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Quotes List

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Quote Episode
"Most of the species we've encountered have overcome all kinds of adversity without a caretaker. It's the challenge of surviving on their own that helps them to evolve." - Janeway to the Caretaker
VOY : Caretaker
"So it begins. The trivia of medicine is my domain now. Every runny nose, stubbed toe, pimple on a cheek becomes my responsibility." - EMH to Kes; bemoaning his having to perform routine medical functions
VOY : Parallax
"Missing? The captain is missing? It seems I've found myself on a Voyage of the Damned. Very well, please advise the highest ranking officer who is not missing to see me at his earliest convenience." - EMH to Neelix
VOY : Time and Again
"I'm a doctor, Mister Neelix, not a decorator." - EMH to Neelix; the first of many
VOY : Phage
"A nebula? What were we doing in a nebula? No wait, don't tell me. We were 'investigating'. That's all we do around here. Why pretend we're going home at all, all we're going to do is 'investigate' every cubic millimetre of this quadrant, aren't we?" - EMH to Torres
VOY : The Cloud
"There's one more request... something of a personal nature... I would like... a name." - EMH to Kes; and he never did get one.
VOY : Eye of the Needle
"Her eyes were a million kilometers away, staring at stars I'd flown by the day before." - Tom Paris; doing a horrific Film Noir attempt
VOY : Ex Post Facto
"I don't know who you are or where you come from, but you stay away from my husband!" - Loria to Kim; That didn't come across as gay at all, did it? Nooooo, not even a little bit
VOY : Emanations
"It's the first time we've been on the other side of the fence. How many times have we been in the position of refusing to interfere when some kind of disaster threatened an alien culture? It's all very well to say we do it on the basis of an enlightened principle. But how does that feel to the aliens?" - Janeway to her staff
VOY : Prime Factors
"You can use logic to justify almost anything. That's its power. And its flaw." - Janeway to Tuvok
VOY : Prime Factors
"On the contrary, the demands on a Vulcan's character are extraordinarily difficult. Do not mistake composure for ease." - Tuvok to Chakotay
VOY : State of Flux
"Every culture has its demons... they embody the darkest emotions of its people. Giving them physical form in heoric literature is a way of exploring those feelings." - Chakotay to Tuvok
VOY : Heroes and Demons
"Mister Neelix, just because a man changes his drink order doesn't mean he's posessed by an alien." - EMH to Neelix
VOY : Cathexis
"That's the way you respond to every situation, isn't it? If it doesn't work, hit it! If it's in your way, knock it down!" - Torres to Torres
VOY : Faces
"I forgive you." - Neelix to Jetrel
VOY : Jetrel
"Get the cheese to sickbay, the Doctor should look at it as soon as possible." - Torres; says one of the sillier Voyager lines
VOY : Learning Curve
"It doesn't matter what you're made of, what matters is who you are. You're our friend and we want you back." - Chakotay to the EMH
VOY : Projections
"My children occupy a significant portion of my thoughts, now more than ever." - Tuvok to Neelix
VOY : Elogium
"When every logical course of action is exhausted, the only option that remains is inaction." - Tuvok to Chakotay; advising him to do nothing
VOY : Twisted
"It is a tempting prospect, but when I hold it up against the prospect of seeing the sunrise over the Arizona desert, or swimming in the gulf of Mexico on a summer's day, there's just no comparison. I want to go home." - Chakotay to Janeway; on settling in the delta quadrant
VOY : The 37's
"You once told me that you used to treat life like one big game. Rules, players, winners, losers... you never took any of it seriously, until you lost." - Kim to Paris
VOY : Non Sequitur
"You should consider it a high complement. Throughout history men have fought over the love of a woman. Why, I can quote you autopsy reports from duels as far back as 1538." - EMH to Kes
VOY : Parturition
"Without the darkness, how would we recognise the light?" - Tuvok to Kes
VOY : Cold Fire
