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Illnesses List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameDown Description Episode
Zenopaldis Athemia1 A highly contagious disease. Symtoms include fever and dizziness. It is possible that this illness was invented by Phlox as an excuse to talk to Archer.1 Judgment
Zanthi Fever2 Virus which affects the empathic abilities of Betazoids. Sufferers project their emotions onto others.2 Fascination
Yarmin Fel Syndrome3 Disease treated by the use of Hexadrin. It affects Cardassians, and can be terminal. Sufferers experience great pain.3 Ties of Blood and Water
Xenopolycythemia4 Disease characterised by an abnormal proliferation of red blood cells. Symptoms include weakness, fatigue, enlarged spleen, and pain in the extremities.4 Samples of this disease were stolen from Cold Station 12 by a group of Augments in 2154.5 For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
Vegan Choriomeningitis6 Rare and deadly disease which almost killed James Kirk in his youth. The rulers of the planet Gideon extracted the dormant disease from Kirk's blood to infect their own people and cure the planet;s massive overpopulation problem.6 The Mark of Gideon
Valakian Genetic Plague7 A condition common on the planet Valakis in the mid 22nd century. The plague was a genetic illness suffered by a large proportion of the Valakian population - in 2149 some 12 million people died of it, and by 2151 roughly one third of the entire Valakian population suffered from it. The Valakians sought help from more advanced species, a call to which the NX-01 responded after discovering a Valakian sub warp ship in deep space.7

The Valakians treated the condition with a synthetic antibody, but although it was effective at first the disease mutated and moved into the respiratory system after a time, at which point it became uncontrollable. Pulmonary failure usually followed within a few days. Treatment with priaxate eased the symptoms in severe cases, at least temporarily.7

Ultimately it was discovered that the proteins which bind to Valakian chromosomes were deteriorating, a process which had been going on for thousands of years and was now accelerating. The Menk, another intelligent species which lived on the same planet, were immune to the condition, which was expected to result in the extinction of the Valakians by the 24th century. Although Dr. Phlox was able to find a cure for the genetic plague, both he and Captain Archer decided to classify the situation as a natural evolution of the species involved, and thus declined to give the Valakians the solution. They thus condemned the entire species to eventual extinction.7

Dear Doctor
Uridian Flu8 Disease which Barclay suffered from. Dr. Crusher treated it with a synthetic T-cell, resulting in Barclay's Protomorphisis Syndrome8 Genesis
Tuvan Syndrome9 A disease which affects both Romulans and Vulcans.9 Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
Traumatic Stress Syndrome10 Mental illness experienced by those who have experienced extreme crisis. Symptoms include irratibility, sleeplessness, obsessive thoughts, and reckless behaviour.10 Year of Hell, Part 2
Transporter Shock11 Phenomenon which causes a person to experience dizziness, headaches and disorientation during transport by a malfunctioning system.11 Past Tense, Part 1
Transporter Psychosis12 Rare disorder caused by the breakdown of neurochemical molecules during transport. First diagnosed in 2209.12 Realm of Fear
Torothka Virus13 Disease whose symptoms include stomach cramps and a skin rash.13 Message in a Bottle
Tooth Decay7 Damage to the teeth caused by micro organisms in the mouth. In the 22nd century a coating of tri-fluorinate compound would seal the teeth, preventing tooth decay in most cases - though normal wear and tear over a period of decades could allow decay to occur in some cases. Such decay could be repaired relatively easily.7 Dear Doctor
Thymic sclerosis14 A nonfatal Denobulan illness whose pathology is quite similar to Vulcan Pa'nar syndrome.14 Stigma
Thelusian Flu15 A harmless rhinovirus. The first officer of the USS Lantree was treated for this disease prior to the ships visit to Gagarin IV.15 Unnatural Selection
Thalaron radiation poisoning16 An illness caused by a type of radiation which the Federation considered to be theoretical until 2379. The cascading biogenic pulse caused by this radiation causes any living being caught within the discharge to undergo a rapid and catastrophic change, becoming almost rock-like - a process which is of course instantly fatal. Non-living material is not affected.16 Star Trek : Nemesis
Terrellian Plague17 A dangerous disease. After Neelix served 'Rodeo Red's Red Hot Rootin Tootin Chilli', he thought his customers might be suffering from this plague. Fortunately, it turned out to be a case of heartburn.17 When infected, the first symptom is a headache, but then various nasty effects begin to appear.18 All Good Things
