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Science and Technology List

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NameUp Description Episode
Feldomite1 Mineral which is best avoided during mining operations.1 Business as Usual
Fermat's last theorem2 Mathmatical theorem which states that there is no integer solution to Xn + Yn = Zn for any value of n greater than 2. The theorem is notoriously difficult to proove.2 The Royale
Ferroplasmic infusion3 Procedure which involves injecting high energy plasma into a planetary core in order to liquify it.3 Inheritance
Field coil equations4 Equations governing the behavious of elements of the warp drive of an NX class starship.4 Similitude
Field diverters5 Device used to shield a critical area of a Starship from the effects of a Baryon sweep.5 Starship Mine
Field fluctuation4 Problem which affected the warp field of the NX class starship at high speeds. Field fluctuation was one of the major factors limiting the ship's speed.4 Similitude
Finoplak6 A liquid solvent which can dissolve the fabrics used in Starfleet uniforms.6 The Most Toys
Fire suppression system7 System onboard a Starship which uses forcefields to extinguish fires by restricting their oxygen supply.7 Up The Long Ladder
Firing matrix8 Part of the second prototype of the Xindi planet killing weapon. Activation of the firing matrix was one of the first steps in firing the weapon.8 Proving Ground
Fistrium9 Metal found on Melora IV.9 Melora
Flight recorder10 System on board a Starship which records images from various areas on the ship. It is intended to allow reconstruction of the events leading up to an accident.10 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Flow regulators11 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The flow regulators had to be locked down in order to disrupt the antimatter stream.11 The Catwalk
Fluidic space12 A parallel dimension occupied by Species 8472. The whole of fluidic space is filled with a fluid.12 Scorpion, Part 1
Flux capacitance13 A measure of the amount of energy flow.13 Prototype
Flux coupler14 Tool in use on Deep Space Nine during 2373.14 Empok Nor
Flux generator15 Engineering instrument.15 Second Sight
Flux spectrometer16 A sensor used by Federation Starships.16 Cause and Effect
Food Slot17 A food delivery system in use aboard starships in the 2260s. The food slots were located in various areas of the ship, and could deliver food from the kitchen in a matter of seconds.17 Tomorrow is Yesterday
Food slot17 Food dispenser used aboard Federation Starships in the 23rd century.18 Tomorrow is Yesterday
Food synthesizer18 A system on board 23rd century Starships which creates food for the crew.18 Various Original Series episodes
Force Fields19 Any of a variety of fields projected for containment, defence, etc.20 Deflector shields19, navigational deflectors21, Structural integrity fields22 and containment fields23 are all forcefields.20 Arena
Forced plasma beam24 Component of Borg or Ferengi handheld weapons.24 Descent, Part 1
Fortanium25 Material used in the construction of the D'Arsay archive.25 Masks
Four way shunt26 Element of the computer control system of a Defiant class starship. A four way shunt can be found at the base of the master differential relay.26 One Little Ship
Fourier series3 Mathmatical system which cna define any periodic function as the sumation of a set of sine waves.3 Inheritance
Fractal encryption27 Computer encryption technique which is virtually impossible to break, even with high level technology.27 Star Trek : First Contact
Fullerenes28 Shortened version of Buckminster Fullerine, a molecule of carbon with a spherical structure.28 Firstborn
Fusion manifold29 Element of the impulse drive system of a Klingon Raptor class warship. If the pressure in the manifold was too low the impulse drive would not operate.29 Sleeping Dogs
Fusion overburn4 Method of increasing the thrust in a shuttlepod impulse engine.4 Similitude
Fusion reactor30 Device which generates energy by forcing light elements to combine with one another. Starship Impulse Drives employ fusion reactors to create high temperature plasmas which are then sent through the driver coils, producing a propulsive and mass reducing effect.30 The Forsaken

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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