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Science and Technology List

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NameUp Description Episode
ACB1 Annular Confinement Beam, a spatial matrix created by the primary energizing coils of a transporter system. The ACB controls the scanning and dematerialization process.1 Power Play
ACNPF2 Accelerated Critical Neural Pathway Formation, enhancement of human brain functions through genetic engineering. Illegal within the Federation, or at least Earth.2 Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
Ablative armour Type of armour used on the most recent Federation Starships.3 Paradise Lost
Accelerometer4 Instrument used to measure the magnitude and direction of a velocity change.4 Twisted
Access terminal5 Element of a Borg alcove which allows the drone to make a hard connection to the collective.5 I, Borg
Active scan navigation6 Method of navigation by the use of active scanners as opposed to passive sensors.6 Starship Down
Adaptive heuristic matrix7 Sophisticated computer architecture employed by Federation EMHs.7 The Swarm
Adaptive interface link8 Computer connection used to exchange information between computer systems with no common operating system.8 The Forsaken
Airlock9 An area on board a ship or station which allows access to or from space. Airlocks generally have a pressurized door leading into the vehicle, and another leading to the exterior. Shuttle bays can be considered to be giant airlocks.9 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Alternate timeline10 A timeline which differs from the 'proper' one. Alternate timelines are often created by various forms of temporal technology.10 Mirror, Mirror
Ammonium sulfide11 Chemical compound, poisonous to Humans.11 Harbinger
Analeptic radiation12 Type of radiation which Dr. Phlox used to treat certain types of mutagenic pathogen.12 Cease Fire
Androids A robot designed to mimic a Human or Humanoid in appearance.13 Data is an Android.14 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Anionic energy1 Form of energy comprising quantum-level particles.1 Power Play
Anodyne relay15 Power transfer device used aboard recent Federation starships such as the Intrepid class.15 Charlie X
Anti-back flow valve16 Valve in the plasma vents of a Starship designed to prevent objects entering the system from the outside.16 One Little Ship
Anti-time17 A 24th century concept of time. Anti-time is to normal time as antimatter is to normal matter.17 All Good Things
Antichroniton18 Antiparticle of the chroniton.18 Before and After
Antigrav19 Antigravity units which are used to carry heavy objects.19 Obsession
Antigraviton20 Antiparticle of the graviton.20 Attached
Antilepton interference21 A form of interference used by the Cardassians to inhibit subspace radio.21 Emissary
Antimatter22 A form of matter in which the charge of the subatomic particles is reversed. Matter and antimatter mutually annihilate one another on contact, releasing large amounts of energy, and this process is used to power Federation Starships.22 The Naked Time
Antimatter constrictor coils23 Element of the warp drive system of an NX class starship.23 Doctor's Orders
Antimatter containment24 The magnetic fields used to hold the antimatter fuel of a Starship.24 Contagion
Antimatter converter assembly25 Component of the warp drive system on the original Constitution class Starships.25 Various Original Series episodes
Antimatter generator26 Device which can convert matter into antimatter. The antimatter generator is not considered to be an efficient method of generating antimatter.26 Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual
Antimatter inducers27 Element of the warp drive system of an NX class starship. In an alternate timeline Captain Archer devised an improvement to the antimatter inducers which allowed Enterprise to travel farther on less fuel.27 Twilight
Antimatter injectors28 Element of a warp drive system. Andorian antimatter injectors in use in the mid 22nd century used variable compression nozzles, a technology which NX class starships lacked.28 Proving Ground
Antimatter junction29 Element of the warp reactor of an NX class starship. Disconnecting the antimatter junction from the primary antimatter feed would prevent an antimatter cascade from jumping between the warp manifold and the reactor core itself.29 Cold Front
Antimatter pod30 Device designed to store large quantities of antimatter for use as fuel in a Federation Starship.30 The Apple
Antimatter relay31 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The linings of the relays were coated with a platinum-cobalt alloy. Stripping the coating from 200 relays was sufficient to yield half a litre of pure platinum.31 The Xindi
Antiproton32 An elementary particle, the antimatter equivalent of a proton.32 The Doomsday Machine
Antithoron radiation33 Energetic form of energy used to decontaminate a planetary crust prior to the extraction of polyferranide.33 Tattoo
Anyon Anyons are particles which can be used to counter Chronitons.34 The Next Phase
Anyon emitter34 Device designed to emit anyons.34 The Next Phase
Apeture ring35 Element of a neutron microscope. The condenser lens was fitted to the aperture ring.35 Stigma
Aquatic lab36 Facility on Federation Starships used for the study of water dwelling life forms.36 Genesis
Arboretum36 Facility on Federation Starships used for the study of various flora.36 Genesis
Argonite2 Hazardous substanced.2 Doctor Bashir, I Presume?
Arva nodes37 Alien language term for a device equivalent to a Starfleet Bussard Collector.37 Captive Pursuit
Assimilation38 A Borg term describing the incorporation of other life forms into their collective. This is achieved by a combination of injecting the subject with nanoprobes and the surgical implantation of machine elements. A basic assimilation is effective within seconds.38 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Astatine39 Element capable of generating a duonetic field.39 Paradise
Astral eddy Phenomenon which occurs in the interfold between space and subspace. Astral eddys can generate massive discharges of plasmatic energy, generating temperature gradients of up to 9 million kelvin.40 Real Life
Astrometrics41 An area on board USS Voyager in which advanced long range sensors determine the location of many millions of stars simultaneously, allowing a great increase in mapping accuracy over conventional systems.41 Revulsion
Asymetric encryption circuits16 Element of the computer control system of a Defiant class starship. There are two dozen 66-D isolinear chips in these circuits.16 One Little Ship
Atavachron42 Temporal portal created on the planet Sarpeidon to allow the population to escape the death of their sun.42 All Our Yesterdays
Atmosphere conditioning pumps43 Element of the life support system of a Federation Starship.43 Space Seed
Atmospheric dissipation44 Rare phenomenon in which plasmonic energy bursts burn off the atmosphere of a planet over days. Once it has begun, the process cannot be stopped.44 Homeward
Atmospheric recycling manifold45 Part of the life support system of an NX class starship. It was located in junction 4-1-Alpha.45 The Crossing
Atmospheric system46 An element of the life support system of a spacecraft which maintains the proper balance of gases in the air.46 Generic canonical information
Auto stabilisers47 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The auto stabilisers kept the warp field balanced; their function could be disrupted if the ship was operating in close proximity to other warp drive vessels.47 Shockwave, Part 1
Auto-phaser interlock48 Computer control system which assists in the targeting of phaser weapons.48 A Matter of Time
Autodestruct49 A procedure built into Federation Starships which allows them to destroy themselves in order to prevent capture.50 Some autodestruct modes detonate explosive devices within the ship,51 while others bring all of the antimatter fuel into contact with matter simultaneously. This mode is more than sufficient to completely vaporize the largest vessels.52 Most vessels require both the Captain and one or more senior officers to agree in order to engage the autodestruct feature.51 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Autonomous holo-emitter53 29th century device which allows a hologram to be projected outside the confines of a holodeck or other suitable equipped environment.53 Future's End, Part 2
Autonomous regeneration sequencer54 Borg device which automatically replicates any circuitry which is removed by non-Borg methods.54 The Gift
Autosequencer55 Element of a transporter which controls the transport process. Failure of the autosequencer during transport can cause death to the subject.55 Data's Day
Autosuture Handheld unit used to heal reasonably mild wounds to the skin. Autosutures can be used to close incisions, heal knife wounds, etc.56 Suddenly Human
Auxiliary control57 Secondary command room on board a Constitution class Starship.57 I, Mudd
Avidyne engines58 A type of impulse engine installed in Constellation class Starships.58 Peak Performance
Axionic chip59 Type of computer device used in the Exocomps.59 The Quality of Life
Axis coil60 System aboard Earth asteroid runners in the mid 22nd century. It was difficult to steer one of these ships if it had a bad axis coil.60 Azati Prime
Baakonite61 The metal which modern bat'leths are composed of.61 The House of Quark
Badlands62 Area of space near Bajor which contains large amounts of plasma.62 The Maquis, Part 1
Baffle plate15 A component of some spacecraft designs in service in the 2260s. A warped baffle plate will eventually give way, leading to the destruction of the craft.15 Charlie X
Baristatic filter63 A device used for removing pollution from a planetary atmosphere.63 True-Q
Barium64 Element, atomic number 56.64 Tuvix
Baryon Class of the heaviest particles. Include neutrons, protons and the heavier, unstable hyperons: the lambda, sigma, xi, and omega particles.65 Starship Mine
Baryon sweep65 Procedure designed to 'clean' Federation Starships. The procedure also destroys every living thing on board the ship.65 Starship Mine
Battle bridge14 A command centre on certain Federation Starships which is used to command the Engineering section whilst it is separated from the Saucer section.14 Encounter at Farpoint
Battle section14 The section of a Starship which contains the warp drive section, usually along with the majority of the weapons. Also known as the Stardrive section.14 Encounter at Farpoint
Bearing66 A vector which specifies the direction in which a specified object lies relative to the vessel. Bearing is given as two figures, specifying horizontal and vertical angles.46 Datalore
Behavioral nodes67 Programming artifacts created within Data's positronic net by his exposure to the D'Arsay archive.67 Masks
Bemonite68 A metallic ore which inhibits transporter systems.68 Once Upon a Time
Beritium69 Metal; diamide-laced beritium is used in the construction of Bajoran earrings.69 The Search, Part 1
Bersallis firestorms70 Fierce fire-like effect which occurs every seven years on the planet Bersallis III.70 Lessons
Berthold rays71 Form of radiation which is deadly to living things.71 This Side of Paradise
Beta matrix compositor72 Major component of a Cardassian plasma distribution manifolds. The device cannot be replicated.72 Empok Nor
Beta-tachyon73 Form of particle which can only travel faster than light.73 The Q and the Grey
Big Bang74 The 'explosion' of energy which created the universe.74 Death Wish
Bilitrium75 Crystalline substance which can be combined with an antimatter convertor to make a powerful explosive.75 Past Prologue
Binary Pulsar76 Stellar phenomenon; twin spinning pulsars orbiting their common centre of gravity.76 Scientific Method
Binoculars Image magnification device commonly used by humans. Early binoculars were simple constructions of lenses; by the 23rd century binoculars incorporated electronically projected information as well.77 Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Bio-matter resequencer78 System used on the NX class starship which was the first step in breaking down Human waste for recycling.78 Breaking the Ice
Bio-reactor79 Device which the Xindi use to synthesizing viral agents.79 Carpenter Street
Bio-toxin80 Type of poison which could be used to create transgenic weapons.80 Marauders
Biobed A bed which has various medical sensing equipment built into it and a large screen to display the results.9 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Biochips5 A type of cybernetic implant used by the Borg.5 I, Borg
Biocontainment field81 A type of field used in the containment of infectious material on board a Federation Starship.81 Macrocosm
