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Food and Drink List

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

NameUp Description Episode
Fanalian Toddy1 Hot alcoholic beverage, sometimes used as a cough remedy1 Explorers
Feline Supplement 2212 One of the many foods Data created for Spot2 Force of Nature
Feline Supplement 253 One of the many foods Data created for Spot3 Data's Day
Feline Supplement 742 One of the many foods Data created for Spot2 Force of Nature
Felled Onion Crisps4 Hors d'oeuvres, one of Neelix's specialities4 The Cloud
Fettran risotto5 Earth dish which Seven of Nine once prepared for Voyager's senior officers.5 The Void
Fiesta salad6 Salad served at Burgerland on Earth in the early 21st century.6 Carpenter Street
Finagle's Folly7 Potent beverage created by Dr. McCoy7 The Ultimate Computer
Finial8 Drink served at Quark's bar.8 Valiant
Firenut9 Dry one seeded fruit which can be used to make a potent form of coffee9 Mortal Coil
Fish Juice10 Beverage often enjoyed hot by Cardassians10 Trials and Tribble-ations
Fizz8 Drink served at Quark's bar.8 Valiant
Flambe Noodles11 Side disk of long thin pasta served flaming11 The Chute
Flan12 Dessert made of a moulded custard topped with caramel syrup12 Whispers
Flare8 Drink served at Quark's bar.8 Valiant
Flip8 Drink served at Quark's bar.8 Valiant
Foam8 Drink served at Quark's bar.8 Valiant
Food Brick13 Food substance provided to the captives taken by an unknown alien species. The bricks were circular reddish slabs, about 10 cm in diameter. They were poisonous to the Chalnoth species.13 Allegiance
Foraiga14 Difficult to obtain Bajoran delicacy14 Preemptive Strike
Forcas III Drink15 This drink was something Guinan was trying out for the first time aboard the Enterprise-D in 2371. Data sampled the drink shortly after installing his emotion chip, and was delighted to find that the chip allowed him to find the drink revolting.15 Star Trek : Generations
Forgot Goulash16 Vegetable stew16 Parallax
Fortune Sauce17 Dessert sauce sometimes used on a triple chocolate Wikki fruit sundae17 Riddles
Frankfurter18 Smoked red coloured sausage18 Far Beyond the Stars
French Onion Soup19 Earth delicacy made from sautéed root and meat broth19 The Siege
French Toast20 Earth dish of bread dipped in batter and fried20 Real Life
Fricandeau Stew12 Earth dish made with braised veal and vegetables12 Whispers
Fried Murt cake21 Food served on Voyager.21 Persistence of Vision
Fried Potato22 An Earth food. Sandesjo occasionally ate fried potato on Starbase 47. She intensely disliked them, as she did most Human food, but ate it anyway as part of her cover as a Human.22 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
Fried chicken23 Food served aboard the NX-01 Enterprise.23 Singularity
Fries6 Pieces of potato deep fried in oil. Served at superbeef on Earth in the early 21st century.6 Carpenter Street
Froth8 Drink served at Quark's bar.8 Valiant
Fruit Cocktail24 Dessert or side dish consisting of chopped fruit in syrup24 The 37's
Fruit and Cheese25 A traditional Earth dish, fruit and cheese was one of the selections offered to the when they visited the NX-01 in 2153.25 Cogenitor
Fudge Ripple Pudding11 Sweet desert made from milk and chocolate flavouring11 The Chute
Fungilli26 Favourite food of Dr Leah Brahms26 Galaxy's Child

Name : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Yellow text = Canon source Green text = Backstage source Cyan text = Novel White text = DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 DS9 3 Explorers
2 TNG 7 Force of Nature
3 TNG 4 Data's Day
4 VOY 1 The Cloud
5 VOY 7 The Void
6 ENT 3 Carpenter Street
7 TOS 2 The Ultimate Computer
8 DS9 6 Valiant
9 VOY 4 Mortal Coil
10 DS9 5 Trials and Tribble-ations
11 VOY 3 The Chute
12 DS9 2 Whispers
13 TNG 3 Allegiance
14 TNG 7 Preemptive Strike
15 Star Trek : Generations
16 VOY 1 Parallax
17 VOY 6 Riddles
18 DS9 6 Far Beyond the Stars
19 DS9 2 The Siege
20 VOY 3 Real Life
21 VOY 2 Persistence of Vision
22 Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
23 ENT 2 Singularity
24 VOY 2 The 37's
25 ENT 2 Cogenitor
26 TNG 4 Galaxy's Child
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Episode : Galaxy's Child

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