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Title : Star Trek: Klingon
Developer : Hilary Bader
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Certificate : M
Platforms : Windows
Year : 1996
Rating : 4.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : ThomasJBryant Rating : 5
Review : I actually learned some Klingon from this game (and from a couple hard-print books). I still have it, and I still love it. Just to confuse, I pull it out and refresh my Klingon with Chancellor Gowron.
Reviewer : 1701-g Rating : 3
Review : Cool game. even the graphics still entertain you today. This game uses the old Quake Engine and as aresult, looks great. the gameplay is amazing and the plotline is thick and engrossing. well worth a punt. Only downside is that the knives and swords are a little cumbersome to use and the animations for them do not come close to Worfs demonstrations, more like Quarks ;-)
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