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Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description First seen
M'klexa1 Species which visited the planet Valakis prior to the NX-01 Enterprise's visit of 2151.1 Dear Doctor
M-113 Creature2 Creature which needed regular doses of salt to live and was able to project false images of itself to others.2 The Man Trap
Macrovirus3 Virus which grows up to a metre across and can defy gravity3 Macrocosm
Maker4 Ancient civilisation which created advanced androids later controlled by Harry Mudd4 I, Mudd
Malcorian5 A pre-warp species, the Malcorians were contacted by the Federation but eventually declined the offer of friendship.5 First Contact
Malkoth6 A Delta Quadrant species erased from time by Annorax. He kept a bottle of their spirits on his ship, the only one remaining in the universe.6 Year of Hell, Part 1
Malon7 Relatively little is known about the Malon; there has been no formal contact with the Malon government as such, merely a series of accidental encounters with their ships. Since these encounters have occurred over thirty thousand light years apart, it is possible that Malon territory extends across these kinds of distances - making their space far larger than the Federation.8 However, the Malon are known to have access to at least one stable "spatial vortex" - apparently a form of wormhole. It is possible that they have access to others which allow them to cross large distances, or even that are able to build such phenomena themselves. At this point in time we simply do not know.7

At least some aspects of Malon technology produce large amounts of Theta radiation, and the Malon dispose of this by dumping it in unpopulated areas of space. The amounts involved are such that this has caused significant levels of pollution, endangering several species. It is the freighters involved in this operation that the USS Voyager has encountered. On their first meeting in early 2375, Voyager offered the Malon technology which would eliminate their Theta radiation problems. unfortunately the Malon still appear to operate a profit based economy; since the waste dumping business would be totally destroyed by such technology, the Malon crews have been less than receptive to this idea.7 Several weeks later a Malon freighter attempted to steal an advanced probe belonging to Voyager, prompting the Starfleet crew to build the Delta Flyer to retrieve the probe first.9

Later in the same year, Voyager encountered an abandoned freighter and recovered two crew members from nearby escape pods. This encounter allowed the crew to learn much more about the Malon. The freighters can carry enormous amounts of the toxins, over twelve trillion isotons on a single vessel. Should such a ship be destroyed it would devastate everything within three light years of the explosion. Their freighter crews generally suffer serious cell damage from their exposure to the Theta radiation, which they call 'freighter blight'. The Malon use analeptic compound injections to counter the freighter blight, but while the treatment keeps them alive it does not prevent skin scarring.

A crew member will typically work six months of the year on a Malon freighter; the exposure so received is expected to cut his life in half. The 'core labourers' who work closest to the waste receive the greatest dosage; less than one third are expected to survive any given trip, but they make more money in two months of working than most Malon earn in a lifetime. Occasionally the radiation causes core labourers to experience mutations, and the Malon have many stories of 'monsters' which attack crew members or damage ships. Voyagers crew encountered one such individual on board the abandoned freighter and were forced to kill him in order to prevent the ship from being sabotaged.10

