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Science and Technology List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description Episode
SIF1 Structural Integrity Field, a forcefield which holds the structure of a Starship in an extremely rigid state, allowing it to resist great forces. Structural Integrity Fields can also resist weapons fire to a significant degree.1 Tin Man
Safety protocols2 Set of programming included into most holoprograms which prevent persons within the program from experiencing any harm.2 Star Trek : First Contact
Sarium micro-cells3 Energy cells used aboard the NX class starship for charging torpedo weapons. The Vissians used the same basic technology for their much more advanced photonic warheads.3 Cogenitor
Saucer separation4 Term used for the separation of a Federation Starship into two parts - the Saucer section and Engineering section. For some ships this is a relatively catastrophic act, requiring a Starbase to reconnect the two parts. For others, such as the Galaxy and Prometheus classes, separating and reconnecting is a relatively mundane procedure.4 Encounter at Farpoint
Scanner5 Name used for any device which collects information by directing emissions towards the subject and analysing the return. Scanners are distinct from sensors, which gather information by detecting the emissions the subject gives off itself.5 Generic canonical information
Secondary phase modulator6 An element of the power system on Deep Space Nine. Problems with a secondary phase modulator may have been responsible for a malfunction in Dax's laboratory in 2369.6 Babel
Secondary plasma vent7 System on board an NX class starship.7 Minefield
Selenium isotopes8 Naturally occurring substance which can disrupt sensor systems and impulse engines.9 Dawn
Self-sealing stem bolt10 Device used in the construction of reverse ratcheting routers.10 Progress
Semi-fluidic alloy11 Substance used in the construction of 31st century vessels.11 Future Tense
Sensor12 Name used for any device which collects information by detecting emissions given off by the subject. Sensors are distinct from scanners, which gather information by directing their own emissions towards the subject and analysing the return.12 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Seofurane13 A material used to make bio-sample containers.13 A Man Alone
Shields14 The primary defensive system of a Starship. Also known as a deflector shield.14 Arena
Shuttle bay15 Facility on board a space vessel which is dedicated to storing, launching and landing shuttlecraft.15 Most Federation shuttle bays are equipped with a forcefield which allows shuttles to pass through whilst holding the atmosphere inside, thus allowing the bay to operate without having to depressurise.16 Standard practice is to bring shuttles aboard via a tractor beam rather than under their own power, although this can be done in an emergency.17 The Galileo Seven
Shuttlecraft15 A small spacecraft carried by most Starships. Smaller shuttles generally carry people down to planetary surfaces in situations where transporters are not available, but larger or more modern ones can undertake interplanetary or short interstellar journeys.15 The Galileo Seven
Sickbay18 Name given to the medical facility on a Federation Starship or Starbase.18 Various Original Series episodes
Slingshot effect19 A method of time travel employed by the Federation which involves a close approach to a large mass such as a star whilst at high warp velocity. The course must be precisely calculated in order to ensure success.19 The Naked Time
Soliton wave20 A technology which allows objects to travel at warp speeds without having a warp drive on board. A soliton wave generator produces a large energy wave which impacts the vehicle, accelerating it to warp speed. Another generator at the opposite end of the trip disperses the wave to bring the object back to rest. Unfortunately, the first test of the system went disastrously wrong when the wave grew massively in energy, to the point where it threatened to devastate the planet on which the second generator was mounted.20 New Ground
Space frame5 The structural support members of a Starship.5 Generic canonical information
Space suit21 A suit which protects the wearer against the hazardous environment of space.21 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Spatial compression index22 Factor which had to be taken into account when starting up the warp drive of an NX class starship. The output of the core had to be within 300 and 312 millicochranes unless the spatial compression index was greater than 5.62%.22 Doctor's Orders
Spatial discriminators23 Part of the stabilisers of a J class cargo vessel.23 Horizon
Spatial gradient24 A feature of warp flight which became distorted when the quantum variables of the Cochrane equation were not as expected.24 Anomaly
Starbase25 A Federation facility which serves as a centre for scientific research, trade, Starship manufacture or maintanence and military strength. Starbases can be located on planetary surfaces, in orbit, or in deep space.25 Court Martial