Biofilter82 An element of the transporter system, the biofilter is capable of analysing the incoming pattern and removing any hazardous biological elements such as bacteria or viruses.82 Biofilters are also used in Cardassian replicators.83 The Naked Now
Biogenic field84 Form of naturally ocurring energy.84 Sacred Ground
Bioimplant39 Artifical implant which can replace a damaged organ in the body.39 Paradise
Biomechanical maintenance program55 Element of Data's programming which kept him in good health.55 Data's Day
Bioneural circuitry85 Circuitry composed of synthetic cells within a gel pack.85 Caretaker, Part 1
Bioneural energy86 Electrical energy generated within a persons brain and nervous system.86 Cathexis
Bioneural gel pack85 An element of modern Federation computer systems, these packs contain biological processing nodes which process information more efficiently than isolinear chips.85 Caretaker, Part 1
Bioplast sheeting87 Material used in the construction of Data. Data has 1.3 kg of bioplast sheeting in his body.87 The Most Toys
Biopolar flow junction16 A conduit branch within the plasma conduits of a Federation Starship.16 One Little Ship
Bioship88 A Starship made out of biological rather than technological materials. At least some Breen ships are biological, as are the warships of Species 8472.88 Scorpion, Part 1
Biosignature89 Signature detectable by medical systems which allows the species of an individual to be determined regardless of exterior appearence.89 It is unclear whether the biosignature is some as yet unknown quantity or simply a combination of factors such as organ arrangement and function. Affliction
Biosynthetic gland54 Borg implant which replaces the glands of an assimilated person.54 The Gift
Biotemporal chamber18 Medical device created in an alternate timeline which was potentially capable of extending the life of an Ocampan by up to a year.18 Before and After
Bipolar torch8 A powerful cutting tool used aboard Deep Space Nine.8 The Forsaken
Bitanium90 A metal compound used in Data's neural pathways.90 Time's Arrow, Part 1
Bitrious filaments91 Mineral trace which the Crystalline Entity leaves behind when it absorbs organic matter.91 Silicon Avatar
Black cluster92 Astronomical formation created nine billion years ago when hundreds of protostars collapsed simultaneously in close proximity to one another. The region is very dangerous for Starships.92 Hero Worship
Black hole93 A region of space containing a mass so dense that the escape velocity exceeds that of light. Many black holes are thought to contain a singularity, a point mass potentially of infinite density. The boundary beyond which the escape velocity of a black hole exceeds that of light is known as the Event Horizon.93 Parallax
Blast Shutters16 Physical shield device which can be closed over the windows of a small vessel to protect them.16 One Little Ship
Blind beam-out94 Emergency transporter technique in which everything within a specified area is beamed out, as opposed to locking onto specific patterns.94 Emanations
Borg Collective38 The sum totality of the minds of all Borg Drones, linked together via an advanced subspace communications system. The Collective has an implacable determination to improve itself by adding useful biological and technological elements from other species via assimilation of their members. Borg Queens appear to act as a form of operating system for the Borg, co-ordinating their actions.38 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Borg alcove95 A slot in which a Borg drone regenerates while not being employed in useful work. Alcoves include a hard connection to the Borg collective. Each is designed for a specific drone. Borg alcoves consume thirty megawatts of power even when not in use.95 Q Who
Borg drone95 Humanoid life form which incorporates technological elements in order to expand its abilities. There are many different varieties of Borg Drone, each equipped to perform a specific function, but most have an armoured exoskeleton covering the majority of their skin and one limb and one eye replaced with mechanical substitutes. Borg drones differ from most Cyborgs in that their minds are linked with and under the control of the Borg Collective.95 Q Who
Borg implant96 Any one of a number of devices placed into the Humanoid body by the Borg. Implants serve various functions, including synthesizing food for the biological components of the body, enhancing its strength and sensory capabilities, creating nanoprobes, etc.96 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Borg organelle54 Sub-cellular nanite which is introduced into the body during assimilation. They regulate cell functions in the drone.54 The Gift
Boridium pellet97 Substance implanted under the skin of a prisoner by the Romulans in order to allow the person to be tracked.97 Birthright, Part 2
Boridium power converter59 Device used to power the internal functions of an Exocomp.59 The Quality of Life
Borocarbons47 A substance which always results when Tetrazine is ignited by a plasma exhaust.47 Shockwave, Part 1
Boronite98 Material used in the fabrication of Vostigye alien space stations. It is the only raw material known which can be used to create Omega molecules.98 The Omega Directive
Brechtian cluster91 Star cluster with two inhabited planets.91 Silicon Avatar
Briar Patch Region of space which has large numbers of anomalies and clouds of metreon gas.99 Star Trek : Insurrection
Bridge100 The control centre of a Starship. The main bridge is usually located at the uppermost point of the Saucer section.100 The Cage
Brig49 Area of a Federation Starship in which prisoners are detained.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Brizeen nitrate101 Chemical substance used to enhance the growing potential of soil.101 Rules of Acquisition
Broad-spectrum warp field102 A subspace bubble which is capable of interfering with the structure of a quantum fissure. Also known as an inverse warp field.102 Parallels
Brown dwarf103 Astronomical object which is larger than a gas giant, but lacks sufficient mass to become a star.103 Manhunt
Buffer104 Device used by the Bynars to assist in the transfer of information fom one person to another.104 11001001
Bussard collectors An element of the drive system of a Federation or other Starship. The Bussard collector allows the vessel to scoop gas - usually hydrogen - out of the interstellar medium, thus replenishing the onboard fuel supply.105 Samaritan Snare
Bypass displacer72 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems. In 2373 bypass displacers were one of the items which Chief O'Brien's team attempted to retrieve from Empok Nor.72 Empok Nor
Cabrodine106 A chemical explosive, often mixed with Infernite.106 In the Hands of the Prophets
Calculus107 Branch of mathematics invented by Sir Issac Newton.107 When the Bough Breaks
Camouflage field108 Device used by smugglers to generate false sensor readings.108 For the Cause
Canar109 A crystal artefact used by the Haliians to focus their thoughts.109 Aquiel
Captain's yacht99 A small interstellar vessel docked to the underside of the Saucer section of some Federation Starships. The yachts tend to be rarely used.99 Star Trek : Insurrection
Carbon reaction chamber8 A containment vessel lined in carbon used in Cardassian fusion reactors8 The Forsaken
Cargo bay110 Large area within a Starship used to store cargo. Cargo bays can be accessed via both internal and external access doors, or via a cargo transporter.110 Various Next Generation episodes
Cargo module110 Any of various containers used to store or transport cargo.110 Various Next Generation episodes
Cargo transporter66 A transporter system66 optimized for the transport of large non living objects to and from cargo bays.26 Datalore
Celebium111 Source of dangerous radiation.111 Turnabout Intruder
Cellular metamorphosis112 Process by which a person can change their form to resemble another.112 Whom Gods Destroy
Cellular peptides113 Biochemical material which maintains cellular cohesion in the body.113 Phantasms
Cellular regeneration and entertainment machine114 Device designed to keep the cells of a Humanoid body entertained and so keep them for dying off during the ageing process. Spending a sizeable fraction of each day in the machine would, possibly, result in immortality. The device used highly charged polaric particles.114 In the Cards
Cellular toxicity115 Measurement of biological waste within a life form's cells.115 Phage
Cenotaph94 Device used by the Vhnori to transport their dead to the next emanation.94 Emanations
Central control complex57 Device used by the android Norman to control the other androids on Mudd's planet.57 I, Mudd
Chainsaw116 Tool used for cutting wood.116 A Night In Sickbay
Chambers coil117 Element of a subspace communications system. The chambers coil can overload the comm system, although this is detectable by other ships.117 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Chamra vortex118 Nebula in the Gamma Quadrant which contained millions of asteroids.118 Vortex
Chlorinide119 Corrosive liquid.119 Ethics
Cholic acid120 Substence which plays an important part in the digestive process of some Humanoids.120 Sarek
Chromodynamic power module121 Device used to power the Pralor automated personnel units.121 Prototype
Chromodynamic shield99 Energy shield which can block the effects of metaphasic radiation found in the Briar Patch.99 Star Trek : Insurrection
Chromoelectric force field122 Energy shield which is used by the Entharans to protect target objects during weapons tests.122 Retrospect
Chromoelectric pulse123 Energy discharge which can disrupt a coaxial warp drive.123 Vis-a-Vis
Chromolinguistics81 A form of non verbal communication.81 Macrocosm
Chrondite124 A mineral compound found in the core of some asteroids.124 Cost of Living
Chroniton Particles associated with phasing / temporal technology.125 Eye of the Needle
Chronometric data126 Temporal measurements of the space time continum used in some forms of time travel.126 Future's End, Part 1
Chronometric particles127 Temporal quanta related to chronitons.127 Star Trek : First Contact
Circuit probe128 Tool used in 2152 aboard Retellian cargo ships.128 Precious Cargo
Class D A small rocky planetoid with an airless surface - essentially a great rock in space.117 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Class H Generally extremely dry, class H planets are marginally habitable.46 Speculative
Class J Class J planets are gas giants.46 Speculative
Class K Class K planets have gravity fields which are suitable for Humanoid life, but are otherwise uninhabitable.57 I, Mudd
Class L These are small rocky worlds with an oxygen-argon atmosphere.129 The Ascent
Class M Federation term for a planet or planetoid which has environmental conditions very similar to those of Earth. There are estimated to be three million Class M planets in our galaxy.100 The Cage
Class Y Also known as a Demon class planet, these are the most inhospitable worlds known to the Federation.130 Demon
Cleaning Processor131 Part fo a Starships solid waste re-cycling system which sterilizes and re-cycles clothing.131 In Theory
Cloaking Device A system developed by the Romulan Empire to render its vessels virtually undetectable to an enemy. Cloaking devices have varied greatly in effectiveness as cloaking and sensor technology have competed with one another. In general, it is impossible for a ship to fire a weapon whilst cloaked.132 As of the TNG era, a tachyon network was considered to be the most effective method of detecting cloaked vessels.133 Balance of Terror
Cloning A method of creating a new body by duplicating the DNA of an existing cell. A clone is effectively the identical twin of the person it was cloned from. In 2365 the Enterprise-D encountered an entire society composed of clones of five people.134 In 2369 a group of Klingons created a clone of the revered leader Kahless the Unforgettable in an attempt to depose Gowron.135 During the same year a criminal called Ibudan created and murdered a clone of himself in an attempt to frame Constable Odo.136 At some point the Romulans created a clone of Captain Picard, planning to train him to replace the Captain as a Romulan agent at some future time. The plan was later abandoned.137 Up The Long Ladder
Cluster NGC-321138 Star cluster, location of planets Eminiar VII and Vendikar.138 A Taste of Armageddon
Co-axial Warp Core A form of warp drive which folds the fabric of space, allowing a vessel to jump across many light years almost instantaneously.123 Vis-a-Vis
Co-orbital satellites103 Pair of objects whose orbits are very close to one another. On close approach, such objects can exchange orbits with one another103 Manhunt
