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Quotes List

Series :The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series | Films

Quote Episode
"Imagine it... thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips. And we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilisations. This engine will let us go boldly where no man has gone before." - Cochrane; dedicating the Warp 5 complex
ENT : Broken Bow
"Crewmen Bennett and Hayden over there, do you see them? If I'm not mistaken, they are preparing to mate. Do you think they might let me watch?" - Phlox to Tucker
ENT : Fight or Flight
"Come on, Travis. We've gotta find Mr. Reed something to blow up." - Archer to Mayweather
ENT : Fight or Flight
"I'm a translator. I didn't come out here to see corpses hanging on hooks!" - Hoshi to Phlox
ENT : Fight or Flight
"Where no dog has gone before." - Trip to Archer; on Porthos heading for the nearest tree
ENT : Strange New World
"There's an old saying: 'When in Fellebia, do as the Fellebians do.'" - Phlox to T'Pol
ENT : Unexpected
"I'm not sure if congratulations are in order, Commander, but you're pregnant!" - Phlox to Tucker
ENT : Unexpected
"I can see my house from here!" - Klingon; impressed at a holographic recreation of his home planet
ENT : Unexpected
"Asking favors of the Vulcans usually ends up carrying too high a price!" - Trip to T'Pol
ENT : Terra Nova
"My experience with Humans is limited, but I've come to learn that they are quite resourceful." - T'Pol to Archer
ENT : Terra Nova
"So if anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. No offense." - Archer to Vulcans; commiting a faux pas
ENT : The Andorian Incident
"Starfleet could have sent a probe out here, to make maps and take pictures, but they didn't. They sent us, so that we could explore with our own senses." - Archer to T'Pol
ENT : Civilization
"I'm sorry, I don't know which child is named Nadine." - T'Pol to the Boomer child; practicing the Vulcan art of lying with complete honesty
ENT : Fortunate Son
"There's a difference between keeping an open mind and believing something because you want it to be true." - T'Pol to Trip
ENT : Cold Front
Trip : "It's good to know that Earth will still be around in nine hundred years."
Daniels : That depends on how you define Earth."
  People :  Charles Tucker III, Daniels
ENT : Cold Front
Archer : "This time we won't be leaving before we're ready."
Trip : "Are your ears a little pointier than usual?"
  People :  Charles Tucker III, Jonathan Archer
ENT : Silent Enemy
"Some day, my people are going to come up with some sort of a doctrine, something that tells us what we can and can't do out here, should and shouldn't do. But until somebody tells me that they have drafted that directive, I'm going to have to remind myself that we didn't come out here to play god." - Archer to Phlox
ENT : Dear Doctor
Bu'Kah : "I've never seen your kind before, but you have made an enemy of the Klingon Empire!"
Archer : "From what I've noticed, that's not hard to do."
  People :  Jonathan Archer, Bu'Kah
ENT : Sleeping Dogs
"I'm not asking anyone to pin a medal on her. All I'm asking is that she be given a second chance." - Archer to Sopek; regarding T'Pol
ENT : Shadows of P'Jem
Reed : "I don't want to die, what makes you think I want to die?"
Tucker : "Because ever since we saw Enterprise spread across that asteroid, you've done nothing but write your own obituary!"
  People :  Malcolm Reed
ENT : Shuttlepod One
"They're not trying to kill the quarterback! They're just trying to keep him from throwing the ball and running with it. It's only a game, not a fight to the death!" - Trip to Kov; regarding American Football
ENT : Fusion
"With respect, captain, I wonder if you would be so determined to find this apparition if it were a scantily clad man?" - T'Pol to Archer
ENT : Rogue Planet
"They're really not all that interesting once you get to know them." - Archer to Krem; regarding Vulcans
ENT : Acquisition
"What if she gets hurt? What are you going to do then, program up a holographic doctor?" - Trip to Ezral
ENT : Oasis
"You might think about putting up a no tresspassing sign." - Archer to Grat; regarding his accidental intrusion into their space
ENT : Detained
"You'll like it. Things blow up." - Trip; trying to convince Reed to watch this week's movie
ENT : Vox Sola
Trip : "I read those Nubian masueses have twelve fingers. On each hand."
Reed : "Then I'd say Starfleet needs to make its presence felt on Risa."