Stardate12 A system of time in use within the Federation.12 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Starship18 A Federation Starfleet vessel capable of undertaking interstellar missions. Most Starships are more than 100 metres long; smaller vessels tend to be classed as Runabouts or Shuttlecraft.18 Various Original Series episodes
Subdermal transceivers26 Communications device used by the Military Assault Command Operatives in the mid 2150s. The device was an implant which was placed under the skin to allow covert communication.26 Stratagem
Subquantum imprint27 A characteristic 'fingerprint' of materials. Matching subquantum imprints from two different samples proves that they have the same origin.27 The Shipment
Subspace28 A type of spacetime which is outside our own. Much Federation technology is based around the properties of subspace, most especially warp drive.28 Force of Nature
Subspace Compression29 Effect which results when an object is partially encased in a subspace field. Subspace compression can cause forces sufficient to tear such an object apart.29 Deja Q
Subspace Field30 A field generated by the warp coils of Federation starships and related to subspace. Subspace fields allow objects to circumvent the Einsteinian limitations which normally apply within our universe. They are measured in Cochranes; a subapce field with a value of 1 Cochrane or more is known as a warp field.30 The N'th Degree
Subspace Field Distortions30 Effect which is generated by active warp drives.30 The N'th Degree
Subspace Funnel31 A link through subspace which connects two distant points together in a manner similar to a wormhole.31 Interface
Subspace Instabilities28 An area in which warp drive has caused damage to the fabric of space. In extreme cases this can lead to a subspace rift.28 Force of Nature
Subspace Interphase Pocket32 An area of overlap between our universe and one of the others normally separated from it by the phase difference between them.32 Playing God
Subspace Radio33 Method of communicating at faster than light speeds. Subspace radio allows virtually instantaneous communication over long ranges if the signal is sent via relay stations. Without relay stations, the speed of a signal drops to approximately 50,000 times that of light.33 A Piece of the Action
Subspace Rift28 A break in the fabric of space through which the fabric of subspace can intrude into our universe.28 Force of Nature
Subspace Rupture34 An anomaly which behaves in a manner similar to a whirlpool, sucking matter into it over a large area.34 If Wishes Were Horses
Subspace Sandbar35 A region of space in which a warp drive will not function.35 Bride of Chaotica!
Subspace Shockwave36 A blast effect produced by certain types of explosion which propogates at a velocity greater than that of light.36 Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Subspace Tear37 A rip which can be caused by an isolytic subspace weapon which allows subspace to protrude into our own universe. The tear is strongly attracted to warp cores.37 Star Trek : Insurrection
Subspace Transition Rebound38 An effect which is associated with dimensional shifting.38 The High Ground
Subspace Vacuole39 A link between two points through subspace. Similar to a subspace funnel.39 Emanations
Subspace Vortex40 A method of transport used by the Xindi.40 The Vortex allows them to take 'shortcuts' through subspace, covering large distances in a very short time. It is limited to ranges of a few light years.27 It is also known as an energy portal.27 Rajiin
Subspace implosion41 In an alternate timeline, Denobulan specialists suggested this as a method of killing temporal parasites infecting Captain Archer. Creating the implosion involved overloading three of the plasma injectors so as to send a feedback pulse through the warp reactor. Unfortunately the procedure involved vapourising the captain as well.41 Twilight
Subspace phase inverter42 A device not normally carried aboard Galaxy class starships as of 2365. A subspace phase inverter can produce Eichner radiation.42 The Child
Subspace transporter43 A form of transporter which sends the matter stream through subspace, thus extending the range from the normal few tens of thousands of kilometres to at least several light years. The Dominion transporters may well be subspace devices.43 Bloodlines
Subspace weapon37 Any weapon which causes destruction via damage or disruption to subspace. Subspace weapons are illegal under the second Khittomer accords, though some species still use them.37 Star Trek : Insurrection
Sweet Spot44 A point on Earth vessels half way between the gravity generator and the bow. Gravitational fields acted in strange directions at the sweet spot.44 Broken Bow
System taps45 Element of the warp drive of the NX class starship. In theory, re-routing the system taps would compress the antimatter stream before it reaches the injectors, stabilising the warp field and allowing higher speeds to be achieved.46 Similitude

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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