Cobalt diselenide139 A biochemical used in biological weapons. Deadly to Cardassians, it is harmless to other life forms.139 For the Uniform
Cochrane140 A measure of subspace field stress. A field of greater than 1 Cochrane is a warp field, allowing velocities greater than light to be attained. For a vessel in such flight, the Cochrane value of its warp field is equal to the velocity in multiples of the velocity of light. The unit was named after Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of Warp Drive.140 Remember Me
Cochrane distortion141 Fluctuation of the phase of a subspace field generated by a Starship's warp drive.141 Menage a Troi
Cochrane equation142 Equation governing warp flight. The equation was usually constant, but not in the Delphic Expanse.142 Anomaly
Coherent Graviton Pulse143 Energy waves which can neutralise tetryon emissions.143 Schisms
Coil Spanner144 Tool used by Federation engineers.144 The Circle
Coladriun flow37 Alien term referring to the tenuous space matter collected by Arva nodes.37 Captive Pursuit
Combadge14 Federation device which is used by Starfleet as both a communicator and a uniform decoration.14 Encounter at Farpoint
Combooth145 Communication terminal used on Farius Prime.145 Honor Among Thieves
Communicator100 Any device which allows communication across large distances. As of the 24th century, personal communicators were contained within the Starfleet emblem worn on the uniform. This device was able to operate over ranges of at least several dozen light seconds.100 The Cage
Computer core146 One of the primary computer systems on board a Federation Starship. Most vessels carry at least two such cores.146 Evolution
Condenser lens35 Element of a neutron microscope. The condenser lens was fitted to the apeture ring.35 Stigma
Conn14 A station on the bridge of Federation Starships. Conn is responsible for piloting the vessel.14 Encounter at Farpoint
Construction module147 Remotely controlled robot used for construction in space.147 Final Mission
Containment breach148 A failure of the magnetic fields of a Starship's antimatter fuel pods or warp core. A containment breach is considered certain if the containment fields fall below 15% of full capacity.148 Disaster
Containment field A forcefield used to isolate any substance from its surroundings.149 Relics
Control interface150 User operated panel for inputting data into a computer system. Can include vocal, visual or other types of input.150 Fair Trade
Controller151 Sophisticated computer system in command of the Eymorg underground habitat. The central processor unit of the Controller was a biological brain.151 Spock's Brain
Corbomite152 Imaginary substence created by Kirk as a bluff against a vessel of the First Federation. Corbomite was claimed to be able to redirect any attack back upon the attacker, rendering Federation Starships invulnerable. The ploy worked.152 The Corbomite Maneuver
Core matrix153 Major component of the warp drive of a Dominion attack ship.153 A Time to Stand
Cormaline85 Mineral substance. The Kazon Ogla mined it from the Ocampa home world.85 Caretaker, Part 1
Corundium Alloy8 A material used in the construction of an alien probe which came through the Bajoran wormhole.8 The Forsaken
Cosmic string filament148 Extremely thin filament composed of almost infinitely dense matter. Although such strings are no wider than a proton, they have a powerful gravitational field. They also emit a set of subspace frequencies.148 Disaster
Cosmological Constant154 A number which is the measure of the gravitational attraction of a given amount of mass.154 Deja Q
Covariant pulse72 Pulse which can be emitted from the deflector system of the Cardassian Empok Nor and Terok Nor systems, if the field coils were modified.72 Empok Nor
Cranial implant155 A device inserted into the brain of operatives of the Obsidian Order. The implant was intended to make them invulnerable to pain.155 The Wire
Cryonetrium156 Substant which remains gaseous even when at a temperature close to absolute zero.156 Hollow Pursuits
Cryopod128 A device capable of suspending life in an organic body for long periods by placing it into a suspended animation state involving very low temperatures. The Retellians used cryopods to transport living beings as cargo in the 2150s.128 Precious Cargo
Cryosatellite157 Orbital storage system for dead bodies frozen as part of a cryonic project.157 The Neutral Zone
Cryostatic chamber158 Device used to sterilize foods by reducing their temperature radically.158 Flashback
Crystalline emiristol159 A solid chemical rocket propellant, used in the Kataan system.159 The Inner Light
Cultural database84 A record of cultural information kept aboard Federation Starships.84 Sacred Ground
Custodian107 Advanced computer system built by the residents of Aldea to care for them.107 When the Bough Breaks
Cyalodin160 A poison used by Humans.160 And the Children Shall Lead
Cyanoacrylates161 A substance not normally carried aboard Galaxy class starships as of 2365. Certain cyanoacrylates can produce Eichner radiation.161 The Child
Cyonics157 The practice of freezing those who have recently died in the hope that future medical advances will be able to revive them.157 The Neutral Zone
D'Arsay archive A store of information left behind by the D'Arsay people.67 Masks
Dampening field32 A field which inhibits most forms of energy. Dampening fields can prevent weapons or communicators from working.32 The Doomsday Machine
Dark Matter Matter which is undetectable to most forms of sensor and scanner. Striking dark matter can cause normal materials to briefly phase out of space. Dark matter is commonly found in certain types of nebula,131 or in asteroid form.162 In Theory
Data clip163 A handheld information storage system used by the Kellerun.163 Armageddon Game
Data crystal164 An advanced information storage system used by the Idanians.164 A Simple Investigation
Data port164 A socket implanted into a person to allow them to interface directly with a computer.164 A Simple Investigation
Decompression chamber43 A sealed chamber used to gradually alter atmospheric pressure over hours or days.43 Space Seed
Deflector shield165 A force field projected around a space vessel or installation in order to protect it from attack. The effectiveness of shields varies greatly according to the type and frequency of weapon used.165 Mudd's Women
Dekyon A class of particles which travel below light speed.166 Cause and Effect
Delta radiation167 Form of highly hazardous radiation capable of causing severe disfigurement.167 Delta radiation could be used to stabilise liquid Trellium-D, though it was not wholly successful at this task.168 In the Mirror universe the warp core of the NX class starship emitted Delta radiation, and disfigurement was one of the hazards of being a Chief Engineer.169 The Menagerie, Part 1
Delta series radioisotopes170 A set of radioactive isotopes which are considered highly toxic to Humans.170 Visionary
Delta wave frequency171 An energy pattern generated by bothan ships.171 Riddles
Denevan crystals172 Contraband material which cannot legally be sold or owned within the Federation.172 The Sound of Her Voice
Dentarium173 A metal alloy which is used in the construction fo Vulcan spacecraft.173 Unification, Part 1
Desealer rod174 Device which unlocks pulsatel lock seal.174 Necessary Evil
Deuridium175 A substance capable of stabilising the cell structure of the Kobliad. Sources of deuridium were located in the Gamma Quadrant.175 The Passenger
Deuterium149 An isotope of the element hydrogen which is formed of one proton and one neutron orbited by a single electron.149 Relics
Deuterium control conduit176 A part of a Federation Starship's warp drive system.176 The Dauphin
Deuterium injector16 Element of a Starship's warp drive system.16 One Little Ship
Deuterium pumps45 Element of the drive system of an NX class starship.45 The Crossing
Diagnostic161 Starfleet term for a variety of procedures used to determine the nature of a fault in any system.161 The Child
Diamagnetic dust177 Substance to be found in the ring system of certain planets.177 Judgment
Diamagnetic minerals178 Naturally occurring substance found in igneous rock which can interfere with communications systems.178 Dawn
Diamagnetic storm179 Atmospheric storm which carried polaric energy. It was extremely dangerous to be caught in one.179 Vanishing Point
Diamide69 A metallic substance sometimes used in the construction of Bajoran earrings.69 The Search, Part 1
Diboridium core83 A small power generator used by the Cardassians.83 Babel
Diburnium-osmium alloy180 A metal used in the construction of artificial planets by the Kalandans.180 That Which Survives
Dicosilium181 A substance used to create reflective coils in a Krieger wave convertor.181 A Matter of Perspective
Dicyclic warp signature182 Energy characteristic produced by Hirogen warp drive technology.182 Prey
Dielectric field183 A semi polarized magnetic field which can be used to overcome some forms of atmospheric turbulence.183 Innocence
Differential magnetometer184 A scientific instrument used by the Federation.184 Battle Lines
Dikironium19 A gaseous substance. Certain life forms are composed partially of Dikironium.19 Obsession
Dilithium chamber185 Element of a Federation warp drive which contains the dilithium crystals.185 Booby Trap
Dilithium crystal186 An element of Federation warp drives located within the warp core. Dilithium crystals control and regulate the matter/antimatter reaction which powers the vessel. Crystals should ideally be very pure, and very carefully aligned within the reaction chamber.186 Journey to Babel
Dilithium hydroxls128 Substance which could disable the warp drive of an NX class starship if it was mixed with ionized pyrosulfates and sent into the plasma vents.128 Precious Cargo
Dilithium matrix23 Element of the warp drive system of an NX class starship. During start up of the reactor the output had to be confined to within 300 and 312 millicochranes to prevent fusion of the dilithium matrix, unless the spatial-compression index was greater than 5.62% or the ship was within two parsecs of a Class-C gravimetric field distortion.23 Doctor's Orders
Dilithium sequencers187 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship.187 The Catwalk
Dilithium vector calibrations188 A routine maintanence performed on the dilithium crystals of a Federation Starship. High accelerations are not advisable immediately after this procedure is performed.188 Brothers
Dimensional shift A form of transporter which uses space folding, thus rendering it virtually impossible to trace. The dimensional shift is damaging to DNA, and repeated use is fatal to living things.189 The High Ground
Directional sonic generator190 Handheld device which emits sound in a narrow beam.190 Playing God
Dispersion field191 Field which prevents the use of a transporter within a given area.191 Darmok
Displacement wave85 A spatial phenomenon which involves a polarized magnetic variation.85 Caretaker, Part 1
Distortion field192 A phenomena which occasionally exists in a planetary atmosphere. A distortion field prevents the use of transporters or shuttlecraft.192 Second Chances
Docking port9 An area on a vessels hull which allows it to physically link itself to any other object similarly equipped.9 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Dolamide193 Chemical energy source used in power generators or, when very pure, in weapons.193 Dramatis Personae
Doppler compensator46 An element of the transporters which compensates for the relative velocities of the system and the object being transported.46 Generic canonical information
Drag coefficient194 A measurement of the frictional forces on a body travelling in a fluid relative to its speed.194 Imaginary Friend
Drake equation126 Theoretical equation proposed on 20th century Earth which attempts to estimate the number of civilizations in the galaxy.126 Future's End, Part 1
Drive coil assembly195 An element of a Federation impulse engine.195 Parturition
Drone99 Small flying device which the Son'a used in order to implant the Ba'ku with isolinear tags in order to facilitate transport.99 Star Trek : Insurrection
Drydock9 A large facility within which a Starship can be constructed, repaired or maintained.9 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Dualitic convertor6 Tool used by Starfleet engineering specialists.6 Starship Down
Duck blind196 An observation post which is hidden behind a holographic projection that mimics natural surroundings. The federation employs Duck Blinds to observe primitive cultures without their knowledge.196 Who Watches The Watchers?