  People :  Malcolm Reed, Charles Tucker III
ENT : Fallen Hero
"The irony is, I have the feeling his cause is worth fighting for." - Archer to T'Pol; concerning his refusal to side with Zobral
ENT : Desert Crossing
Tucker : "Malcolm and I... er... plan to broaden our cultural horizons."
Hoshi : "Is that all you two think about?"
  People :  Hoshi Sato
ENT : Two Days and Two Nights
"Anyone tries to badmouth Captain Archer in front of me is going to get an earful. In any language they want." - Hoshi to Mayweather
ENT : Shockwave, Part 1
"I said, you're an ugly bastard!" - Archer to Silik
ENT : Shockwave, Part 2
"I need to go now. 'I Love Lucy' is on tonight." - Mestral to T'Mir
ENT : Carbon Creek
Reed : "It can't be ethical to cause a patient this much pain."
Phlox : "It's unethical to harm a patient, I can inflict as much pain as I like."
  People :  Malcolm Reed, Phlox
ENT : Dead Stop
"You didn't eat cabbage before you left?" - Trip; wondering how Archer insulted the Kretassians
ENT : A Night In Sickbay
"You don't have to leave technology behind to contaminate a culture." - T'Pol to Archer
ENT : The Communicator
"Reed alert. That's not bad!" - Reed to Trip; contemplating the name for his new alert
ENT : Singularity
"If a Human and a Vulcan did have a child... I wonder if he'd have pointed ears?" - Archer to T'Pol; a laugh-out-loud moment for Spock fans
ENT : Future Tense
"I may not know how to fly this ship, but I am sure I can figure out how to crash it!" - Kuroda to Archer
ENT : Canamar
"Would you mind taking off your clothing? I'd like to learn more about your anatomy." - Reed to T'Pol
ENT : The Crossing
Mayweather : "Starfleet really ought to think about putting families on starships."
Reed : "You must be joking!"
Mayweather : "No one would ever get homesick."
Reed : "Yes... well they'd better post a psychologist on board. Because I'd need one if my parents were roaming the corridors."
  People :  Malcolm Reed, Travis Mayweather
ENT : Horizon
"If you don't start moving in the next five seconds, I'm gonna take my phase pistol and shoot you in the ass!" - Trip to the Denobulan
ENT : The Breach
"I might have expected something like this from a first year recruit, but not you. You did exactly what I'd do? If that's true then I've done a pretty lousy job setting an example around here. You're a senior officer on this ship, you're privy to the moral challenges I've had to face. You know I've wrestled with the fine line between doing what I think is right and interfering with other species. So don't tell me you know what I would have done when I don't even know what I would have done!" - Archer to Trip
ENT : Cogenitor
"Sounds to me like we have only postponed the invasion until... what? The 24th century?" - Archer to T'Pol
ENT : Regeneration
"I suppose we'll never know... who would have won." - T'Pol to Archer; on his fight with Robinson. Given his track record with fights, I thought this was a nicely snarky comment for the writers to throw in
ENT : First Flight
"Photonic torpedoes. Their range is over fifty times greater than our conventional torpedoes. And they have a variable yield. They can knock the comm array off a shuttle pod without scratching the hull, or they can put a three kilometre crater into an asteroid." - Reed to Trip
ENT : The Expanse
"Delicate is not a word I associate with Mr. Tucker." - T'Pol; on Trip
ENT : The Xindi
"That species we became, they cease to exist the moment this virus is gone." - Archer to Phlox; on his reason for not destroying the virus
ENT : Extinction
"Some of our calculations may have been slightly off." - T'Pol to Tucker; looking at the smoking ruin of the lab
ENT : Rajiin
"Part of the fun of a mystery is trying to solve it before it ends. Using logic. You of all people should appreciate that." - Trip to T'Pol; concerning the movie
ENT : Impulse
"No one will ever understand you the way I can…" - Tarquin to Hoshi
ENT : Exile
"I'm proud of my craft, captain. I've practiced it for many years. I won't let my work be corrupted in this way. Seven million people… if I'd chosen my clients more carefully that tragedy might not have happened. I don't intend to let it happen again." - Gralik to Archer
ENT : The Shipment
"They kidnapped the wrong people." - Archer to T'Pol; Yay humans!
