved the effectiveness of warp drive, and the crew of the Equinox killed many of them to assist them in their journey home.37 The Equinox was eventually destroyed in retaliation.38 Equinox, Part 1
Numiri39 Enemies of the Banea, the Numiri are notoriously hostile to outsiders.39 Ex Post Facto
Nuu'bari40 Species which used simple holograms for mining duties.40 Flesh and Blood, Part 1
Nuvian41 Species to be found on various planets around Earth. Nuvian masseuses were highly prized, having twelve fingers on each hand. Risa had over 200 of them in 2152.42 Nuvian concubines were to be found for sale in slave markets in the Delphic Expanse.43 Various Enterprise episodes
Nyberrite Alliance44 Spacefaring civilisation44 The Way of the Warrior
Nygean45 Species which uses the death penalty on criminals.45 Repentance
Nyrian46 Species which captures ships by gradually swapping the crew for their own people via a long range transporter. The Nyrians are sensitive to high levels of light and humidity, and to low temperatures.46 Displaced

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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28 Speculative Worf said these plants were from "back home". I presume he meant it is from Gault, the Human colony where he grew up, but he might have meant the Klingon Khittomer colony where he lived for a while as a child, or even Qo'noS where he was born
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Comment:Worf said these plants were from "back home". I presume he meant it is from Gault, the Human colony where he grew up, but he might have meant the Klingon Khittomer colony where he lived for a while as a child, or even Qo'noS where he was born
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