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Science and Technology List

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NameUp Description Episode
PADD1 Personal Access and Display Device, a hand held computer used by many Star trek species. PADDs usually consist of a flat panel with a touch sensitive screen and a small number of buttons.1 Generic canonical information
Parallel universe2 A universe co-existing alongside out own in another dimension. In theory there are an almost infinite number of parallel universes in which every possible consequence of every possible action is played out.2 Parallels
Parametric scan3 Type of scan which is can determine physical dimensions to a high degree of accuracy. It is used for aligning phase coils.3 Singularity
Parthogenic Atmosphere4 A type of atmosphere which is capable of distorting sensor readings. It is very difficult to detect a ship in orbit of a planet with a parthogenic atmosphere.4 Equinox, Part 2
Particle synthesis5 An advanced alien technology which is similar but superior to Federation holodeck technology.5 Hope and Fear
Pattern buffer6 An element of the transporter which stores the matter stream whilst the other systems function. The stream will normally start to degrade in under a minute, but can be jury rigged to last for decades if need be.6 Realm of Fear
Pattern enhancers7 Devices normally employed in threes to assist a transporter in achieving a lock on a subject under conditions which would normally be too difficult or hazardous for ordinary function.7 Power Play
Pattern generator8 An element of Cardassian food replicators. In 2369 Chief O'Brien accidentally activated a sabotage device within the pattern generator of a replicator; the device introduced a virus into all the food and drink it created.8 Babel
Peak transitional threshold9 The power a vessel must produce in order to achieve an integer warp factor. Once the peak transitional threshold has been crossed, the power required to maintain the same velocity falls significantly.9 Generic official information
Phase coil3 Device which was used aboard the NX class starship. Phase coils had to be aligned very precisely via a parametric scan.3 Singularity
Phase coil inverter10 Cardassian device powered by a neodynium power cell.10 In the Cards
Phase couplers11 Element of the phase cannon used on board NX class starships.11 Proving Ground
Phase decompiler12 Tool in use on Deep Space Nine during 2373.12 Empok Nor
Phase discriminator13 Device which was capable of penetrating Suliban cloaking fields.13 Shockwave, Part 1
Phase shift14 Adjusting an object so that it exists in a slightly different timeframe from normal space. This renders the object invisible, and potentially able to pass through normal matter.14 The Pegasus
Phased deflector pulse15 The Xindi used these to open a subspace vortex.15 Stratagem
Phaser16 Type of particle weapon used by the Federation. Phasers are capable of knocking a person unconscious, heating objects to very high temperatures, vaporizing them, and possibly even of moving objects into a different continuum.16 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Phaser emitter17 Element of phaser weapons. In 2375 the USS Musashi traded a phaser emitter with Nog in return for an induction modulator. The emitter was then traded with the USS Sentinel for a graviton stabiliser.17 Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Plasma18 A gas comprised of charged particles, often at a high temperature. Plasma is used by Federation Starships to transfer energy around the ships via the plasma transfer conduits, and is fired as a weapon by Romulan ships.18 Balance of Terror
Plasma Fire19 A form of fire. The Enteprise-D experienced a plasma fire after striking a quantum filament in 2368. Plasma fires can be extinguished if the air around them is evacuated19

In 2372 the Defiant suffered a major plasma fire in the engine room after an effort to generate an artificial wormhole failed.20
Plasma coils21 Part of the engineering systems of an NX class starship. Reversing the polarity on the plasma coils would trigger a feedback pulse.21 Harbinger
Plasma display subsystem22 Element of the engine system of a Defiant class starship.22 One Little Ship
Plasma eddies23 A feature of neutronic wavefronts. Ships had to steer around the eddies, which were very dangerous.24 The Catwalk
Plasma exhaust port25 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The ports could become clogged with EM residue.25 Unexpected
Plasma flow26 Powerful eruption of plasma which occurs with great frequency in the Badlands.26 Penumbra
Plasma injectors27 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The ship had five such injectors; it could travel with four, but not three.27 A Night In Sickbay
Plasma manifold12 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems. Plasma manifolds could not be replicated since they contained a Beta matrix compositor, and the failure of one in 2373 prompted a mission to Empok Nor to slavage a replacement.12 Empok Nor
Plasma modulators28 Element of the phase cannon of an NX class starship. Under certain conditions the plasma modulators could overload, producing a beam ten times more powerful than normal. When this happened plasma recoil would cause significant damage to the ship unless it could be directed into the hull plating.28 Silent Enemy
Plasma recoiler12 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems.12 Empok Nor
Plasma relay29 Element of the engines of an NX class starship. Plasma relays could reverse polarity if a ship passed through certain kinds fo anomaly.29 Anomaly
Plasma residue30 Waste product produced by certain types of warp engines. If the plasma residue is not cleaned out regularly it can build up and clog the warp injectors.30 Desert Crossing
Plasma torch31 Tool in use in an alternate timeline version of 2165. The plasma torch was a cutting device able to cut duranium metal.31 Twilight
Polaric energy32 Type of energy which was carried by a diamagnetic storm. Polaric energy is extremely dangerous to Humanoids.32 Vanishing Point
Polaric field33 Spatial anomaly to be found in the Delphic Expanse. Polaric fields could be as large as 11,000 kilometres in diameter.33 Similitude
Polaric power34 A method of power generation regarded as too dangerous to use by the Federation. A polaric power system can undergo a chain reaction which could destroy the entire surface of a planet.34 Time and Again
Polarity maximiser12 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems. In 2373 bypass displacers were one of the items which Chief O'Brien's team attempted to retrieve from Empok Nor.12 Empok Nor
Positronic brain35 A form of computer system which was developed by Dr. Noonien Soong and is used on his Androids, Data and Lore.35 Encounter at Farpoint
Protomatter36 A highly unstable form of matter, the use of protomatter had been declared unethical by the scientific community as of 2285. Despite this, David Marcus included protomatter in the matrix of the Genesis Device as it was the only way to solve certain problems. It was this which made the Genesis Planet unstable and led to it's destruction.36 By the 24th century the use of protomatter was somewhat more accepted - Professor Gideon Seyetik used some in his successful attempt to re-ignite the dead star Epsilon 119 in 2370.37 In the same year the Maquis used a protomatter implosion device to overload the fusion drive of the Cardassian warship Bok'Nor, destroying the ship.38 In 2373, a Founder infiltrator used a device composed of protomatter, trilithium and tekasite in an effort to destroy the Bajoran sun, intending the shockwave to destroy a large fleet of Federation, Klingon and Romulan ships at Deep Space Nine.39 In 2374 the Starship Voyager encountered a nebula that contained high concentrations of protomatter. Neelix was killed during an attempt to beam a quantity of the material into a container which he was holding. Fortunately Borg technology was able to revive him.40 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Protoplaser41 A medical device in use with Starfleet in the early 2160s. A protoplaser could be used to stop internal bleeding. One was aboard the USS Franklin when it was lost during this time period. After the ship's discovery in 2266, Doctor McCoy would successfully use it to treat Spock.42 T'Prynn kept a protoplaser in her office, which she used to heal small cuts in her hand in 2265.43

Protoplasers were still in use in the 2360s; in a delusion experienced by Will Riker on Tilonus IV, Doctor Crusher requested an anabolic protoplaser be used to treat a crewmember who had been injured when a plasma torch exploded.41
Frame of Mind

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Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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