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Links Page

Site Description
G2k's Star Trek vs. Star Wars technological assesment I havenn't been involved much in the Trek vs. Wars stuff myself for many years now, but even if you've never heard of Star Wars, G2k's site is a great resource for the tech-minded Trek fan. There's a ton of extremely well researched and thought out articles here on many aspects of Trek technology.
Ex Astris Scientia A superb site with a lot of good stuff on it, including a huge list of starship references. Many of my own size comparison pictures are from here.
Clip Art Warehouse A collection of free animated gifs. Some of or X-mas stuff comes from here.
Sci-fi Arts An excellent site which has many computer generated images of Trek Starships. Many of this sites size comparison images come from here.
LCARS Federation Databank A very graphical site with a good LCARS layout.

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