ENT : North Star
"I couldn't ask for a better going away present." - Sim to T'Pol; after she kisses him
ENT : Similitude
"Go ahead, try to blow yourself up. I'll wait." - Archer to D'Jamat
ENT : Chosen Realm
"Your faith was going to bring peace. Here it is." - Archer to D'Jamat; surveying the ruins of his home world
ENT : Chosen Realm
"Take us out of the system. But not too quickly; the Andorian mining consortium runs from no-one!" - Shran; taking his role as a miner just a little too seriously
ENT : Proving Ground
"You suggest I read the manual!?" - Phlox to T'Pol; regarding starting the warp drive up
ENT : Doctor's Orders
"I'm a physician, not an engineer!" - Phlox to T'Pol; and Enterprise makes it's first contribution to the "
ENT : Doctor's Orders
"I'm going to ask all of you to think back to the day when this ship was first launched. We were explorers then. When all this is over, when Earth is safe, I want you to get back to that job. There are four hundred billion stars in our galaxy, we've only explored a tiny fraction. You have a lot to do. Of all the captains who will sit in this chair, I can't imagine any of them being more proud than I am right now." - Archer to crew
ENT : Azati Prime
Trip : "You did the right thing."
Archer : "Seems the longer we're out here, the more I have to keep saying that to myself."
  People :  Charles Tucker III, Jonathan Archer
ENT : Damage
"We came into the Expanse not knowing what we'd find, with no one to rely on but ourselves. But we're going to succeed, to accomplish our mission, for everyone on Earth who's relying on us... and for the eighteen." - Archer to crew; at the memorial service
ENT : The Forgotten
"If you ever question the Guardians again, your skin will adorn the bow of this ship." - Dolim to one of his officers
ENT : The Council
"When I was on the future Enterprise, four hundred years from now, there were Xindi aboard. Humans and Xindi were serving together in the Federation. That's a future worth fighting for." - Archer to Degra
ENT : The Council
"The membership is going to grow. Dozens, eventually hundreds of species... a United Federation of Planets." - Daniels to Archer
ENT : Zero Hour
"And tell Archer, we're not even anymore. He owes me!" - Shran
ENT : Zero Hour
"Our greatest scientist once said 'every moment we live, we are moving through time. We've earned the right to choose which direction.'" - Vosk to his men
ENT : Storm Front, Part 2
"One thing is clear, when necessary Humans are fully capable of returning to old methods." - Silik to Archer
ENT : Storm Front, Part 2
"I've been told that people are calling us heroes. When it comes to my crew, you won't get any argument from me." - Archer to well, just about everybody!
ENT : Home
"Jonathan Archer. What brings you here, they naming the prison after you?" - Soong to Archer
ENT : Borderland
"Why are you so surprised? Whenever a group of people start believing they're better than everybody else, the results are always the same." - Archer to Soong; on the Augment's abandoning Smike
ENT : Cold Station 12
"You're a competent fighter." - Malik to Archer; Well... he's better than he used to be, at least
ENT : Cold Station 12
"'Superior ability breeds superior ambition.' One of their creators wrote that. He was murdered by an Augment." - Archer to Soong
ENT : The Augments
Soong : "How long can we sustain warp 5?"
Trip : "As long as the captain wants it. Or until we blow up, whichever comes first."
  People :  Charles Tucker III, Doctor Noonien Soong
ENT : The Augments
"We had our wars Admiral, just as Humans did. Our planet was devastated, our civilisation nearly destroyed. Logic saved us, but it took almost 1,500 years for us to rebuild our world and travel to the stars. You Humans did the same in less than a century. There are those on the high command who wonder what Humans would achieve in the century to come. And they don't like the answer." - Soval to Forrest
ENT : The Forge
T'Pol : "Over the centuries his followers made copies of his teachings."
Archer : "Let me guess, With the originals lost whatever's left is open to interpretation."
T'Pol : "You find this amusing?"
Archer : "I find it familiar."
  People :  Jonathan Archer, Doctor Noonien Soong
ENT : The Forge
"Deception has never been a stranger to this room." - Soval to V'Las; on the high council's chamber
ENT : Awakening
Trip : "How many warning shots do Vulcans usually fire?"
Soval : "None."