"Who are we to swoop in, play god, and then continue on our way without the slightest consideration of the long term effects of our actions?" - Janeway to Torres
VOY : Prototype
"In a part of space where there are few rules, it's more important than ever that we hold fast to our own." - Janeway to Chakotay
VOY : Alliances
"If you can't control the violence, the violence controls you." - Suder to Tuvok
VOY : Meld
"When a bomb starts talking about itself in the first person, I get worried." - Paris to Torres
VOY : Dreadnought
"I am curious. Have the Q always had an absence of manners? Or is it the result of some natural evolutionary process that comes with omnipotence?" - Tuvok to Quinn
VOY : Death Wish
"I'm not just working anymore, I'm living." - EMH to Danara
VOY : Lifesigns
"I am programmed to be heroic when the need arises." - EMH to Kim
VOY : Deadlock
"Mister Kim, we're Starfleet Officers. Weird is part of the job" - Janeway to Kim
VOY : Deadlock
"We often fear what we don't understand. Our best defence is knowledge." - Tuvok to Tressa
VOY : Innocence
"You know as well as I do that fear exists for one purpose, to be conquered." - Janeway to the Clown
VOY : The Thaw
Tuvok : "That lovely tune is a traditional funeral dirge"
Neelix : "I know... but it was the, ah, the most cheerful I could find in the Vulcan Database."
  People :  Tuvok, Neelix
VOY : Tuvix
"Do you think you could possibily behave a little less like yourself?" - Tuvok to Neelix
VOY : Tuvix
Chakotay : "I can tell you a story, an ancient legend among my people. It's about an angry warrior who lived his life in conflict with the rest of his tribe. A man who couldn't find peace, even with the help of his spirit guide. For years he struggled with his discontent. The only satisfaction he ever got came when he was in battle. That made him a hero among his tribe, but the warrior still longed for peace within himself. One day, he and his war party were captured by a neighbouring tribe led by a woman warrior. She called on him to join her tribe because her tribe was too small and weak to defend itself from all its enemies. The woman warrior was brave and beautiful and very wise. The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lighter. From that point on, her needs would come first. And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace."
Janeway : "Is that really an ancient legend?"
Chakotay : "No. But that made it easier to say."
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay
VOY : Resolutions
"It feels like we're being pecked to death by ducks!" - Janeway to Chakotay; on the many Kazon attacks
VOY : Basics, Part 1
"Space must have seemed a whole lot bigger back then. It's not surprising they had to bend the rules a little. They were a little slower to invoke the Prime Directive, and a little quicker to pull their phasers. Of course, the whole bunch of them would be booted out of Starfleet today. But I have to admit, I would have loved to ride shotgun at least once with a group of officers like that." - Janeway to Tuvok; re the original series officers
VOY : Flashback
"You'll find that more happens on the bridge of a starship than just carrying out orders and observing regulations. There is a sense of loyalty to the men and women you serve with, a sense of family. Those two men on trial... I served with them for a long time. I owe them my life a dozen times over. And right now they're in trouble, and I'm going to help them. Let the regulations be damned." - Sulu to Tuvok
VOY : Flashback
"Mister Tuvok, if you're going to remain on my ship, you're going to have to learn how to appreciate a joke. And don't tell me Vulcans don't have a sense of humour, because I know better." - Sulu to Tuvok
VOY : Flashback
"You want to know what I remember? Somebody saying 'this man is my friend. Nobody touches him.' I'll remember that for a long time." - Paris to Kim
VOY : The Chute
"I'm a diagnostic tool, not an Engineer." - Zimmerman hologram to Kes
VOY : The Swarm
"Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough." - Torres to Dathan
VOY : Remember
"There's a difference between respecting the spiritual beliefs of other cultures and embracing them myself." - Janeway to Old Man
VOY : Sacred Ground
"Who are you people? And what is that thing in your pants?" - Robinson to Tuvok; (it was his tricorder.)