Duonetic field39 A type of energy which inhibits the operation of many technological devices.39 Paradise
Duotronics197 A computer technology created by Dr. Richard Daystrom which formed the basis of all computers in the mid 23rd century.197 The Ultimate Computer
Duranium167 Metal alloy used in the construction of Federation Starship hulls.167 The Menagerie, Part 1
Duratanium polyalloy198 A metal composite used in Federation Starship hulls.198 Dreadnought
Duridium alloy199 A metal used in the construction of high quality throwing darts.199 By Inferno's Light
Dutotronic probe150 Tool used to regulate plasma flow.150 Fair Trade
Dynametric array190 Analytical tool used by Federation engineers.190 Playing God
Dynamite200 Chemical explosive.200 The Killing Game, Part 2
Dynoscanner117 A scanner used to detect molecular activity.117 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Dyson Sphere149 An artificial sphere built around a star in order to provide an extremely large living area and allow the stars radiated output to be collected and used.149 Relics
E-Mail126 20th century method of communicating information from one computer to another.126 Future's End, Part 1
E-band emissions201 Signals emitted by a collapsing protostar.201 The Mind's Eye
EJ7 interlock106 Device used on Deep Space 9 to open high-security panels.106 In the Hands of the Prophets
EM base frequencies38 Term which is used when measuring the electromagnetic wavelengths of a phaser beam.38 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
EMH85 Emergency Medical Hologram, an artificial person who is intended to serve as a supplement or replacement for a ships medical officer in an emergency. EMH's can only exist within holographic facilities such as a suitably equipped sickbay or a holodeck.85 Caretaker, Part 1
EPS8 Electro Plasma System, a network of conduits which allows plasma to be routed around a ship in order to power the major systems.8 The Forsaken
EPS Manifold202 A component of Starship engine systems. Damage to the EPS manifold caused engine power loss and shutdown. In 2153, Captain Archer expected to take down the main power system of a Borg assimilated Tarkalean ship by destroying its EPS manifold with a pair of photon torpedo hits. He was unable to do so as the NX-01 was incapacitated. However, he did beam into the ship close to the EPS manifold and destroy it with grenades.202

When the NX-01 was captured by Triannon fanatics, the crew sabotaged the EPS manifold to cause the ship to lose power. On the NX-01 the system was located in on Deck D, section J-15.203

In 2154 Captain Archer disabled the alternate timeline version of the NX-01 by beaming its EPS manifold off the ship during combat.204
EPS matrix converter72 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems.72 Empok Nor
EPS regulators114 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems. If not calibrated properly they could interfere with the station's artificial gravity grid.114 In the Cards
EPS synchronizer28 Element of the weapons systems of an NX class starship. If the synchroniser was not reset when connecting certain systems to the power grid, it could cause the person working on it to have their eyebrows singed.28 Proving Ground
EPS taps48 Component of a Federation EPS system which diverts plasma from the warp drive in order to power the onboard systems.48 A Matter of Time
Ear reciever25 Device used by Starfleet to allow audio information to be heard in private.25 Various Original Series episodes
Echo displacement205 Method of projecting false sensor readings using a Starships deflector.205 Basics, Part 1
Eichner radiation161 A type of radiation which can mutate plasma plague or accelerate its growth. In 2295 Doctor Susan Nuress used Eichner radiation to create new strains of plasma plague during an outbreak in the Oby System. Eichner radiation can be produced by produced by a subspace phase inverter and certain cyanoacrylates.161 The Child
Eisilium78 An extremely rare mineral; until 2151 the Vulcans had never managed to study it in any detail. The NX-01 discovered large deposits of Eisilium on a comet in 2151.78 Breaking the Ice
Electro plasma conduit114 Type of conduit used in the USS Defiant.114 In the Cards
Electro-dynamic probe122 A tool used by Entharan arms dealers. The probe can be fitted with a mono-filament stimulator, allowing it to manipulate neuro-transmitter levels.122 Retrospect
Electroceramic206 Material used as in the construction of Kazon spacecraft.206 Initiations
Electrodynamic turbulence183 Strong currents in the upper atmosphere of some planets. This type of turbulence is a severe hazard to aircraft.183 Innocence
Electrophoretic activity207 Slow movement of charged colloidal particles in a fluid under the influence of an electrical field.207 Elogium
Element 24794 Un-named element discovered by USS Voyager. The element was the first stable trans-Uranic element discovered.94 Emanations
Elgol-red208 A Cardassian code system.208 In Purgatory's Shadow
Emergency hand actuator148 Backup system for opening a Starship door in the event of a system failure which renders the automatic opening system inopperative. Also known as a handle.148 Disaster
Emergency manual monitor197 Auxiliary control system on board Constitution class Starships.197 The Ultimate Computer
Emergency transporter armband38 Device used for the remote activation of a transporter.38 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Emitter stage209 Element of a Federation phaser weapon.209 Soldiers of the Empire
Engineering section25 Typically, the part of a Federation Starship in which the fuel, power, propulsion and other major systems are located.25 Some designs such as the Miranda and Akira have merged the engineering hull into the Saucer section.127 Various Original Series episodes
Engram transcriptor210 System used by the Mari police force to record memories for later examination.210 Random Thoughts
Escape pod127 Small capsule which is ejected from a Starship when it seems certain that it will be destroyed. Escape pods can generally carry several people.127 Kirk was ejected from the USS Enterprise in 2258 and landed on the the ice planet Delta Vega211 Star Trek : First Contact
Eugene's limit26 A limit which applies to warp drive systems. According to Eugene's limit Warp 10 could not be achieved because this involved travelling at infinite velocity. The Federation long suspected that the barrier could be circumvented to allow warp factors above 10 to be reached, and attempted to do this with the Excelsior class Starship. The attempt failed, and the Federation has never achieved a practical transwarp drive. The shuttle Cochrane did achieve warp 10 in 2372, allowing it to occupy every point in the universe simultaneously, but practical difficulties kept the system from being developed. Several examples of alien transwarp drives have been observed.26 Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual
Event horizon93 The region around a black hole at which the escape velocity reaches that of light. Certain types of singularity generate an event horizon in the form of an immensely powerful force field.93 Parallax
Exatanium123 Exotic metal alloy123 Vis-a-Vis
Exocomp59 A small robot designed to analyse problems and replicate the tools required to fix them.59 The Quality of Life
Exogenic field172 Enery field that can surround a planet and cause a time shift in sub-space radio signals passing through it. Interaction with active sensor scans can cause a quantum reaction leading to a surge of metreon radiation which can be hazardous to ships.172 The Sound of Her Voice
Exoskeleton46 Any skeleton which is on the outside rather than inside of the body. Insects have exoskeletons. Borg drones have an artificial exoskeleton attached to their skin.46 Generic canonical information
Explosive matrix60 System of the Xindi planet destroying weapon. An explosion of sufficient yield within the explosive matrix would set off a chain reaction sufficient to destroy the whole weapon.60 Azati Prime
Extraction pumps80 Device used in the mining of deuterium.80 Marauders
Feldomite212 Mineral which is best avoided during mining operations.212 Business as Usual
Fermat's last theorem213 Mathmatical theorem which states that there is no integer solution to Xn + Yn = Zn for any value of n greater than 2. The theorem is notoriously difficult to proove.213 The Royale
Ferroplasmic infusion214 Procedure which involves injecting high energy plasma into a planetary core in order to liquify it.214 Inheritance
Field coil equations215 Equations governing the behavious of elements of the warp drive of an NX class starship.215 Similitude
Field diverters65 Device used to shield a critical area of a Starship from the effects of a Baryon sweep.65 Starship Mine
Field fluctuation215 Problem which affected the warp field of the NX class starship at high speeds. Field fluctuation was one of the major factors limiting the ship's speed.215 Similitude
Finoplak87 A liquid solvent which can dissolve the fabrics used in Starfleet uniforms.87 The Most Toys
Fire suppression system134 System onboard a Starship which uses forcefields to extinguish fires by restricting their oxygen supply.134 Up The Long Ladder
Firing matrix28 Part of the second prototype of the Xindi planet killing weapon. Activation of the firing matrix was one of the first steps in firing the weapon.28 Proving Ground
Fistrium216 Metal found on Melora IV.216 Melora
Flight recorder49 System on board a Starship which records images from various areas on the ship. It is intended to allow reconstruction of the events leading up to an accident.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Flow regulators187 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The flow regulators had to be locked down in order to disrupt the antimatter stream.187 The Catwalk
Fluidic space88 A parallel dimension occupied by Species 8472. The whole of fluidic space is filled with a fluid.88 Scorpion, Part 1
Flux capacitance121 A measure of the amount of energy flow.121 Prototype
Flux coupler72 Tool in use on Deep Space Nine during 2373.72 Empok Nor
Flux generator217 Engineering instrument.217 Second Sight
Flux spectrometer166 A sensor used by Federation Starships.166 Cause and Effect
Food Slot218 A food delivery system in use aboard starships in the 2260s. The food slots were located in various areas of the ship, and could deliver food from the kitchen in a matter of seconds.218 Tomorrow is Yesterday
Food slot218 Food dispenser used aboard Federation Starships in the 23rd century.25 Tomorrow is Yesterday
Food synthesizer25 A system on board 23rd century Starships which creates food for the crew.25 Various Original Series episodes
Force Fields Any of a variety of fields projected for containment, defence, etc.46 Deflector shields219, navigational deflectors38, Structural integrity fields220 and containment fields149 are all forcefields.46 Arena
Forced plasma beam221 Component of Borg or Ferengi handheld weapons.221 Descent, Part 1
Fortanium67 Material used in the construction of the D'Arsay archive.67 Masks
Four way shunt16 Element of the computer control system of a Defiant class starship. A four way shunt can be found at the base of the master differential relay.16 One Little Ship
Fourier series214 Mathmatical system which cna define any periodic function as the sumation of a set of sine waves.214 Inheritance
Fractal encryption127 Computer encryption technique which is virtually impossible to break, even with high level technology.127 Star Trek : First Contact
Fullerenes222 Shortened version of Buckminster Fullerine, a molecule of carbon with a spherical structure.222 Firstborn
Fusion manifold223 Element of the impulse drive system of a Klingon Raptor class warship. If the pressure in the manifold was too low the impulse drive would not operate.223 Sleeping Dogs
Fusion overburn215 Method of increasing the thrust in a shuttlepod impulse engine.215 Similitude
Fusion reactor8 Device which generates energy by forcing light elements to combine with one another. Starship Impulse Drives employ fusion reactors to create high temperature plasmas which are then sent through the driver coils, producing a propulsive and mass reducing effect.8 The Forsaken
Gallicite224 A very rare substance, Gallicite can be used to refit the warp coils of an intrepid class Starship; Voyager encountered a deposit of almost a kiloton of the material on Stardate 50537.2.224 The Nezu operated Gallicite mines on one of their planets.225 Gallicite deposits are also to be found on Vulcan in the region can release powerful energy discharges if metallic objects are brought near to them.226 Blood Fever
Genesis device Device developed by Dr. Carol Marcus in the 23rd century. The Genesis device was capable of capable of transforming matter from one form into another according to a pre-programmed pattern on a planetary scale; this allowed it to terraform a planetary surface in a matter of hours, or even to create planets out of nebula material. Unfortunately, the first major test of the device proved to be unstable.117 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Genetic engineering43 The modification of the genetic code of an organism.43 Genetic engineering is illegal in the Federation, or at least on Earth.2 Space Seed
Gravimetric waves11 Effect associated with certain types of anomaly in the Delphic Expanse.11 Harbinger
Graviton Ellipse Type of spatial anomaly, the first encountered by Humanity. Graviton ellipses are extremely old, and tend to contain large numbers of objects which have been scooped up into them over billions of years.162 One Small Step
Graviton Relay227 Element of a Federation Starship. Graviton relays can make a small noise when a turbolift passes by them; Ensign Gilmore found the sound distressing as it reminded her of an interspatial fissure opened.227 Equinox, Part 1
Graviton stabiliser228 Device used aboard Federation starships. A ship could not function without a graviton stabiliser. In 2375 the Defiant's stabiliser failed, forcing Nog to engage in various trades to acquire a new one.228 Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Gravity generator229 Device which creates artificial gravity within a spacecraft or station. Federation gravity generators are immensely reliable, often functioning even in the event of total power failure.229 Broken Bow
