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NameUp Description First seen
Gagh1 A type of serpent worm from the Klingon home planet.2 Gagh comes in many varieties, at least one of which - Bithool gagh - has feet. Gagh is a common foodstuff for Klingons, often eaten live.3 Various Next Generation episodes
Galipotan4 Civilisation which does not acknowledge the concept of time. They also make very good sweaters.4 The Wire
Gallamite5 Species famed for having transparent skulls. Dax once dated a Gallamite5 The Maquis, Part 1
Gamelan6 The Enterprise-D once helped the Gamelan by piloting an old freighter carrying nuclear waste away from their planet.6 Final Mission
Garanian Bolite7 Small insect-like creatures. When they bite humanoids, they can cause intense itching and extreme skin colour changes. Fortunately the effects only last for a matter of seconds before completely subsiding. In 2369 Jake and Nog entertained themselves by infesting two people on the Promenade with Garanian Bolites.7 A Man Alone
Garden snake8 Animal life form to be found on Earth.8 Similitude
Garenor9 Species erased from history by Arronax.9 Year of Hell, Part 1
Garili Tree10 Plant found on the Vhnori home world10 Emanations
Garlanic Tree11 Plant native to the Elaysian home planet11 Melora
Garren12 A group of Garren miners became infected with the Macrovirus, and were killed by the Tak Tak to prevent the spread of the disease.12 A Garren trader attempted to steal the Druoda warhead from Voyager in 2375.13 Macrocosm
Gavarian14 Porbable species name. A Gavarian ship was scanned by some Ferengi in the 2150s.14 Acquisition
Gemarians15 Species native to Gemaris V. In 2366 Captain Picard spent two weeks negotiating a trade dispute between the Gemarians and their nearest neighbour, the Dachlyds. Counsellor Troi regarded the Gemarians as an incredibly stubborn people.15 Captain's Holiday
Genesis Macrobes16 These slug-like creatures were generated by the Genesis effect. They were ordinary microbes which were carried to the planet along with Spock's body on the funeral torpedo fired from the Enterprise. The Genesis effect altered them into much larger - and ultimately dangerous - size.16 Star Trek III : The Search for Spock
Gideonite17 The planet Gideon suffered from massive over population, which they hoped to cure by spreading disease.17 The Mark of Gideon
Glob fly18 Insect known for being very small, completely harmless, and extremely irritating18 The Outrageous Okona
Goat19 Earth mammal. In primitive times the milk, meat, hair, and skins of Goats were widely used on Earth. The Bringloidi still kept goats when the Enterprise-D encountered them in 2365.19 Up The Long Ladder
Golanan3 Technologically advanced Alpha Quadrant civilisation who died out approximately 1,000 years ago3 Prodigal Daughter
Gomtuu20 In 2366 Starfleets Vega IX probe detected a new life form in space near the Beta Stromgren star. Readings indicated that the star was about to go supernova, destroying the space based life form. Starfleet dispatched a telepathic mission specialist, Tam Elbrun, and the USS Enterprise to the system to make contact with the being, which they nicknamed "Tin Man", and analyse it. Unfortunately Elbrun was a rather unstable character who did not interact well with others due to his extreme sensitivity to telepathic communication.

The Romulans also detected the life form and dispatched two Warbirds to investigate. The first ran its engines at 30% over normal specifications in order to arrive shortly after the Enterprise. It attacked immediately upon decloaking, damaging the starships shields, and proceeded to contact Tin Man first. When the life form declined to contact them, the Romulans attempted to fire upon it. Tam Elbrun warned the creature of the Romulans hostile intent telepathically, and it responded by releasing an energy blast which destroyed the Warbird and further damaged the Enterprise.

