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Title : Star Trek: Away Team
Developer : Activision
Publisher : Activision
Certificate : T
Platforms : Windows
Year : 2001
Rating : 1.6000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Adm Braden Rating : 2
Review : If you love Section 31, then this is the game for you. You are the commander of a small Defiant sized vessel, your job is command small squads on planets to do quiet clanestine operations, quite litterally "You are caught, no one will rescue you, you die, no one knows you"
Reviewer : Trek 17 Rating : 0
Review : This game had akward controls and did not seem at all canon, not my favorite
Reviewer : Immodicus Rating : 1
Review : Horrible graphics for the time, a storyline that seems to ignore the basic principles of Trek, and a complete lack of any original gameplay elements. If these are the features you like in a game, you'll love Away Team. :)
Reviewer : Captain Redbeard Rating : 1
Review : THE GOOD The voices of Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner Unique personalities... for all... characters including... Kirk's Shatneresque... relatives. Eye-catching cut scene of a Steamrunner-class ship early in the game. Only in Star Trek can you see Borg transporters complicate a Mexican stand-off. The best part of the game is shiny, interesting architecture including: -a Romulan scout ship that's crashed through the wall of a Klingon fortress -a parked Klingon bird of prey you can run laps around -a statue of Zephram Chochrane towering over Starfleet academy -a monestary in the mountains of Vulcan THE BAD Most good parts of the game are tempered by something lame. You barely get to play canon characters like Worf and Data. Some of Martok's lines sound fuzzy and out of context. I think the makers just recorded a few random lines off an old VCR tape and stuffed them in the game. It's nice the characters are so different, but I'd still like to be able to equip my engineers with phaser rifles even if they're not very handy with them. There are very few cut scenes in the game, and most of them are set up between early levels. This makes you feel like the creators ran out of time/money/patience and started cutting corners. Your only reward for beating a later level is a page of text read to you byyour captain. The Borg act nothing like they do on TV. They wield phasers that sound like frying pans clinking, and they attack without provocation. THE UGLY The AI is intolerably stupid! Whenever a guard sees you've killed one of his buddies, he draws his phaser, runs in circles for a few seconds, and then returns to his regular patrol. I once built a mountain of sixteen Romulan corpses in a back alley. Every time a guard discovered the carnage, I'd just wait for him to simmer down and then add him to the heap. The guards never reach for their communicators to sound the alarm! Every member of your away team is unique, but nifty little talents like botany just aren't that useful in the heat of battle. The interface is too clunky for finesse, so the only way to win is with violence. You have to trade all your Betazoid counsellors in for security officers and lure your inbred advesaries into ambushes one at a time. Only when every Romulan on Romulus is rotting in the streets of the capital can you actually finish your "covert" mission "without" leaving a trace of your visit. VERDICT This is a bad game. Do not play this game.
Reviewer : BJH Rating : 4
Review : Although looking rather dated by today's standard, Away Team is a personal favorite of mine, simply because it is the only game of its kind with a Trek feel to it. Certainly it has its flaws- too tightly scripted for its own good, weak AI in some areas, some features that are completely redundant, but for all that, I like it. The story is the winner here, along with the voice acting.
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