VOY : Future's End, Part 1
"Tuvok, has anybody ever told you you're a real freakasaurus?" - Robinson to Tuvok
VOY : Future's End, Part 2
"What are you doing with that dog? I'm not talking about the puppy!" - Female Q to Q; regarding the puppy on Janeway's lap
VOY : The Q and the Grey
"You can't just walk away from your responsibilities because you made a mistake." - Janeway to Neelix
VOY : Fair Trade
"If there was a rocky path and a smooth one, you chose the rocky one every time." - Fake Admiral Janeway to Janeway
VOY : Coda
"You're afraid that your big scary Klingon side may have been showing. Well, I saw it up close. And you know, it wasn't so terrible. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing it again someday." - Paris to Torres
VOY : Blood Fever
"We're creating a society here, one that's based on tolerance, shared responsibility and mutual respect that people like you and I were raised to believe in. We're not about to give it up just because it's difficult." - Frazier to Chakotay
VOY : Unity
"Free of passion? One might as well be free of Humanity." - Holo-Byron to Holo-Ghandi
VOY : Darkling
"I am looking for Mr. Neelix's instinct. Perhaps it will be marked" - Tuvok to Sklar
VOY : Rise
"You keep working on that sense of humour, Commander Vulcan. You'll get it one day." - Neelix to Tuvok
VOY : Before and After
"I know from the history of my own planet that change is difficult." - Chakotay to Odala
VOY : Distant Origin
"Welcome to sickbay. Take a number." - EMH to Nyrian
VOY : Displaced
"You will be assimilated. Resistence is-" KABOOM!!! - The Borg to 8472
VOY : Scorpion, Part 1
"You are erratic. Conflicted. Disorganised. Every decision is debated, every action questioned, every individual entitled to their own small opinion. You lack harmony, cohesion, greatness. It will be your undoing." - Seven to Chakotay
VOY : Scorpion, Part 2
"One voice can be stronger than a thousand voices." - Janeway to Seven
VOY : The Gift
B'Elanna : "Tell me something. When you hear about people like the Caatati, do you have any feelings of remorse?"
Seven : "No."
B'Elanna : "That's it? Just no?"
Seven : What further answer do you require?"
B'Elanna : "Well maybe some kind of acknowledgement of the billions of lives you helped destroy. A justification for what you did. Maybe a little sense of guilt."
Seven : Guilt is irrelevant."
B'Elanna : "Heartwarming."
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine
VOY : Day of Honor
"Killing's the worst thing I've ever had to do." - Chakotay to Namon
VOY : Nemesis
"I understand the concept of humour. It may not be apparent, but I am often amused by Human behaviour." - Seven to Kim
VOY : Revulsion
"Abandon ship? The answer's no. I'm not breaking up the family, Chakotay." - Janeway to Chakotay
VOY : Year of Hell, Part 1
"Time's... up!" - Janeway to the universe; as she rams Annorax's ship
VOY : Year of Hell, Part 2
"I dread the day when everyone on this ship agrees with me." - Janeway to Seven
VOY : Random Thoughts
"No matter how vast the differences may be between cultures, people always have something that somebody else wants. And trade is born." - Janeway to Tuvok
VOY : Concerning Flight
"Monsters in the replicator. Who else on this ship can handle that?" - Chakotay to Neelix
VOY : Mortal Coil
"Between impulse and action, there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance!" - EMH to Seven
VOY : One
"Time to take out the garbage." - Janeway; commenting on dealing with the Malon
VOY : Night
One : "Joke, a verbal comment or gesture designed to provoke laughter."
EMH : "I see you've got your mothers sense of humour."
  People :  One, Emergency Medical Hologram
VOY : Drone
Paris : "Well if we can't transport it out, we'll just have to fly in and grab it."
Tuvok : "Perhaps you weren't paying attention when the Malon freighter imploded?"
  People :  Tuvok, Thomas Eugene Paris, Tuvok, Tuvok
VOY : Extreme Risk
Paris : "It's a date! These things can't be rushed. They've probably just finished dinner, a couple of drinks, and now they are moving past the polite stage."
Kim : "The polite stage? The last 8472 I met tried to dissolve me from the inside out!"