Malosian11 Traders who operated in the Delphic Expanse. This race may be ficticious, as Archer mentioned them as part of a plot to trick Degra into revealing details of the Xindi weapon program.11 Stratagem
Malurian12 Beta Quadrant13 species which mined minerals from the Akaali home world in 2151, poisoning the natives in the process. Their operation was stopped when the NX-01 intervened.14 The Malurian species was destroyed in 2267 when the Nomad probe sterilised their system.12 The Changeling
Manchovite15 Civilization which were engaged in a war at some point in the 24th century. Gaila and Hagath sold the Manchovites 150,000 hand weapons. They also sold 100,000 of the same weapons to their enemies, thus profiting from both sides of the war. The arms dealers were annoyed when an armistice was subsequently signed.15 Business as Usual
Maple Trees16 Earth plant16 In the Flesh
Mari17 Telepathic civilisation in the Delta Quadrant who have largely eliminated crime17 Random Thoughts
Marijne18 Sentient beings encountered by the Enterprise-D which communicated by directly accessing one anothers thoughts. The beings lived in subspace.18 Interface
Markalian19 The Markalians are a species seen on Deep Space Nine occasionally.19 Some Markalians are notorious for their smuggling and other criminal activities; Odo arrested one on Deep Space Nine during the Federation's takeover of the station.20 Some Markalians fine employed as mercenaries.21 Kassidy Yates employed a Markalian on the Xhosa.22 A wounded Markalian was being cared for in the field hospital on Ajilon Prime when Jake visited23, and at least one was interned by the Dominion in the run up to the Dominion war.24 In 2374 Molly O'Brien wounded a Markalian in Quark's Bar.25 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
Markoffian Sea Lizard26 Life form familiar to Q26 Deja Q
Markonians27 Delta quadrant species which maintained an outpost visited by Voyager in 2376.27 Survival Instinct
Marlonian28 Culture whose pottery resembles both Buranian and Taguan work.28 Rascals
Mathenite29 Possible species name. Legate Ghemor said that the Mathenite government had offered him political sanctuary.29 Second Skin
Mawasi6 Delta Quadrant civilisation; in an alternate timeline the Mawasi allied with Voyager against the Krenim6 Year of Hell, Part 1
Mazarite30 The Mazarites had a corrupt government in the 2150s, which they were trying to correct with Vulcan help.30 Fallen Hero
Mealworm31 Type of worm native to the planet Earth. Those infected by the alien Parasites which infiltrated Starfleet in the 2360s regarded live Mealworms as a tasty snack food.31 Conspiracy
Medusan32 A species known as one of the great contrasts of the galaxy; the thoughts of the Medusans are considered to be the most sublime and beautiful in the entire galaxy, but their physical appearance is so ugly that simply looking at a Medusan is extremely dangerous. Human beings are driven insane by even the smallest glimpse of one, and will often become raving maniacs as a result. In some cases, death by widespread organ failure has been known to follow. The mental discipline possessed by Vulcans allows them to look at a Medusan safely, if it is done through a specially constructed visor. In very rare cases, non-Vulcans trained in Vulcan methods have been able to do the same.32

Medusans are telepathic, and although establishing a telepathic link with another species is very difficult for them, this is their only method of communication. They are unable to vocalise or communicate by other methods, even with a universal translator. Medusans are also known for their extraordinary ability as navigators.32

The image shown depicts a Medusan travelling box. For safety reasons we cannot show you an actual Medusan.32

Is There in Truth no Beauty?
Megarite33 Approximately Humanoid species33 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Melkotian34 Powerful telepaths, the Melkotians do not like outsiders but were eventually persuaded to make contact with the Federation.34 Spectre of the Gun
Mellitus35 Creature which is solid when still and gaseous when moving35 Wolf in the Fold
Melvaran mud flea36 Animal life form. Considered a delicacy by certain individuals. Zoumas was a fan of eating them as he said that once a person got past their texture the taste was 'not that bad'. He also enjoyed keeping live fleas in his mouth and feeling them jumping around until he crunched them between his teeth.36

In the alternate timeline created by Nero Doctor McCoy vaccinated Kirk against viral infection carried by Melvaran mud fleas as a pretext to take him aboard the Enterprise.37

