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Title : Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity
Developer : MicroProse
Publisher : Spectrum HoloByte
Certificate : E
Platforms : Macintosh, MS-DOS
Year : 1995
Rating : 3.0000 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : ThomasJBryant Rating : 2
Review : SNES Version -- This game was okay... It's been years since I've played it, and I found it acceptable. I now find myself wishing games like "Champions of Norrath" would have a Star Trek counterpart because of playing this game in my teens.
Reviewer : DH Rating : 1
Review : Hugely dissapointing. Felt way to much like Myst with a few phaser blasts thrown in. The combat engine had potential but you couldn't really ever just fly into a fight for some fun.
Reviewer : Toa Rating : 4
Review : Ok so my first ever Star Trek game is bound to hold fond memories and after all these years it's fair to say I'm looking back on the past with rose tinted glasses. Saying that however I believe that for it's time "A Final Unity" was a great game. The story behind the game is simple enough, the Romulans are up to no good and you have to figure out what's going on. Each mission begins with your away team beaming down onto a planet and you progress by solving a number of puzzles until you reach the final goal. From time to time a baddie will turn up and you have no choice but to raise shields and arm phasers. Ship to ship combat was always my faveourite part and although it nothing compared to what you can do on modern games it was still a lot of fun. Watching your little tactical display Enterprise made up of two dozen polygons was thrilling stuff way back when. When judged by the standards of the time this game deserves high marks. It won't win and awards these days but it still has a place on my shelf, just a shame I can't get it to run any more.
Reviewer : Duffman Rating : 5
Review : Whilst somewhat limited by the computer capabilities of the time, A Final Unity set the standard as far as the Star Trek gaming universe was concerned as this was literally like stepping into an extended interactive version of the TV show (I recall the initial buzz I got from having the opening credits playing on the PC!). The foundation of this success is the story, which although a little tedious at times, is extremely well written with enough surprises to keep you occupied for hours on end and AFUs simple interface put you in the thick of the action be on the tactical station, engineering, away missions or the bridge. Well worth it, if you can find it and it operates on your machine.
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