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim
VOY : In the Flesh
"My youngest child has been without a father for four years. Yet I am certain of her well being; that I conveyed my values to her before leaving. And I have confidence in the integrity of those around her. You have been an exemplary mother to Naomi, and she is in the hands of people you trust. She will survive, and prosper, no matter what becomes of us." - Tuvok to Samantha Wildman
VOY : Once Upon a Time
"You have always been of enormous assistance to me, Doctor. You...You are my mentor." - Seven of Nine to the EMH; drunken
VOY : Timeless
"Naomi Wildman, subunit of Ensign Samantha Wildman. State your intentions." - Seven to Naomi
VOY : Infinite Regress
"Harry, you and I were lucky enough to enjoy the doctor's scintillating exhibition for two full hours. Would it really be fair of us to deny our friends the same unforgettable experience?" - Chakotay to Kim
VOY : Nothing Human
"Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris... I hereby reduce you to the rank of Ensign. And I sentence you to 30 days solitary confinement." - Janeway to Paris
VOY : Thirty Days
"Computer, change music selection. Mahler's Symphony Number One, Second Movement... maybe this will help you relax." - Janeway to Kashyk; after he realises he's been fooled
VOY : Counterpoint
"It is unsettling. You say that I am a human being and yet, I am also Borg... Part of me not unlike your replicator... Not unlike the Doctor. Will you one day choose to abandon me as well?" - Seven of Nine to the Captain; on the plight of the Doctor
VOY : Latent Image
"We didn't burst into flames in the last chapter! Why are these recaps always so inaccurate?" - Kim; commenting on the 'last time on captain proton' segment
VOY : Bride of Chaotica!
"I'm a Doctor, not a battery!" - EMH; on the suggestion that his mobile emitter may be used as a power source
VOY : Gravity
"I'm a doctor, not a dragonslayer!" - the EMH; on fighting the monster
VOY : Bliss
"Now this is how I prefer the Borg. In pieces!" - Janeway to Chakotay
VOY : Dark Frontier, Part 1
"There are three things to remember about being a starship captain. Keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship... and never abandon a member of your crew." - Janeway to Naomi
VOY : Dark Frontier, Part 2
"Physiologically, it bears a striking similarity to disease. A series of biochemical responses that trigger an emotional cascade impairing normal functioning." - Seven; on love
VOY : The Disease
"We're gathered here today, not as Starfleet officers, but as friends and family, to celebrate the marriage of two of Voyager's finest..." - Janeway; starting the wedding
VOY : Course: Oblivion
"Success seems to be in short supply lately." - Janeway to Seven; on their inability to find a way out of chaotic space
VOY : The Fight
"Acquiring knowledge is a worthy objective. But its pursuit has obviously not elevated you." - Seven of Nine to Kurros; on his dubious principals
VOY : Think Tank
"I suppose it's always going to be like this...Me against the galaxy." - B'Elanna; on herself
VOY : Juggernaut
"There is no one on Deck Nine, Section 12 who doesn't know when you're having intimate relations." - Seven to B'Elanna; on her and Tom
VOY : Someone to Watch Over Me
"...and the Y2K bug didn't turn off a single light bulb." - Janeway; Given this was filmed in 1999 this was a brave outlook that turned out to be mostly true
VOY : 11:59
"Your captain has a knack for sticking her nose where it doesn't belong; especially when it comes to time travel." - Braxton; on Janeway
VOY : Relativity
"I held you up as an example of how an artificial intelligence could exceed its programming. I didn't realize how true that was...until today." - Kim to the EMH
VOY : Warhead
Ransom : "It's easy to cling to principles when you're standing on a vessel with its bulkheads intact, manned by a crew that's not starving!"
Janeway : "It's never easy...but if we turn our backs on our principles we stop being human."