Hailing frequency25 Any of various frequencies used for contacting spacecraft or facilities.25 Various Original Series episodes
Heading25 Vector which determines the direction of travel of a ship relative to the centre of the galaxy. Heading comprises two numbers, the azimuth and elevation.25 Various Original Series episodes
Heisenberg compensator230 An element of the transporter system. The Heisenberg Principle states that it is impossible to know both the location and momentum of a subatomic particle with perfect accuracy. Since this is a basic requirement for the function of the transporter, a Heisenberg compensator is necessary to allow the system to operate in spite of the principle.230 Ship in a Bottle
Hemostatic scan231 Medical scan in use in 2153 on board the NX-01 Enterprise.231 Horizon
Heuristic subprocessor16 Element of the computer control system of a Defiant class starship. A heuristic subprocessor is located within the primary safties junction next to the rectilinear expansion module.16 One Little Ship
Holodeck100 A large room which is equipped with holographic projectors, replication technology, and forcefield generators. The holodeck can recreate millions of different environments with almost perfect fidelity, even including recreations of animals or people. Some forms of holomatter cannot leave the holodeck without loosing cohesion and dissolving into nothing.100 The Cage
Holosuite21 Essentially identical to a holodeck, holosuites tend to be somewhat smaller.21 Emissary
Hover Bike211 An anti-gravity bike used by the Earth police during the mid 23nd century.211 Star Trek XI
Hyperspace232 An additional dimension used in some models of space-time. The term is rarely used in Star Trek, and may in fact refer to Subspace.232 Conspiracy
Hyperspanner233 Tool in use aboard Earth Starfleet vessels in the 2150s234, and still in use in 2373.72 Various Enterprise episodes
Hypospray Device which can administer subcutaneous or intravenous injection of drugs without breaking the skin.25 Various Original Series episodes
Impulse drive32 Propulsion system used for travel in the sub-warp domain. Impulse systems usually comprise a fusion reactor and a space-time driver coil.32 The Doomsday Machine
Impulse speed46 Term which is used to refer to any speed lower than that of light. "Full Impulse" is 25% of the speed of light, a restriction imposed to limit the effects of temporal dilation. If necessary ships are capable of exceeding full impulse significantly.46 Generic canonical information
Induction coil178 Part of the communications system of the shuttlepods carried by the NX class starship.178 Dawn
Induction modulator228 Device used aboard Federation starships. Chief Al Lorenzo traded an induction modulator to Nog for the loan of Captain Sisko's desk in 2375.228 Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Inertial Damping Field166 Inertial Damping Field, a field which permeates a spacecraft and prevents the occupants from feeling the effects of acceleration. IDF fields are almost perfect when counteracting forces from the ships own systems, but there is a degree of 'leakage' when attempting to compensate for external forces such as weapon impacts.166 Cause and Effect
Inertial micro-damper235 Device which was in use aboard NX class starships. The inertial micro-damper could stop internal components from experiencing vibration or shaking effects; sadly these were rarely if ever employed on chairs.235 Singularity
Injector flare215 Problem which prevented antimatter compression being used to reduce field fluctuations in the warp field of an NX class starship. Injector flare was caused when nucleonic particles flooded the manifolds.215 Similitude
Interphase generator34 A form of cloaking device which adjusts matter so that it is out of phase with normal space. This renders the object both invisible and capable of passing through objects without resistance.34 The Next Phase
Interphasic Compensator236 A device used by Starfleet engineers. Chief O'Brien used an interphasic compensator during his efforts to bring down the forcefields surrounding Dominion sabotage devices on the Defiant in 2371.236 The Adversary
Intra-molecular processors202 Element of Borg nanoprobes. The intra-molecular processors are vulnerable to omicron particles.202 Regeneration
Ion Storm237 Dangerous phenomena which drifts through space and can be a serious threat to Starships.237 Court Martial
Ion matrix238 Element of the drive system of Xyrillian ships.238 Unexpected
Ionized pyrosulfates128 Substance which could disable the warp drive of an NX class starship if it was mixed with Dilithium hydroxls and sent into the plasma vents.128 Precious Cargo
Isolation matrix145 Element of computer systems intended to prevent access by unauthorised personnel.145 Honor Among Thieves
Isolinear chip82 A computer processing and memory device used in 24th century computers. Isolinear chips have been superseded in some respects by bioneural gel packs.82 The Naked Now
Isolinear rod8 A Cardassian computer device similar in function to the Isolinear chip.8 The Forsaken
Isolytic energy239 Form of energy which was used by the alien repair station the NX-01 used in 2152. An Isolytic shock could be fatal to Humans.239 Dead Stop
Isolytic plasma177 Substance to be found in the ring system of some planets.177 Judgment
Isoton240 A unit used to measure mass or the explosive yield of a weapon.240 The Ship
Jefferies tube25 Access tunnel in a Federation starship. Jefferies tubes allow access to various circuitry and conduits within the ship.25 Various Original Series episodes
Kemocite241 A radiolytic compound used by the Xindi in the 2150s. Classed as a multiphasic isotopes, Kemocite had various uses; it was a key part of the weapons built to attack Earth.241 The Shipment
Krellide power cell242 Energy storage cell which the Vulcans used to power communications devices in the early 2150s.242 The Andorian Incident
LCARS127 Library Computer Access and Retrieval System, the user interface used by Starfleet in the 2360s and 2370s. The LCARS system is similar in appearence to the interface used on this site.127 Star Trek : First Contact
Laser100 Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation; a device which produces a monochromatic beam of very intense coherent light. Lasers have a variety of applications,100 but are no longer used as weapons by the major Star Trek powers since they have been replaced by phasers or disruptors.49 The Cage
Laser micrometer235 Tool in use aboard NX class starships.235 Singularity
Lateral microbrace16 Element of the dilithium articulation frame of a Definat class starship.16 One Little Ship
Life support243 A number of systems designed to maintain a habitable environment aboard a Starship of space station.243 Day of the Dove
Lifeboat127 See escape pod127 Star Trek : First Contact
Magnesite244 Solid substance. Magnesite is occasionally found in comets; it is hard enough to crack drill bits, making drilling into such comets difficult.78 Drilling through magnesite is difficult even using phaser drills, as it creates feedback pulses along the particle beam, a problem Geordi encountered on the planet Atrea in 2370.214 The Duras sisters Lursa and B'Etor conducted illegal mining for magnesite on Kalla III; Riker obtained some of the ore and detonated it in space with a phaser blast to reveal the location of their cloaked ship.222 Magnesite-nitron tablets were a standard part of a landing party medical kit in the 2260s.244 Magnesite dust formed a part of the living nebula cloud which Voyger encountered in 2371.245 Voyager explored magnesite deposits on a planet in the Avery system later in the same year.246 In the 2150s Magnesite was used in construction of warp cores on Earth vessels247, and the Kazon Nistrim used it in the construction of their frigates in the 2370s.206 Magnesite fuel was commonly used for small scale applications such as heating and cooking in the mid 24th century.33 Transporters cannot beam an object through magnesite.248 Friday's Child
Magnetic variances142 Phenomena to be found on some alien ships.142 Anomaly
Main bridge49 The primary control centre of a Starship, usually located on top of the saucer section.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Main engineering46 In Federation Starships, the area which contains the warp core reaction chamber and the primary controls for all of the ship's major systems.46 Generic canonical information
Maneuvering thrusters9 A series of devices located on the hull of a Starship which control its attitude and are used for low speed manouvers.9 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Master differential relay16 Element of the computer control system of a Defiant class starship. There is a four way shunt at the base of the relay.16 One Little Ship
Matrix converter249 Device used in connecting two incompatible power systems.249 Hatchery
Medical tricorder46 A type of tricorder which is optimised for use by medical personnel.46 Generic canonical information
Metaphasic shield250 Shield capable of protecting a vessel from the intense radiation and high temperature inside the corona of a star.250 Suspicions
Metrion particles251 Particle which could excite dark matter.251 First Flight
Micro caliper122 Tool which the Entharans use to remove the casing from weapons.122 Retrospect
Micro-singularities252 Microscopic black holes which the Vulcans believed existed as of 2152. Others were not so convinced.252 Shuttlepod One
Micro-spanner28 Tool used on the NX class starships to align relays.28 Proving Ground
Microcellular scan253 A type of scan used on board the NX-01 Enterprise in 2152. Using this technology it was possible to determine the age of a Human at the time of death.253 Future Tense
Microfusion reactor72 System used in the deflector system of the Cardassian stations Terok Nor and Empok Nor.72 Empok Nor
Mirazine238 A drug used in the mid 22nd century, Mirazine could greatly reduce the time required for decompression when moving to a low pressure environmeny. A 40 milligram dose of Mirazine could cut a six hour decompression time by half.238 Unexpected
Mobile emitter A device created in the 29th century which allows holographic persons to operate outside of a purpose equipped location.53 Future's End, Part 2
Mono-filament stimulator,122 Device which, when fitted to an electro-dynamic probe, allows it to be used to manipulate neuro transmitter levels.122 Retrospect
Nanites146 Federation term for machines small enough to enter a Humanoid body and conduct repairs to individual cells. Nanites have developed intelligence on at least one occasion.146 Evolution
Nanoprobes127 Machines approximately the size of a single cell which the Borg inject into a person to begin the assimilation process. Nanoprobes are essentially a form of nanite.127 Star Trek : First Contact
Navigational deflector38 Large component of a Federation starship which uses force fields and tractor beams to push objects out of the way of the ship as it travels through space. The deflector usually includes a large dish or array on the surface of the ship.38 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Neodynium power cell114 Device used to power a Cardassian phase coil inverter. In 2373 they were hard to come by, at least on Deep Space Nine.114 In the Cards
Neuroelectric Isopulse254 A type of energy-shock which can be used to re-start the brain of a person hours after it has become inactive. In concert with Borg nanoprobes, an isopulse can be used to re-animate a person well after Federation medicine would have regarded them as being deceased. The Borg assimilated the isopulse technology from Species 149; Seven of Nine adapted the technique to revive Neelix after he was killed on an away mission in 2374.254 Mortal Coil
Neurolytic restraint255 Device used by the Orion slavers in the 2150s. It could induce convulsive seisures on command to disable prisoners.255 Borderland
Neutron microscope Instrument which the NX-01 Enterprise obtained in 2152 whilst visiting a medical conference on Dekendi III.35 Stigma
Neutronic Wavefront Phenomena produced when two neutron stars collide. The wave expands through space at relativistic speed, emitting radiation which prevents the use of warp drive and presenting considerable danger to spacecraft unable to escpae it.256 Fair Haven
Neutronic coupler72 Tool in use on Deep Space Nine during 2373.72 Empok Nor
Neutronic power source79 Power source in use by the Xindi when they travelled back in time to Earth in 2004.79 Carpenter Street
Null Space A phonomenon which can occasionally be caused by unstable gravitational and magnetic fields during the formation of a star. A pocket of null space will absorb any electromagnetic energy which falls upon it, rendering its contents invisible to outside detection. The idea was long thought to be purely theoretical, but in 2368 a J'naii shuttlecraft was lost in a pocket of null space. The craft's crew was recovered by the Enteprise-D.257 Null space also forms the basis for the catapult system built by Tash in the Delta Quadrant in his efforts to return home.258 The Outcast
ODN259 Optical Data Network, a highly interconnected network of fibre optics which connects together the computer systems on board a starship.259 The N'th Degree
Omega molecule98 A molecule which the Borg be the ultimate power source. The catastrophic decay of even a single omega molecule can destroy subspace over a wide area. Fearing the danger that such a capability represents, the Federation has ordered all of its ship captains to destroy all Omega molecules on discovery.98 The Omega Directive
Omicron radiation260 Form of radiation damaging to Humans unless proper medical precautions are taken.260 Omicron particles are damaging to Borg nanoprobes.202 Cogenitor
Orbital Lamp261 An orbital lamp launched by the USS Enterprise into orbit of Denevan. The bright ultraviolet light produced was able to kill the Neural Parasites that had infested the planet.261 Operation: Annihilate!