  People :  Charles Tucker III, Ambassador Soval
ENT : Awakening
"Logic has not won this day. But this day will not last forever." - Surak to Archer
ENT : Awakening
"You may be witnessing the start of a new era. Not only for Vulcan, but for Earth as well." - T'Pau to Archer
ENT : Kir'Shara
"You'll no longer have us looking over your shoulder. It's time for Earth to stand on it's own." - T'Pau to Archer
ENT : Kir'Shara
"This is simply a minor delay. The reunificiation of our people is only a matter of time." - Talok to V'Las
ENT : Kir'Shara
"Why settle for making myself miserable when I can spread the misery around to an entire class of students?" - Erickson; on teaching
ENT : Daedalus
"At least the warp engines still need me!" - Trip; on T'Pol dumping him
ENT : Daedalus
"Maybe you've evolved into beings with abilities I can't comprehend. But you've paid a hell of a price. You've lost compassion and empathy, things that give life meaning. If that's what it takes to be advanced, I don't want any part of it." - Archer to the Organian
ENT : Observer Effect
"If you want to know what it means to be Human, you need to do more than observe." - Archer to Organians
ENT : Observer Effect
Gral : "I'm told this ship is the pride of Starfleet. I find it small and unimpressive."
Archer : "Funny. I was about to say the same thing about you."
  People :  Jonathan Archer, Gral
ENT : Babel One
"There's no rule that says the bridge has to be at the top of the ship." - Reed to Trip
ENT : Babel One
Trip : "You did all this with one phase pistol?"
Reed : "You're good at building things. I'm good at blowing them up."
  People :  Malcolm Reed, Charles Tucker III
ENT : United
"There are some obligations that go beyond my loyalty to you and this crew." - Reed to Archer
ENT : Affliction
"I answer to one commanding officer. Jonathan Archer." - Reed to Section 31 guy
ENT : Divergence
"Incredible aren't they? They can make you forget most of your troubles... of course creatures such as these come with troubles of their own." - Harrad-Sar to Archer; on the Orion women
ENT : Bound
Navaar : "I can see you're not very experienced at making threats."
Archer : "I'm a lot better at carrying them out."
  People :  Jonathan Archer, Navaar
ENT : Bound
"At least the pheromones are wearing off. I haven't thought about the Orions for, what, a whole ten minutes." - Reed to Archer
ENT : Bound
"It proves that even the most disagreeable species have some positive attributes." - T'Pol; on the Orion women being secret leaders of their people
ENT : Bound
"Will you kindly die?" - Phlox to the Tholian
ENT : In A Mirror, Darkly
"I skimmed a few of the more celebrated narratives. The stories were similar in some respects but their characters were weak and compassionate. With the exception of Shakespeare, of course. From what I could tell his plays were equally grim in both universes." - Phlox; on the differences in literature
ENT : In A Mirror, Darkly, Part 2
"That ship out there is the key to our victory. With the Defiant on our side there will be nothing to stop us!" - Archer to crew
ENT : In A Mirror, Darkly, Part 2
"You're speaking with Empress Sato. Prepare to recieve instructions." - Sato to Gardiner; claiming the throne
ENT : In A Mirror, Darkly, Part 2
"With this Coalition of Planets we seek to strengthen our bonds of friendship, render permanent the peace that now exists among us for the ongoing exploration of our galaxy. Let us dedicate ourselves to these worthy goals so that future generations can look back upon this moment with pride and eternal gratitude." - Samuels; in his opening speech
ENT : Demons
"Up until about a hundred years ago, there was one question that burned in every human, that made us study the stars and dream of travelling to them, 'Are we alone?' Our generation is privileged to know the answer to that question. We are all explorers, driven to know what's over the horizon, what's beyond our own shores. And yet, the more I've experienced, the more I've learned that no matter how far we travel, or how fast we get there, the most profound discoveries are not necessarily beyond that next star. They're within us, woven into the threads that bind us, all of us, to each other. A final frontier begins in this hall. Let's explore it together." - Archer to the conference
ENT : Terra Prime
Picard : "Space, the final frontier these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It's continuing mission..."
Kirk : " explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisations..."
Archer : " boldly go where no man has gone before."
  People :  James T. Kirk, Jonathan Archer, Jean-Luc Picard
ENT : These Are The Voyages...

Series :The Original Series | The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Enterprise | The Animated Series | Films

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