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Captain Ransom, Kathryn Janeway
VOY : Equinox, Part 1
"It's quite disconcerting to know that all someone has to do is flick a switch to turn me into Mr. Hyde" - EMH to Seven of Nine; on his behaviour onboard the Equinox
VOY : Equinox, Part 2
"Come on, Tuvok. After all the xenophobic races we've run into, don't you find it just a little refreshing to meet some people who value openness and freedom?" - Captain Janeway to Tuvok
VOY : Survival Instinct
Torres : "We only have one multi-spatial probe, I didn't want to lose it."
Janeway : "We only have one B'Elanna Torres. I don't want to lose her, either."
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Kathryn Janeway
VOY : Barge of the Dead
"Tuvok, I understand, You are a Vulcan man, You have just gone without, For seven years, about.
Paris, please find a way, To load a hypospray, I will give you the sign, Just aim for his behind
Hormones are raging, Synapses blazing, It's all so veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrry illogical!" - EMH; singing to the tune of La donna รจ mobile.
VOY : Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
"Maybe you can explain why every time he finds a new hobby I go right out the airlock?" - Torres to Kim; on her relationship with Paris
VOY : Alice
"The Vulcan brain; a puzzle wrapped inside an enigma housed inside a cranium." - the EMH; on Tuvok
VOY : Riddles
"When it rains... do you run from doorway to doorway trying to stay dry, getting wet all the while? Or, do you just accept the fact that it's raining and walk with dignity?" - Gedrin to Janeway
VOY : Dragon's Teeth
"What I've seen proves we were right to come out here. We're not alone...I know that now." - Lt. John Kelly; His final log entry
VOY : One Small Step
"Catapult a vessel across space, in the time it takes to say 'catapult a vessel across space.'" - Tash; describing the capabilities of his catapult
VOY : The Voyager Conspiracy
Admiral Paris : "I want you all to know we're doing everything we can to bring you home."
Janeway : "We appreciate it, sir. Keep a docking bay open for us!"
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Thomas Eugene Paris, Kathryn Janeway, Admiral Paris
VOY : Pathfinder
"Delete the wife." - Janeway to the computer; after finding out her holographic boyfriend-to-be is married
VOY : Fair Haven
"Our ignorant ancestors believed every star was a deity. You taught me how foolish that was. 'Superstition,' you called it." - the Protector to the Cleric
VOY : Blink of an Eye
"Tuvok, when have operations on this ship ever been normal?" - Janeway to Tuvok
VOY : Virtuoso
"Words alone cannot convey the suffering. Words alone cannot prevent what happened here from happening again. Beyond words lies experience. Beyond experience lies truth. Make this truth your own." - Inscription on the memorial
VOY : Memorial
Seven : "I've spent the last three years struggling to regain my Humanity. I'm afraid I may have lost it again in that arena."
Tuvok : "You are experiencing difficult emotions."
Seven : "Guilt, shame, remorse."
Tuvok : "Then you haven't lost your Humanity. You have reaffirmed it."
  People :  Tuvok, Seven of Nine, Tuvok, Tuvok
VOY : Tsunkatse
"I've got a boyfriend who malfunctions!" - Janeway to Chakotay; on her holographic partner
VOY : Spirit Folk
"Fun will now commence." - Seven of Nine to the children
VOY : Ashes to Ashes
"If it wanted to get to know me better, it should have just asked me out for a drink!" - Tefler; on being implanted with an alien worm
VOY : Good Shepherd
"The Oracle of K'Tal isn't programmed to wear pyjamas." - Tuvok; complaining about the alterations made to his holoprogram
VOY : Live Fast and Prosper
"And Voyager will continue on her journey to the gleaming cities of Earth... where peace reigns and hatred has no home." - Kelis; the last line of his play
VOY : Muse
"They'll realize that beneath your unfeeling exterior is a heart that's breaking! Silently, and in more pain than any of us can possibly understand, because that's what it is to be Vulcan!" - Kelis; to his actor. A more perfect description of the Vulcans I have never heard
VOY : Muse
"It was a fire hazard." - Tuvok; An excuse for blowing out the candle on his birthday cake
VOY : Fury
"Welcome to Sickbay. How may I help you today?" - The EMH; His new greeting
VOY : Life Line
"I tried passing the time with a little conversation. But as you've probably noticed, he's not exactly what you'd call chatty." - Neelix; on Tuvok
VOY : The Haunting of Deck Twelve
"I didn't notice a little box on my chair!" - Harry; after Tom gets promoted, bemoaning his six years as an Ensign
VOY : Unimatrix Zero, Part 1
"You don't need the Collective to validate your existence. You've made an impact on every member of this crew. That's your legacy." - Torres to Seven of Nine
VOY : Imperfection
"Will you marry me?" - Tom to B'Elanna
VOY : Drive
"Let me get this straight. You've gone to all this trouble to program a three-dimensional environment that projects a two-dimensional image and now you're asking me to wear these to make it look three-dimensional again?" - B'Elanna to Tom
VOY : Repression
"You were hoping your behaviour was the result of a malfunction? I'm sorry, Doctor. But I must give you a clean bill of health." - Seven to the EMH; on his decision to poison a person for the greater good
VOY : Critical Care
Barclay : "Was everything that happened between us a lie?"