Terellian Death Syndrome8 Disease which causes dizziness, blurred vision, palpitations, and a stinging in the lower spine. It causes cellular decay which can be reversed if caught early enough.8 Genesis
Teplan Blight19 Viral disease which was endemic to a planet in the Teplan system, located in the Gamma Quadrant. It was introduced in 2371 by the Jem'Hadar as punishment for the planet having resisted Dominion control.19 The Quickening
Tennis Elbow20 Slang term for radio-humeral bursitis, an inflamation of the muscles attached to the epicondyle of the humerous in the Human forearm.20 Suspicions
Temecklian Virus21 Virus which broke out on Bajor in 2372.21 For the Cause
Telurian plague22 Disease which was still incurable in the 2360s.22 Samples of this disease were stolen from Cold Station 12 by a group of Augments in 2154.5 A Matter of Time
Taggart's Syndrome23 Genetic disease which is fatal to those who inherit it by the age of 20. The syndrome can be treated with Rigellian gene therapy, though slight shaking of the hands is still present.23 Terra Prime
Synthococcus Novae24 Dangerous organism, a biproduct of modern technology. Doctor Sevrin was a carrier of the disease, although immune to it himself.24 Samples of this disease were stolen from Cold Station 12 by a group of Augments in 2154.5 The Way to Eden
Symbalene Blood Burn25 Virulent disease which is capable of killing an entire planetary population in short order, but not as fast as Nomad could.25 Barclay suspected that he was suffering from Symbalene blood burn in 2370, though he was mistaken.8 Earth kept samples of the disease in storage at Cold Station 12 in 2154.5 The Changeling
Surata IV Microbe Infection26 This infection was passed on by being scratched by the thorns of a living vine plant native to Surata IV. The vines benefitted from the infection as the remains of their victims fertilised the soil they lived in. The microbes displayed properties of both a virus and a bacteria. They attached themselves to the great sciatic nerve and multiplied, fusing themselves to the nerves at a molecular level and damaging neural functioning, causing paralysis. Neither surgery nor a transporter biofilter could remove the infection, but they could be counteracted by stimulating negative dreams in the brain, producing chemicals which neutralised the infection.26 Shades of Gray
Subnucleonic radiation poisoning27 A form of radiation poisoning which can cause severe burns and ultimately death. The effects can be avoided by placing the subject in stasis. Some nebulae emit subnucleonic radiation and travel through these are virtually impossible. Borg physical enchancements make drones largely immune to the effect.27 One
Schizophrenia11 Psychotic mental disorder which causes delusions, retreat from reality, and strongly conflicting emotions.11 Past Tense, Part 1
Sakuro's Disease28 Rare disease which can cause an intense fever, weakness, and even death. Federation Commissioner Hedford died of Sakuro's Disease in 2267.28 Metamorphosis
Rushton Infection29 Rushton Infection killed Jeremy Astor's father in 2371.29 The Bonding
Rugalan Fever30 Deadly disease which Audrid Dax's daughter Neema once suffered from.30 ...Nor the Battle to the Strong
Rudellian Plague31 Disease which the Cardassian colony on Pentath III suffered from in 2372.31 Rules of Engagement
Rudellian Brain Fever32 Illness which Miles O'Brien suspected his wife of suffering from.32 The Assignment
Rop'ngor33 A disease which affects Klingon children. It is somewhat similar to measels.33 Up The Long Ladder
Rigelian Kassaba Fever34 A disease. Doctor McCoy once claimed that Spock suffered from Rigelian Kassaba Fever as a ruse to regain control of the Enterprise from the Kelvans.34 By Any Other Name
Rigelian Fever35 Deadly disease similar to bubonic plague. Rigelian fever can be cured by Ryetalyn.35 Samples of this disease were stolen from Cold Station 12 by a group of Augments in 2154.5 Requiem for Methuselah
Rapid Aging36 A disease accidentally produced in 2267 by scientists working on genetic experiments on Gamma Hydra IV. Rapid aging caused the people to suffer from the effects of old age despite being only in their 20s.36 The Deadly Years
Radiation Poisoning37 Damage to the body produced by exposure to high levels of any type of damaging radiation.37 Real Life
PSI-2000 Virus38 Long chain of water molecules formed under variable gravity conditions, which acts on the body like alcohol.38 The Naked Time
Progeria39 A rare genetic disorder which causes Humanoid children to age extremely fast. It was eradicated by medical science around 2374.39 Scientific Method
Pottrik's Syndrome40 Disease which afflicts Cardassians. Very similar to Kalla-Nohra syndrome.40 Duet
Plasma Plague41 Virtually indestructable and highly dangerous set of diseases. Plasma plague threatened the Rachelis system in 2365.41 The Child
Phyrox Plague42 The population of Cor Caroli V suffered an outbreak of this disease in 2366. It was contained with the help of the Enterprise-D. Starfleet Command classified the outbreak as secret.42 Allegiance
