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Planets List

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NameUp Description Episode
Kabrel I1 A planet which is home to protozoids and tri-nucleic fungi. In 2374 the Dominion attempted to gain control of the planet through negotiations with the Federation. Analysis by federation specialists indicated that they could utilise the fungi to begin making new stocks of ketracel white, and the deal was declined.1 Statistical Probabilities
Kabrel II1 An uninhabited planet, notable only for having small deposits of cormaline.1 Statistical Probabilities
Kaelon II2 This star was used in experiments to reinitiate fusion2 Half a Life
Kalandan Outpost3 Artificial Planet manufactured by the Kalandan people3 That Which Survives
Kaldra IV4 Destination of a group of Ulian researchers4 Violations
Kalla III5 Duras sisters conducted illegal mining here5 Firstborn
Kanda IV6 A planet which once had e seventh dynasty emperor called Darmok.6 Darmok
Kantare7 Inhabited planet within about 100 light years of Earth. The inhabitants had a colony on the planet Kotara Barath as of 2129.7 Oasis
Kataan8 Planet dead for 1,000 years8 The Inner Light
Kavis Alpha IV9 Became the home of the Nanites9 Evolution
Kea IV10 Topic of research paper presented by Picard10 The Chase
Kelton IV11 A non-Federation world once visited by Dax, who helped the natives build weather control technology to alleviate a drought. Once the drought ended the natives cut off contact with the Federation.11 Dramatis Personae
Kelva12 A planet in the Andromeda galaxy, Kelva is the home world of the Kelvan Empire. Kelva, like the rest of the Andromeda galaxy, is expected to be rendered uninhabitable by high radiation levels within the next 10,000 years.12 By Any Other Name
Kelvas V13 A Cardassian planet, the location of a major repair base. During the Dominion war Breen energy dampening weapons were fitted to Jem'Hadar ships here. A group of Cardassian rebels led a party to capture one of the ships for the Allies.14 After the Dominion claimed to have killed Damar, rumours spread that he had been spotted on Kelvas V.15 Tacking into the Wind
Kenda II16 Home of Dr. Dalen Quaice16 Remember Me
Kentanna17 A mystical planet briefly thought to be Bajor17 Sanctuary
Kesprytt III18 Planet where Picard and Crusher were kidnapped18 Attached
Kessik IV19 Third planet in its system19 Faces
Keto-Enol20 Planet visited by Archer and Trip in 2152, home world of the Enolians.20 Canamar
Khefka IV21 Home world to Mareel21 Invasive Procedures
Khitomer22 Site of important peace conferences between the Federation and Klingon Empire22 Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Khofla II23 Home of Ferengi business man Plegg23 The Alternate
Klaestron IV24 Home world to Ilon Tandro24 Dax
Klavdia III25 Salia was raised here to ensure her neutrality in the war on her home world25 The Dauphin
Kolarus III26 A class M planet with a mean orbital radius of 1.2 AU, a mass of 5.972x10^24 kg, and an Oxygen/Nitrogen atmosphere. The planet hosted a pre-warp civilisation, but was nevertheless visited by Captain Picard in 2379 after a positronic signal was detected on the surface.26 Star Trek : Nemesis
Kora II27 Cardassian planet, site of a military academy27 Duet
Korma28 In Cardassian space28 Return to Grace
Korris I29 Planet, possibly a Human colony. Bashir offered to share some dry champagne from an estate Korris I with Jadzia.29 A Man Alone
Kostolain30 Home world of Minster Camio, fiancee of Lwaxana Troi30 Cost of Living
Kotara Barath7 Planet which contained a colony in 2129. A transport travelling from here to Kantare suffered an accident and was stranded on an uninhabited planet for over 20 years.7 Oasis
Kotati31 Planet in the Delta Quadrant31 Investigations
Kraus IV32 Planet where Garak obtained silk lingerie32 Past Prologue
Kreetassa33 Home world of the Kreetassans. The NX-01 visited the planet in 2152 in an attempt to improve relations with the Kreetassans.33 A Night In Sickbay
Krios34 A Klingon world, the Romulans attempted to convince the Klingons that the Federation was assisting Kriosian rebels to gain independance.34Krios was at war with Vault until the Enterprise-D hosted a peace conference.35 The Mind's Eye
Krios Prime36 Planet which Kaitaama was from. This may or may not be the same planet as the Krios which the Enterprise-D visited in 2368.36 Precious Cargo
Ktaria VII37 Alpha quadrant planet. Chakotay once accidentally desecrated the tomb of a Ktarian on this world by removing a sacred stone.37 The home world of the Ktarians is later established as Ktarus; this may be another name for Ktaria VII, or the two may be different planets. Emanations
Ktarus38 Alpha quadrant planet, home of the Ktarians.38 This planet may also be known as Ktaria VII, or the two may be different planets. Child's Play
Kurill Prime39 The original home world of the Vorta39 The Jem'Hadar
Kurl10 Kerlan civilization died out 12 000 years ago10 The Chase
Kyana Prime40 Krenim colony erased from time40 Year of Hell, Part 1
Kylata II41 Class M planet in the Gamma Quadrant41 Meridian

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation

# Series Season Source Comment
1 DS9 6 Statistical Probabilities
2 TNG 4 Half a Life
3 TOS 3 That Which Survives
4 TNG 5 Violations
5 TNG 7 Firstborn
6 TNG 5 Darmok
7 ENT 1 Oasis
8 TNG 5 The Inner Light
9 TNG 3 Evolution
10 TNG 6 The Chase
11 DS9 1 Dramatis Personae
12 TOS 2 By Any Other Name
13 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
14 DS9 7 Tacking into the Wind
15 DS9 7 The Dogs of War
16 TNG 4 Remember Me
17 DS9 2 Sanctuary
18 TNG 7 Attached
19 VOY 1 Faces
20 ENT 2 Canamar
21 DS9 2 Invasive Procedures
22 Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
23 DS9 2 The Alternate
24 DS9 1 Dax
25 TNG 2 The Dauphin
26 Star Trek : Nemesis
27 DS9 1 Duet
28 DS9 4 Return to Grace
29 DS9 1 A Man Alone
30 TNG 5 Cost of Living
31 VOY 2 Investigations
32 DS9 1 Past Prologue
33 ENT 2 A Night In Sickbay
34 TNG 4 The Mind's Eye
35 TNG 5 The Perfect Mate
36 ENT 2 Precious Cargo
37 VOY 1 Emanations
38 VOY 6 Child's Play
39 DS9 2 The Jem'Hadar
40 VOY 4 Year of Hell, Part 1
41 DS9 3 Meridian
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Series: TNG Season 5 (Disc 5)
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Series: VOY Season 4 (Disc 2)
Source: Year of Hell, Part 1
Series: DS9 Season 3 (Disc 2)
Source: Meridian

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