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Title : Star Trek: Borg
Developer : Simon & Schuster
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Certificate : T
Platforms : Macintosh, Windows
Year : 1996
Rating : 3.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Kampfenmaus Rating : 4
Review : Star Trek: Borg is rather unique for a computer game, since it uses live actors and camera sequences rather than computer effects. One problem I have with this game though, is the lack of freedom a player has; basically, a video sequence plays out and you're asked to make one of several decisions. The consequences of your actions are then played out. Fortunately, this isn't a major hindrance to gameplay. Aside from that, a few anachronostic uniform errors, and one particularly difficult sequence involving a game of chance, this game's pretty good.
Reviewer : Lamont Rating : 3
Review : ST Borg is an interesting way to bring Star Trek to gaming. This isn't a game so much as just an interactive movie. Don't let that fool you as the story behind everything is interesting enough to keep you playing through. The issue with the game is that it is very short. Due to the fact this was created back in the CD-ROM only days. With several disks you will only get an hour or so of game play depending on how quick you make choices. The video quality is pretty low simply because of the time the game was made. If you enjoyed the Interactive movie portions of Starfleet Academy it will be a great choice for you!
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