Leosa : "Not everything. Just the parts where I expressed affection for you."
  People :  Reginald Barclay, Leosa
VOY : Inside Man
"When did it become a crime to enjoy a sensation or two? Of course, you'd be the last person to understand that." - EMH to Seven of Nine
VOY : Body and Soul
"Have you thought about applying to the advocate general's office? You'd make a good lawyer." - Janeway to Kim; when he points out her own regulation violations
VOY : Nightingale
EMH : "Is there anything in your spiritual programming about making peace with your enemies?"
Iden : "It's difficult to make peace with people whose sole purpose is to kill you."
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram, Iden
VOY : Flesh and Blood
"How can I punish you for being who you are?" - Janeway; refusing to condemn the EMH for siding with the Holograms
VOY : Flesh and Blood
"Sounds like it's going to be one disaster after another on this ship!" - Janeway to Chakotay; bemoaning the many problems which are to befall Voyager
VOY : Shattered
"I'm a different person now, a better person. This crew has helped me to see that." - Iko to the family of his victim
VOY : Repentance
"They clashed with the carpet." - B'Elanna; explaining why she has no Klingon images in her quarters
VOY : Prophecy
Janeway : "...I've become convinced that we've got to stick to our principles, not abandon them."
Chakotay : "Should the crew be ready to die for those principles?"
Janeway : "If the alternative means becoming thieves and killers ourselves... yes."
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Kathryn Janeway
VOY : The Void
"I can already tell it's going to be much better than my last job." - Janeway to her supervisor
VOY : Workforce, Part 1
Janeway : "It may not have been real, Chakotay, but it felt like home. If you hadn't come after me, I never would have known that I had another life."
Chakotay : "Are you sorry I showed up?"
Janeway : "Not for a second."
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Kathryn Janeway
VOY : Workforce, Part 2
"To the newest member of our crew; may all her desires be fulfilled except for one. So she'll always have something to strive for." - Seven; Her toast
VOY : Human Error
"If the continuum has told you once they have told you a thousand times. DON'T PROVOKE THE BORG!" - Q to Q2
VOY : Q2
"There must be millions of viruses in this quadrant that no one's ever encountered before. With my luck I'll probably end up catching half of them!" - Holo Kim; bemoaning his bad luck
VOY : Author, Author
"We the people of Earth greet you in a spirit of peace and humility. As we venture out of our solar system we hope to earn the trust and friendship of other worlds." - the Friendship One message
VOY : Friendship One
"Piloting lessons!" - Paris to Janeway; on his punishment for breaking local traffic rules
VOY : Natural Law
"Goodbye. And good luck, Ambassador." - Janeway to Neelix; Her final words to him
VOY : Homestead
"I'd never admit this to anyone else, but there was a time when I would have given anything to be flesh and blood. But I've come to realize that being a hologram is far superior." - EMH; the pride before the fall
VOY : Renaissance Man
"Set a course...for home." - Janeway to Chakotay; the last words spoken in the series
VOY : Endgame

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