Osmium alloy187 Material which lined the inspection catwalks of an NX class starship's nacelles. The material had an absorption depth of at least 20,000 particles per micron.187 The Catwalk
Osmotic filters45 Part of the life support system of an NX class starship.45 The Crossing
PADD46 Personal Access and Display Device, a hand held computer used by many Star trek species. PADDs usually consist of a flat panel with a touch sensitive screen and a small number of buttons.46 Generic canonical information
Parallel universe102 A universe co-existing alongside out own in another dimension. In theory there are an almost infinite number of parallel universes in which every possible consequence of every possible action is played out.102 Parallels
Parametric scan235 Type of scan which is can determine physical dimensions to a high degree of accuracy. It is used for aligning phase coils.235 Singularity
Parthogenic Atmosphere262 A type of atmosphere which is capable of distorting sensor readings. It is very difficult to detect a ship in orbit of a planet with a parthogenic atmosphere.262 Equinox, Part 2
Particle synthesis263 An advanced alien technology which is similar but superior to Federation holodeck technology.263 Hope and Fear
Pattern buffer264 An element of the transporter which stores the matter stream whilst the other systems function. The stream will normally start to degrade in under a minute, but can be jury rigged to last for decades if need be.264 Realm of Fear
Pattern enhancers1 Devices normally employed in threes to assist a transporter in achieving a lock on a subject under conditions which would normally be too difficult or hazardous for ordinary function.1 Power Play
Pattern generator83 An element of Cardassian food replicators. In 2369 Chief O'Brien accidentally activated a sabotage device within the pattern generator of a replicator; the device introduced a virus into all the food and drink it created.83 Babel
Peak transitional threshold265 The power a vessel must produce in order to achieve an integer warp factor. Once the peak transitional threshold has been crossed, the power required to maintain the same velocity falls significantly.265 Generic official information
Phase coil235 Device which was used aboard the NX class starship. Phase coils had to be aligned very precisely via a parametric scan.235 Singularity
Phase coil inverter114 Cardassian device powered by a neodynium power cell.114 In the Cards
Phase couplers28 Element of the phase cannon used on board NX class starships.28 Proving Ground
Phase decompiler72 Tool in use on Deep Space Nine during 2373.72 Empok Nor
Phase discriminator47 Device which was capable of penetrating Suliban cloaking fields.47 Shockwave, Part 1
Phase shift266 Adjusting an object so that it exists in a slightly different timeframe from normal space. This renders the object invisible, and potentially able to pass through normal matter.266 The Pegasus
Phased deflector pulse267 The Xindi used these to open a subspace vortex.267 Stratagem
Phaser49 Type of particle weapon used by the Federation. Phasers are capable of knocking a person unconscious, heating objects to very high temperatures, vaporizing them, and possibly even of moving objects into a different continuum.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Phaser emitter228 Element of phaser weapons. In 2375 the USS Musashi traded a phaser emitter with Nog in return for an induction modulator. The emitter was then traded with the USS Sentinel for a graviton stabiliser.228 Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
Plasma132 A gas comprised of charged particles, often at a high temperature. Plasma is used by Federation Starships to transfer energy around the ships via the plasma transfer conduits, and is fired as a weapon by Romulan ships.132 Balance of Terror
Plasma Fire148 A form of fire. The Enteprise-D experienced a plasma fire after striking a quantum filament in 2368. Plasma fires can be extinguished if the air around them is evacuated148

In 2372 the Defiant suffered a major plasma fire in the engine room after an effort to generate an artificial wormhole failed.268
Plasma coils11 Part of the engineering systems of an NX class starship. Reversing the polarity on the plasma coils would trigger a feedback pulse.11 Harbinger
Plasma display subsystem16 Element of the engine system of a Defiant class starship.16 One Little Ship
Plasma eddies187 A feature of neutronic wavefronts. Ships had to steer around the eddies, which were very dangerous.128 The Catwalk
Plasma exhaust port238 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The ports could become clogged with EM residue.238 Unexpected
Plasma flow269 Powerful eruption of plasma which occurs with great frequency in the Badlands.269 Penumbra
Plasma injectors Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The ship had five such injectors; it could travel with four, but not three.116 A Night In Sickbay
Plasma manifold72 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems. Plasma manifolds could not be replicated since they contained a Beta matrix compositor, and the failure of one in 2373 prompted a mission to Empok Nor to slavage a replacement.72 Empok Nor
Plasma modulators270 Element of the phase cannon of an NX class starship. Under certain conditions the plasma modulators could overload, producing a beam ten times more powerful than normal. When this happened plasma recoil would cause significant damage to the ship unless it could be directed into the hull plating.270 Silent Enemy
Plasma recoiler72 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems.72 Empok Nor
Plasma relay142 Element of the engines of an NX class starship. Plasma relays could reverse polarity if a ship passed through certain kinds fo anomaly.142 Anomaly
Plasma residue271 Waste product produced by certain types of warp engines. If the plasma residue is not cleaned out regularly it can build up and clog the warp injectors.271 Desert Crossing
Plasma torch27 Tool in use in an alternate timeline version of 2165. The plasma torch was a cutting device able to cut duranium metal.27 Twilight
Polaric energy179 Type of energy which was carried by a diamagnetic storm. Polaric energy is extremely dangerous to Humanoids.179 Vanishing Point
Polaric field215 Spatial anomaly to be found in the Delphic Expanse. Polaric fields could be as large as 11,000 kilometres in diameter.215 Similitude
Polaric power272 A method of power generation regarded as too dangerous to use by the Federation. A polaric power system can undergo a chain reaction which could destroy the entire surface of a planet.272 Time and Again
Polarity maximiser72 Element of Deep Space Nine's systems. In 2373 bypass displacers were one of the items which Chief O'Brien's team attempted to retrieve from Empok Nor.72 Empok Nor
Positronic brain14 A form of computer system which was developed by Dr. Noonien Soong and is used on his Androids, Data and Lore.14 Encounter at Farpoint
Protomatter117 A highly unstable form of matter, the use of protomatter had been declared unethical by the scientific community as of 2285. Despite this, David Marcus included protomatter in the matrix of the Genesis Device as it was the only way to solve certain problems. It was this which made the Genesis Planet unstable and led to it's destruction.117 By the 24th century the use of protomatter was somewhat more accepted - Professor Gideon Seyetik used some in his successful attempt to re-ignite the dead star Epsilon 119 in 2370.217 In the same year the Maquis used a protomatter implosion device to overload the fusion drive of the Cardassian warship Bok'Nor, destroying the ship.62 In 2373, a Founder infiltrator used a device composed of protomatter, trilithium and tekasite in an effort to destroy the Bajoran sun, intending the shockwave to destroy a large fleet of Federation, Klingon and Romulan ships at Deep Space Nine.199 In 2374 the Starship Voyager encountered a nebula that contained high concentrations of protomatter. Neelix was killed during an attempt to beam a quantity of the material into a container which he was holding. Fortunately Borg technology was able to revive him.254 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Q Continuum14 The home of the Q entities. The continuum is apparently some kind of parallel dimension, possibly even one the Q have artificially created.14 Encounter at Farpoint
Quad273 Unit of measurement of computer memory in the Federation. Quad is often used with multipliers such as kiloquad, megaquad, gigaquad and teraquad. There is no known conversion between quads and present day units, although some fans speculate that quad may be shorthand for "one quadrillion bytes".273 Rascals
Quantum beacons47 Devices manufactured by the NX-01 Enterprise in 2152 according to specifications provided by Daniels. The quantum beacons were positron based and had an output of 200 gigawatts each.47 Shockwave, Part 1
Quantum dating274 A method of dating materials. Quantum dating did not date the age of the material, but rather the specific time when it was created. It therefore generated negative dates for any object which had travelled back in time to a point before it was originally made. The procedure was quick and simple to do with even a hand held scanner as used by Earth Starfleet in 2153.274 The Expanse
Quantum inverters260 Element of the warp drive of a Vissian ship in the mid 22nd century. By rotating the quantum inverters the antimatter flux was tripled.260 Cogenitor
Quantum resonance oscillator275 Element of the transporter modules of an Intrepid class Starship.275 Maneuvers
Quantum singularity34 Another term for a black hole. Romulan Warbirds employ an artificial quantum singularity as their power source.34 The Next Phase