Phage43 Disease which consumes the body, requiring replacement of major portions from other sources. The initial stage of the infection causes intense pain. The Phage was eventually cured by the Think Tank.43 Phage
Pa'nar syndrome14 Vulcan disease spread through mind melds. It was very similar to thymic sclerosis, causing degradation of the synaptic pathways and affected the endocrine and immune systems. It was officially believed to be incurable in 215214, but in fact this was a lie propogated by the High Command. A Vulcan properly trained in mind melds can cure Pa'nar with a meld.44 Stigma
Orkett's Disease45 Viral sickness which swept through the Bajoran work camps during the Cardassian occupation, killing thousands of children.45 State of Flux
Nitrogen Burn7 Damage to the skin caused by exposure to nitrogen at extremely low temperatures. In 2151 mild cases of nitrogen burn could be treated with dermoline gel.7 Dear Doctor
Neuroleptic Shock46 A neurological disturbance in which cortical functions of the brain's synaptic pathways are disrupted. This can result in a state similar to coma without the usual biochemical markers.46 Sacred Ground
Neurochemical Imbalance47 A serious condition which arises in Vulcans during Pon Farr.47 Blood Fever
Neural Metaphasic Shock48 A failure of the neurological system in Humanoids. Potentially fatal.48 Ethics
Miri's Virus49 Virus encountered in 2266 by the crew of the USS Enterprise. The virus cause extremely slow aging in sufferers until they reached puberty when extremely rapid aging took place.49 Miri
Metremia50 Condition caused by exposure to the Metreon radiation produced in the Metreon Cascade weapon. Metremia can have little effect on its victims for years afterwards and can be difficult to detect. Doctor Jetrel, creator of the Metreon Cascade, died of Metremia.50 Jetrel
Mendakan Pox51 Disease characterised by skin mottling. Harry Kim suffered from it in 2368.51 Favorite Son
Memory Virus52 Organism which thrives on peptides generated by a hosts brain. It avoids the bodies immune systems by disguising itself as an engram.52 Flashback
Melvaran Mud Flea Virus53 A disease which affected Humans in the mid 23rd century. There was a readily available vaccine for the virus, though it came with the same symptoms as the virus itself - a bad headache, a flop sweat, loss of vision in the left eye and nausea. In extreme cases the reaction to the vaccine could lead to very swollen hands, a dangerously high heart rate, and numb tongue. James Kirk was given the vaccine by Leonard McCoy in 2358 so that, as McCoy's patient, he could be taken aboard the Enteprise in spite of his academic suspension. Kirk had the most extreme reaction to the vaccine that McCoy had seen since medical school.53 Star Trek XI
Meenok’s disease54 A degenerative neurological condition which struck the descendants of Earth’s first lunar colonists. Meenok's bore a strong similarity to several other, more benign conditions. As a result it was often misdiagnosed until the patient was in the final terminal stages. Victims of the disease typically remained lucid, whilst experiencing extreme debilitating pain during the final stages.54

In 2365 Commodore Reyes was informed that his mother had been diagnosed with late-stage Meenok's disease, and had only months to live. Because of his distance from Earth, he was unable to return home to be with her.54
Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
Macrovirus55 USS Voyager uncounted this virus in 2375. Unusually, each individual virus was able to grow to approximately one metre in length. The virus was attracted to body heat.55 Macrocosm
Loque'eque virus56 In 2153 Sato was transformed into a replica of a Loque'eque by a virus.56 Extinction
Levodian Flu57 Disease which normally lasts for 29 hours. Symptoms are similar to Earth flu.57 Tattoo
Larosian virus58 A Larosian virus went around Deep Space Nine in 2369, and was considered by Bashir as a possible reason for Jadzia's strange behaviour.58 If Wishes Were Horses
Kamaraazite flu59 A patient with this disease once sneezed so violently he nearly regurgitated his pineal gland.59 Sleeping Dogs
Kalla-Nohra Syndrome40 Pulmonary disease found only in those who survived the mining accident at Gallitep.40 Duet
Iverson's Syndrome60 Disease which causes gradual degeneration in muscle function while leaving mental functions intact. The disease is ultimately fatal, and there is no known cure. In 2364 Admiral Mark Jameson was suffering from Iverson's disease. He managed to reverse the course of the disease by taking a double dose of an alien de-ageing drug which he procured on Cerberus II. Although the drug reverted him to the body of a young man, curing his disease in the process, the overdose eventually proved fatal.60 Too Short a Season
Irumodic Syndrome17 Disorder which results in progresive degeneration of the synaptic pathways. It can be treated with peridaxon, though this is only palliative and no cure exists.17 All Good Things