Even after some hours of repairs the Enterprise was in poor shape when the second Warbird arrived. The vessels Captain threatened to destroy the ship if it interfered with his destruction of the alien. Captain Picard beamed Data and Tam Elbrun over to Tin Man in order to try and establish contact with it. Elbrun was able to establish telepathic contact with Tin Man, which called itself Gomtuu. He determined that Tin Man was a living spacecraft which was thousands of years old. Millions of these vessels had once existed, but their numbers had apparently declined to the point where Gomtuu though it may be the last one remaining. There had been an accident, an explosion in space, which killed the crew and left the craft entirely alone. Gomtuu had existed in a symbiontic relationship with its crew, and now that they were dead it became increasingly lonely. Finally it decided to end its life, and positioned itself near Beta Stromgren so that the Supernova would destroy it.

Both Tam and Gomtuu suffered from the same problem - a strong feeling of isolation and loneliness. Both found that they could take comfort in the presence of the other; Tam was able to convince Gomtuu to save itself from the supernova, while his own sense of loneliness was solved by Gomtuu. As Beta Stromgren began to collapse Gomtuu threw both the Enterprise and the Romulan vessel clear of the explosion and vanished.

Gomtuu has not been heard from since, and no further creatures of this type have been seen.20
Tin Man
Gorgan21 Noncorporeal lifeform which killed the adults of the Starnes Expedition21 And the Children Shall Lead
Gorn22 Some time after the Cestus III outpost was founded, rumours began to circulate of strange goings on. Peculiar subspace messages were said to have been received, leading to rumours of a mysterious presence in the area, although none of these contacts were confirmed and little official notice was taken.

In 2266, the Cestus III outpost was destroyed by a spacecraft which approached and opened fire without warning. The USS Enterprise was subsequently lured into an ambush by the ship, but managed to force it to retreat. The Starship pursued its attacker, but before the two could engage one another again a mysterious species calling themselves the Metrons intervened. The Metrons stranded Captain Kirk and the Captain of the alien vessel on a nearby planet, insisting that they finish the battle personally.22

The being Kirk found himself fighting resembled a humanoid lizard, cold blooded, approximately six feet tall with green skin which looked almost rubbery. The face had two widely spaced nostrils and a pair of compound eyes. The creature - which the Metrons called a Gorn - proved to be immensely strong and virtually immune to physical attack. Kirk did discover one physical weak spot - the Gorns ears are apparently highly sensitive to even relatively light blows. The Gorn was also extremely slow compared to Kirk, and the Captain was eventually able to fashion a weapon out of local materials and incapacitate it.22

During the combat the Gorn claimed that the Federation had intruded into space belonging to his government. When Kirk finally defeated his enemy he refused to kill him, instead telling the Metrons that the Federation would prefer to negotiate a peaceful settlement with the Gorn. The negotiations did occur shortly afterwards and eventually a peace treaty was signed. The Federation has maintained reasonably friendly relations with the Gorn ever since.22

The Gorn are known to have had contact with the Orions far earlier than the Federation, with trade between the two powers extending back as early as 2154.23

In the Mirror universe, at least one Gorn worked with the Tholians as a slavemaster; he attemped to sabotage the USS Defiant after the Mirror Archer captured it from the Tholians, but was ultimately unsuccessful.24

Liek most cold blooded creatures, the Gorn prefer warm environments.24

Gorokian Midwife Toad25 Animal life form. In 2372 Q threatened to turn Quinn into a Gorokian Midwife Toad for the rest of eternity.25 Death Wish
Grazerite26 A Federation member species. The Federation President in 2372 was a Grazerite.26 Homefront
Great Dane27 A subspecies of Earth canine, Great Danes were kept by Humans as pets. Admiral Kirk had a Great Dane called Butler.27 Star Trek : Generations
Gree28 Species with a prosboscis. Voyager's EMH noted that stimulating follicles on the proboscis of a Gree results in a swelling of the auricular canal.28 Elogium
Greek God29 A member of an unknown species who considered themselves to be Gods.29 Who Mourns for Adonais?
Grisella30 Species which hibernates for long periods30 The Ensigns of Command
Gunji Jackdaw31 Bird similar to a Terran Ostrich31 If Wishes Were Horses

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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