Quantum slipstream drive A drive system capable of significantly higher speed than standard Federation warp drive. The drive is similar in some respects to a standard borg transwarp conduit.263 Hope and Fear
Quantum variables142 Part of the Cochrane equation governing warp flight. Compensating for unusual quantum variables in the Delphic Expanse could alter the spatial gradients.142 Anomaly
RCS46 Reaction Control System, another name for thrusters.46 Generic canonical information
Radiolytic isotopes187 Material carried by a neutronic wavefront. Humans would be killed by a few minutes of exposure to rediolytic isotopes.128 The Catwalk
Rectilinear expansion module16 Element of the computer control system of a Defiant class starship.16 One Little Ship
Recursive dataloops145 Problem to be avoided whilst illegally hacking into a secured computer system.145 Honor Among Thieves
Reflectometer35 Element of a neutron microscope which collimates the neutrons. It is located after the emitters.35 Stigma
Regenerative shielding276 An advanced shielding technology which is extremely difficult for conventional weapons to breach.276 Tears of the Prophets
Relativistic speed46 Any velocity great enough for relativistic mass, length and time distortion to become noticeable. Starfleet limits its ships to 25% of light speed in order to minimize relativistic effects.46 Generic canonical information
Replicator277 A device employed by the Federation to reorganize matter on the molecular level. Replicators need only a supply of raw material, a power source and a suitable pattern in order to materialize manufactured goods or food at will. As yet, replicators are not able to create living material.277 Sins of the Father
Restricter coils28 Element of the engines of an NX class starship.28 Proving Ground
Runabout21 Multirole vessel designed to accomodate several persons for short to medium range interstellar journies. Runabouts are essentially enlarged shuttles.21 Emissary
SIF220 Structural Integrity Field, a forcefield which holds the structure of a Starship in an extremely rigid state, allowing it to resist great forces. Structural Integrity Fields can also resist weapons fire to a significant degree.220 Tin Man
Safety protocols127 Set of programming included into most holoprograms which prevent persons within the program from experiencing any harm.127 Star Trek : First Contact
Sarium micro-cells260 Energy cells used aboard the NX class starship for charging torpedo weapons. The Vissians used the same basic technology for their much more advanced photonic warheads.260 Cogenitor
Saucer separation14 Term used for the separation of a Federation Starship into two parts - the Saucer section and Engineering section. For some ships this is a relatively catastrophic act, requiring a Starbase to reconnect the two parts. For others, such as the Galaxy and Prometheus classes, separating and reconnecting is a relatively mundane procedure.14 Encounter at Farpoint
Scanner46 Name used for any device which collects information by directing emissions towards the subject and analysing the return. Scanners are distinct from sensors, which gather information by detecting the emissions the subject gives off itself.46 Generic canonical information
Secondary phase modulator83 An element of the power system on Deep Space Nine. Problems with a secondary phase modulator may have been responsible for a malfunction in Dax's laboratory in 2369.83 Babel
Secondary plasma vent234 System on board an NX class starship.234 Minefield
Selenium isotopes178 Naturally occurring substance which can disrupt sensor systems and impulse engines.187 Dawn
Self-sealing stem bolt278 Device used in the construction of reverse ratcheting routers.278 Progress
Semi-fluidic alloy253 Substance used in the construction of 31st century vessels.253 Future Tense
Sensor49 Name used for any device which collects information by detecting emissions given off by the subject. Sensors are distinct from scanners, which gather information by directing their own emissions towards the subject and analysing the return.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Seofurane136 A material used to make bio-sample containers.136 A Man Alone
Shields The primary defensive system of a Starship. Also known as a deflector shield.219 Arena
Shuttle bay279 Facility on board a space vessel which is dedicated to storing, launching and landing shuttlecraft.279 Most Federation shuttle bays are equipped with a forcefield which allows shuttles to pass through whilst holding the atmosphere inside, thus allowing the bay to operate without having to depressurise.110 Standard practice is to bring shuttles aboard via a tractor beam rather than under their own power, although this can be done in an emergency.77 The Galileo Seven
Shuttlecraft279 A small spacecraft carried by most Starships. Smaller shuttles generally carry people down to planetary surfaces in situations where transporters are not available, but larger or more modern ones can undertake interplanetary or short interstellar journeys.279 The Galileo Seven
Sickbay25 Name given to the medical facility on a Federation Starship or Starbase.25 Various Original Series episodes
Slingshot effect22 A method of time travel employed by the Federation which involves a close approach to a large mass such as a star whilst at high warp velocity. The course must be precisely calculated in order to ensure success.22 The Naked Time
Soliton wave280 A technology which allows objects to travel at warp speeds without having a warp drive on board. A soliton wave generator produces a large energy wave which impacts the vehicle, accelerating it to warp speed. Another generator at the opposite end of the trip disperses the wave to bring the object back to rest. Unfortunately, the first test of the system went disastrously wrong when the wave grew massively in energy, to the point where it threatened to devastate the planet on which the second generator was mounted.280 New Ground
Space frame46 The structural support members of a Starship.46 Generic canonical information
Space suit9 A suit which protects the wearer against the hazardous environment of space.9 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Spatial compression index23 Factor which had to be taken into account when starting up the warp drive of an NX class starship. The output of the core had to be within 300 and 312 millicochranes unless the spatial compression index was greater than 5.62%.23 Doctor's Orders
Spatial discriminators231 Part of the stabilisers of a J class cargo vessel.231 Horizon
Spatial gradient142 A feature of warp flight which became distorted when the quantum variables of the Cochrane equation were not as expected.142 Anomaly
Starbase237 A Federation facility which serves as a centre for scientific research, trade, Starship manufacture or maintanence and military strength. Starbases can be located on planetary surfaces, in orbit, or in deep space.237 Court Martial
Stardate49 A system of time in use within the Federation.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Starship25 A Federation Starfleet vessel capable of undertaking interstellar missions. Most Starships are more than 100 metres long; smaller vessels tend to be classed as Runabouts or Shuttlecraft.25 Various Original Series episodes
Subdermal transceivers267 Communications device used by the Military Assault Command Operatives in the mid 2150s. The device was an implant which was placed under the skin to allow covert communication.267 Stratagem
Subquantum imprint241 A characteristic 'fingerprint' of materials. Matching subquantum imprints from two different samples proves that they have the same origin.241 The Shipment
Subspace281 A type of spacetime which is outside our own. Much Federation technology is based around the properties of subspace, most especially warp drive.281 Force of Nature
Subspace Compression Effect which results when an object is partially encased in a subspace field. Subspace compression can cause forces sufficient to tear such an object apart.154 Deja Q
Subspace Field259 A field generated by the warp coils of Federation starships and related to subspace. Subspace fields allow objects to circumvent the Einsteinian limitations which normally apply within our universe. They are measured in Cochranes; a subapce field with a value of 1 Cochrane or more is known as a warp field.259 The N'th Degree
Subspace Field Distortions Effect which is generated by active warp drives.259 The N'th Degree
Subspace Funnel A link through subspace which connects two distant points together in a manner similar to a wormhole.282 Interface
Subspace Instabilities An area in which warp drive has caused damage to the fabric of space. In extreme cases this can lead to a subspace rift.281 Force of Nature
Subspace Interphase Pocket An area of overlap between our universe and one of the others normally separated from it by the phase difference between them.190 Playing God
Subspace Radio283 Method of communicating at faster than light speeds. Subspace radio allows virtually instantaneous communication over long ranges if the signal is sent via relay stations. Without relay stations, the speed of a signal drops to approximately 50,000 times that of light.283 A Piece of the Action
Subspace Rift A break in the fabric of space through which the fabric of subspace can intrude into our universe.281 Force of Nature
Subspace Rupture An anomaly which behaves in a manner similar to a whirlpool, sucking matter into it over a large area.284 If Wishes Were Horses
Subspace Sandbar285 A region of space in which a warp drive will not function.285 Bride of Chaotica!