Memory Virus38 Organisms that ate peptides within the hosts brain38 Flashback
Menk1 A primitive species which shared the same planet as the Valakians. The Menk were immune to the disease which threatened the Valakians.1 Dear Doctor
Menthar39 Civilisation which fought the Promellians to their mutual annihilation39 Booby Trap
Meridian40 Species who's planet shifted In the alternate dimension they existed in a non-corporeal state.40 Meridian
Metalic Microbe41 Fossilised examples of these life forms were discovered within a graviton ellipse41 One Small Step
Metrone42 A highly advanced species, the Metrones staged a contest between Kirk and a Gorn starship captain.42 Arena
Microbiotic Colony43 Subatomic life form which eats away at metals43 A Matter of Honor
Microbrain44 An inorganic life form native to Velara III.44 Home Soil
Microvirus45 Artificially created organism45 The Vengeance Factor
Mikhal Traveller46 This largely nomadic race love to travel the galaxy in small craft, swapping tall tales with one another.46 Darkling
Mikulak47 Civilisation who donated tissue samples to study Correllium fever47 Hollow Pursuits
Minnobia15 Civilisation. During his time as an arms dealer Quark falsely informed Hagath that he couldn't supply him with a mutagenic retrovirus because he had sold it all to the Minnobia for use in their war against the Vek.15 Business as Usual
Mintakan48 These primitive Vulcanoids suffered cultural contamination from an accidental first contact with the Federation.48 Who Watches The Watchers?
Miradorn49 The Miradorn are born in twinned pairs, with an extremely strong bond between each twin. 49 Vortex
Mislan50 Species from the planet Mislan. Voyager encountered a Mislan ship which had been destroyed by the Swarm in 2373.50 The Swarm
Mizarian51 Mizarians value peace above all else, and as a result have been conquered six times in the last three hundred years. 51 Allegiance
Mokra52 Species which lived under paranoid, tyrannical rulers.52 Resistance
Monean53 Species which populated the space ocean.53 Thirty Days
Mordanian54 This species were plunged into decades of civil war after a Starfleet officer gave them advanced weapons.54 Too Short a Season
Mordian Butterfly55 Insectoid life form which resides on Mizar II55 Profit and Loss
Morg / Eymorg56 The planet Sigma Draconis VI once boasted an advanced society, but at some time in the past the planet entered a glacial stage. An underground complex was constructed, but for some reason this came to be inhabited only by the females of the species while the males continued to live on the surface. Both groups lost all knowledge or understanding of their situation, forgetting their past entirely. The men, who came to call themselves Morg, reverted to stone age technology. The women, or Eymorg, continued to live within the technologically sophisticated underground complex, but lost all understanding of it. The complex was run by a computer system which was based on a Humanoid brain. This device controlled every aspect of the complex, but since it was based on organic components it had a limited life span and needed replacing every so often.

To facilitate this the Eymorg used a device called the Teacher. This temporarily implanted advanced knowledge and skills into an individual, allowing them to understand and use their other technology. Under the influence of the Teacher an Eymorg incapacitated the crew of the USS Enterprise and removed Commander Spock's brain from his body for use in the control system. Kirk was able to track the Eymorg to Sigma Draconis VI, but the Eymorg were extremely reluctant to return the brian to him. They used a variety of methods to control both the Morg and the Enterprise officers, including belts which caused intense pain at the touch of a button. Eventually Kirk was able to overcome the Eymorg and recover the brain, and using the Teacher Doctor McCoy was able to restore it to its body.

Kirk convinced the Eymorg that they should learn to coexist with the Morg and that both should fend for themselves without depending on their technology.56
Spock's Brain
Moropa51 Society hostile to the Bolians51 Allegiance
Mugato57 White simian creature native to Tyree's planet. The Mugato had a highly poisonous bite, which would be fatal if left untreated. The Kanutu women of the planet knew how to cure a Mugato bite by mingling their blood with that of the victim via a Mako root, one of the many biological oddities on the planet. It was said that a man who was cured in this way became bonded to the Kanutu woman and could deny her nothing. Kirk was bitten by a Mugato during his visit to the planet in 2267, and subsequently cured by Nona. He dismissed the possibility of a resulting bond between them as superstition.57 A Private Little War
Muktok Plant58 Plant native to Betazed.58 Menage a Troi
Muse59 This non-corporeal species takes corporeal form and feeds off the creative energy of artists.59 The Muse
Mylean60 Delta Quadrant civilisation similar to Talaxians60 Scientific Method

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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