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Rules of Acquisition List

RuleUp Description Episode
229 Latinum lasts longer than lust. Ferengi Love Songs

In the episode "Prophet Motive", the Grand Nagus produced a revised set of the Rules of Acquisition whilst under the influence of the Bajoran Prophets. The following are the known rules from this set, all copies of which were destroyed when the Nagus regained his original personality.

Rule Description Episode
1 If they want their money back, give it to them. DS9 : Prophet Motive
10 Greed is dead. DS9 : Prophet Motive
21 Never place profit above friendship. DS9 : Prophet Motive
22 Latinum tarnishes, but family is forever. DS9 : Prophet Motive
23 Money can never replace dignity. DS9 : Prophet Motive
285 A good dead is its own reward. DS9 : Prophet Motive

Additionally, the Voyager episode "False Profits" featured Neelix telling two Ferengi stranded in the Delta Quadrant that rule of acquisition number 299 was "When you exploit someone, it never hurts to thank them". We do not know if this is an accurate quotation; if it is, then we would need to believe that the Ferengi have added extra rules sometime prior to Voyagers accident and that Neelix has read up on these since.

In DS9's "House of Quark", Quark himself suggested an additional rule: Rule 286, "When Morn leaves, it's all over". Quark was bemoaning the state of his business at the time, and it is unlikely that this rule is a real one.

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