Subspace Shockwave A blast effect produced by certain types of explosion which propogates at a velocity greater than that of light.286 Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Subspace Tear A rip which can be caused by an isolytic subspace weapon which allows subspace to protrude into our own universe. The tear is strongly attracted to warp cores.99 Star Trek : Insurrection
Subspace Transition Rebound189 An effect which is associated with dimensional shifting.189 The High Ground
Subspace Vacuole A link between two points through subspace. Similar to a subspace funnel.94 Emanations
Subspace Vortex168 A method of transport used by the Xindi.168 The Vortex allows them to take 'shortcuts' through subspace, covering large distances in a very short time. It is limited to ranges of a few light years.241 It is also known as an energy portal.241 Rajiin
Subspace implosion27 In an alternate timeline, Denobulan specialists suggested this as a method of killing temporal parasites infecting Captain Archer. Creating the implosion involved overloading three of the plasma injectors so as to send a feedback pulse through the warp reactor. Unfortunately the procedure involved vapourising the captain as well.27 Twilight
Subspace phase inverter161 A device not normally carried aboard Galaxy class starships as of 2365. A subspace phase inverter can produce Eichner radiation.161 The Child
Subspace transporter287 A form of transporter which sends the matter stream through subspace, thus extending the range from the normal few tens of thousands of kilometres to at least several light years. The Dominion transporters may well be subspace devices.287 Bloodlines
Subspace weapon99 Any weapon which causes destruction via damage or disruption to subspace. Subspace weapons are illegal under the second Khittomer accords, though some species still use them.99 Star Trek : Insurrection
Sweet Spot229 A point on Earth vessels half way between the gravity generator and the bow. Gravitational fields acted in strange directions at the sweet spot.229 Broken Bow
System taps215 Element of the warp drive of the NX class starship. In theory, re-routing the system taps would compress the antimatter stream before it reaches the injectors, stabilising the warp field and allowing higher speeds to be achieved.288 Similitude
Tekasite199 Substance which can be combined with protomatter and trilithium to create a weapon capable of destroying a sun and thus obliterating everything in the accompanying solar system.199 By Inferno's Light
Temporal displacement drive253 Drive system of the time pod which the NX-01 Enterprise discovered in 2152.253 Future Tense
Temporal incursion289 A method of altering the timeline by removing an object from history. The result is to create a timeline in which the object has never existed. Temporal incursions were widely used by the Krenim.289 Year of Hell, Part 1
Temporal observatory29 Device which Daniels used to monitor changes to the timeline. The temporal observatory contained a great deal of information on various aspects of history, including ship designs, which it could project holographically.29 Cold Front
Temporal radiation253 Form of radiation emitted by a temporal displacement drive. Temporal radiation was considered dangerous to Humans, and could cause temporal distortions.253 Future Tense
Temporal tags79 Device which Daniels's people used to bring objects forward in time from the past.79 Carpenter Street
Teraphasic warp coils238 Element of the warp drive on a Xyrillian ship.238 Unexpected
Terraforming The process of altering a planetary environment to make it similar to that of Terra. The Genesis Device was the ultimate in terraforming technology, though it ultimately failed to work properly.290 Home Soil
Tetracyanate291 Toxic byproduct of mining veridium isotopes.291 Civilization
Tetrazine47 Waste product created by mining processes used by the Paraagans in 2152. Tetrazine could be ingnited by a plasma exhaust and ships which approached a Paraagan mine had to be careful lest a catastrophic explosion result.47 Shockwave, Part 1
Thermobaric clouds274 Clouds which surrounded the Delphic Expanse.274 The Expanse
Theta radiation292 Type of radiation which Dr. Phlox used to eliminate microbes. High doses caused cellular damage to Vulcans.292 Theta radiation was used in the manufacture of liquid Trellium-D.168 Bounty
Time dilation46 A distortion in the flow of time experienced as a result of travelling at high sublight velocities or passing through a high gravitational field.46 Generic canonical information
Time portal47 Device which Daniels's faction in the temporal cold war used to travel through time.47 Shockwave, Part 1
Time travel22 Any movement through time at a rate other than normal. Time travel allows one to journey into the past or future, effecting changes in history. Various methods have been employed, including the slingshot and the Guardain of Forever.22 The Naked Time
Timeship126 Any vessel which is capable of traveling through time. The Federation will employ timeships in the 29th century.126 Future's End, Part 1
Tractor beam152 A system used by Federation starships to pull on or push against other vessels or objects.152 The Corbomite Maneuver
Trajector A transporting device used by the Sikarians. The trakector used the mantle of the Sikarian home world as a field amplifier, allowing a range of 40,000 light years to be achieved.293 Prime Factors
Translinear sensors294 Sensor system which was fitted to the Vulcan vessel Vahklas in 2151.294 Fusion
Translocator295 A transporting device used by the Nyrians. The translocator was effective across ranges of at least 10 light years, and may be similar to the trajector or subspace transporter.295 Displaced
Transporter49 A device used by the Federation which is able to dematerialize a person or object, transmit the resultant stream of matter across distances of several tens of thousands of kilometres, and reconstruct them at the other end. Many other lapha quadrant species have similar or equivalent technology, though this capability is rare in the Delta Quadrant.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Transtator283 An element of virtually all Federation technology in the mid 23rd century.283 A Piece of the Action
Transtator assembly239 System which was aboard an NX class starship. Replacing a transtator assembly took the crew about a week.239 Dead Stop
Transwarp A term used for any drive system capable of achieving warp factors of 10 or more. The Federation has never been able to develop a practical transwarp drive, though several alien species have.51 Star Trek III : The Search for Spock
Trellium-A168 Substance which is extremely common and easy to synthesize, but it is not very useful.168 Rajiin
Trellium-D233 Substance used for insulation in Starship hulls in the 2150s.31 Trellium-D would protect a ship from the spatial anomalies to be found in the Delphic Expanse.142 It could be synthesised, but this was a very difficult process.168 Trellium-D is a potent neurotoxin to the Vulcan nervous system - exposure to significant quantities of it induces paranoia and violent, unthinking rage towards others.296 Various Enterprise episodes
Triburnium alloys297 Type of metal used by the Enolians in 2152. They could be depolarised by subdermal implants, making them easy to break.297 Canamar
Tricorder22 A highly flexible handheld device widely used by Starfleet. Tricorders have a variety of sensor and scanner systems, information storage and processing capability, and a small display screen.22 The Naked Time
Tricyclic plasma drive229 Drive system used by Suliban ships.229 Broken Bow
Trilithium298 Substance which can act as a fusion inhibitor. In theory a quantity of trilithium is capable of stopping all nuclear fusion in a star, producing a shockwave which will then destroy the entire associated solar system - this formed the basis of Dr. Soran's star-destroying weapon298 and the Dominion device intended for use against the Bajoran sun in 2373.199 Trilithium is apparently somewhat different from trilithium resin298, which is a highly unstable and explosive substance produced as a waste product in the warp core of a Galaxy class starship.65 Trilithium can also form the basis of a more conventional explosive - the Akritirian terrorist group called Open Sky used such a bomb to destroy the Laktivia recreational facility in 2373. The Trilithium was produced from paralithium obtained from an Akritirian vessel.299 Star Trek : Generations
Trilithium resin65 Trilithium resin is produced as a waste product by the warp core of some Federation starships, including the Galaxy class. It is highly unstable, and prone to catastrophic explosions if not carefully handled.65( Defiant class Starships also produce the resin. Four hundred kilos of this substance scattered into the atmosphere of an M class planet is sufficient to make it uninhabitable to all human life for 50 years.#5111} Starship Mine
Trillium 323300 Substance which is found in abundance on Caldonia. Supplies of Trillium 323 were part of the Caldonian bid for control of the Barzan wormhole.300 The Price
Trimagnesite261 A substance which, when combined with tritium and ignited, produces an exceptionally bright visible light.261 Operation: Annihilate!
Trinesium260 Metal used by the Vissians in the construction of their ships from the mid 21st century onwards. Trinesium can withstand temperatures of up to 18,000 degrees.260 Cogenitor
Tritanium Cobalt255 Substance; the NX-01 carried about 18 kilos of tritanium cobalt.255 Borderland
Tritium261 A substance which, when combined with trimagnesite and ignited, produces an exceptionally bright visible light.261 Operation: Annihilate!
Turbolift49 A system used for transportation within a Starship. A turbolift comprises of network of tunnels through which small cars travel. It is essentially a version of the present day elevator but capable of moving sideways as well as up or down.49 Where No Man Has Gone Before
Ultrasonic shower9 A device located in crew quarters which is used to clean the skin without the assistance of water or detergent.9 Star Trek : The Motion Picture
Universal translator A device which allows the instantaneous translation of virtually any language into virtually any other. This amazing gadget can even work on languages it has never encountered before, although this occasionally presents problems.301 Metamorphosis
VISOR Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement, a device which blind people can wear to give them artificial vision. The VISOR reads a wide range of electromagnetic and other input, converts it into data, and sends this directly into the brain. VISORs cause considerable pain for the entire time they are worn.14 They are now in the process of being replaced by artificial eyes which serve the same function.127 Encounter at Farpoint
Vaso-stimulator294 Vulcan medical implant.294 Fusion
Veridium291 Veridium isotopes are primarily used to manufacture explosives.291 Civilization
Warp Beacon Decoy292 A device employed by Skalaar when he abducted Captain Archer in 2153. The beacon could emit a warp signature which matched another vessel, thus decoying a searching ship away from the real target.292 Bounty
Warp coil281 A toroidal device which is responsible for generating the field which drives a vessel at faster than light speeds. Warp coils are powered by a plasma stream which passes through the centeral apeture. Each nacelle on a Starship can hold many warp coils.281 Force of Nature
Warp core46 The main power generator of a Federation Starship. The warp core is where the Starships matter and antimatter fuel is reacted together to produce the energetic plasma which powers the ship major systems. It is normally located in main engineering.46 Generic canonical information
Warp factor100 A number related to the velocity of a vessel using warp or transwarp drive systems. The Federation has used at least two different warp scales since warp drive was invented.100 The Cage
Warp field A subspace field with a value of 1 Cochrane or more. Starships use their warp coils to generate a warp field in order to facilitate faster than light propulsion.154 Deja Q
Warp injector casing80 Highly radioactive container for warp injector. Transporting them was considered a highly dangerous occupation.80 Marauders
Warp manifold29 Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. Damage to the manifold could cause an antimatter cascade to pass through an antimatter junction and into the reactor core, causing a catastrophic explosion.29 Cold Front
Warp nacelle30 A structural component of a Starship which houses the warp coils. Nacelles are usually located at the end of long struts which hold them away from the main body of the ship, although this is not really necessary. A Bussard collector is often located at the front of the nacelle.30 The Apple
Warp plasma regulators202 Element of the drive system of an NX class starship. The warp plasma regulators were located in the twin booms which attached the primary hull to the nacelle struts in shaft C, junction 12.202 Regeneration
Warp plasma subprocessor16 A computer system which controls the warp core of a Defiant class starship. It can be used to initiate a warp core breach.16 One Little Ship
Warp sustainer engine265 Propulsion device included in small probes or weapons which allows them to take a small amount of energy from a launch vessels warp field and coast on it for a short time.265 Generic official information
Waveform discriminator302 Device carried by Vulcan spacecraft in the 1950s. A waveform discriminator could be used as part of an improvised communications device.302 Carbon Creek
Weather modification net303 A system designed to modify or control the weather on a planet. Risa has one of the most extensive weather modification systems in the Federation.303 Let He Who Is Without Sin...
Wormhole300 An anomaly which connects two points in spacetime, creating a short cut between them. Wormholes can allow a vessel to travel quickly across vast distances, or even back in time. Most wormholes are unstable, with endpoints which move regularly,300 with the artificially created Bajoran Wormhole as the single exception.21 The Price
Xylathoric acid80 Substance used in thermalizing landing decks.80 Marauders
Zero-point energy46 A quantum fluctuation phenomenon which holds significant - possibly enourmous - quantities of energy. This is the major method employed to release energy in a quantum torpedo.46 Generic canonical information

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Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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265 Generic official information
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Source :  Generic official information
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Film: Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Series :  TNG Season 7 (Disc 6)
Episode :  Bloodlines
Series :  ENT Season 3 (Disc 3)
Episode :  North Star
Series :  VOY Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode :  Year of Hell, Part 1
Series :  TNG Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode :  Home Soil
Series :  ENT Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode :  Civilization
Series :  ENT Season 2 (Disc 6)
Episode :  Bounty
Series :  VOY Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode :  Prime Factors
Series :  ENT Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode :  Fusion
Series :  VOY Season 3 (Disc 6)
Episode :  Displaced
Series :  ENT Season 3 (Disc 2)
Episode :  Impulse
Series :  ENT Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode :  Canamar
Film: Star Trek : Generations
Series :  VOY Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode :  The Chute
Series :  TNG Season 3 (Disc 2)
Episode :  The Price
Series :  TOS Season 2 (Disc 2)
Episode :  Metamorphosis
Series :  ENT Season 2 (Disc 1)
Episode :  Carbon Creek
Series :  DS9 Season 5 (Disc 2)
Episode :  Let He Who Is Without Sin...

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