Iresine Syndrome61 A rare neurological disease which results in a peculiar electropathic signature in the thalamus and a severly decreased histamine count.61 Violations
Hypothermia59 Illness caused by exposure to low temperatures.59 Sleeping Dogs
Hypochondria8 Condition which causes the sufferer to imagine they have various other medical conditions.8 Genesis
HTDS62 Holotransference Dementia Syndrome. A syndrome in which a person becomes so involved in a holo program that they lose their sense of identity.62 Projections
Hesperan Thumping Cough63 A flu-like infection.63 Angel One
Hemocythemia64 Condition in which intracellular pressure is unstable. This condition is also called Hemocythemic imbalance. It is treated with osmotic pressure therapy.64 Deadlock
Heartburn13 Burning sensation in the chest caused by indigestion.13 Message in a Bottle
Fluvian fungus65 An illness; by 2152 doctors had developed miraculously effective methods of curing it.65 Canamar
Dorek Syndrome66 A rare and incurable disease which affects 1 in 5 million Ferengi. Quark was once told he had Dorek Syndrome, but this was a lie.66 Body Parts
Dermal Dysplasia67 Skin disease caused by over-exposure of the epidermis to thermal and ultraviolet radiation.67 Future's End, Part 1
Darnay's Disease68 A disease which attacks the which attacks the central nervous system and the brain. Symptoms include pain, coughing, shortness of breath, irritability, and erratic behavior. In the final stages health is so damaged that use of a transporter can be fatal. The condition was incurable with the medicine available to the Federation as of 2365. The Schizoid Man
Cytotoxic Shock69 Prostration of bodily function, caused by high levels of cytotoxins. It can be treated by inaprovaline.69 Nothing Human
Cove palm parasite poisoning70 Illness contracted from contact with Cove palm plants. Cove palm parasite poisoning is extremely dangerous and can be fatal unless treated. Even the medical facilities of a Galaxy class starship are insufficient to treat the poison and a Starbase-level facility is usually needed. Willie Potts suffered a case of Cove palm parasite poisoning in 2367.70 Brothers
Common Cold71 Earth disease which was notoriously difficult to cure. In 2151 Lieutenant Reed suffered from a cold, though he thought it remarkable that he could have contracted the disease in the closed environment of a starship and claimed that any species that had the ability to travel faster than the speed of light should surely be able to cure the common cold.59 More than a century later the common cold remained uncured amongst Humans in 2269.72 It was finally cured at some point prior to 2364.73 The Omega Glory
Clarke's disease74 Debilitating illness suffered by Humans in the mid 22nd century. Clarke's disease is extremely painful, and usually terminal. There was no cure, though genetic engineering could probably have eliminated the disease.74 Borderland
Bendii Syndrome75 Illness which sometimes affects Vulcans over the age of 200. It causes a total loss of emotional control, which can be telepathically projected onto others.75 Sarek
Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome8 Condition in which dormant genes are reactivated, promoting mutations in the victim.8 Genesis
Balt'masor Syndrome76 A disease which Klingons suffer from. Treatment involves regular injections.76 The Drumhead
Atherosclerosis77 Condition in some Humanoid species which causes a hardening of the arteries and a deposit of fat on the arterial walls.77 Homefront
Arethian Flu78 Disease which infected Voyager's Lieutenant Hargrave.78 Eye of the Needle
Andronesian Encephalitis79 A disease transmitted by airborne particles. An Enterprise-D crewmember was treated for this disease in 2365.79 Symptoms include seizures.18 Samples of this disease were stolen from Cold Station 12 by a group of Augments in 2154.5 The Dauphin
Anchilles Fever80 Disease which spreads rapidly and is often fatal. Styris IV was hit by the fever in 2364.80 Samples of this disease were stolen from Cold Station 12 by a group of Augments in 2154.5 Code of Honor
Anaprolean fever81 Illness which affected Xindi primates. It could cause a pregnant female to lose her child.81 Azati Prime
Anaphylactic Shock69 A very strong allergic reaction. It can be treated with stenophyl.69 Nothing Human
Acute subcellular degradation82 A terminal disease, very similar to the early stages of the phage. It can be cured using Borg regeneration techniques. In 2376 Voyager's EMH cured Dr. Lewis Zimmerman of acute subcellular degradation.82 Life Line
8472 infection83 An illness which strikes those infected by skin cells from a member of Species 8472; the Human immune system cannot cope with the extremely potent alien cells, and they rapidly grow to infect large portions of the body. Modified Borg nanoprobes are an effective treatment for such infections.83 Scorpion, Part 1

Name :A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


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