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Title : Star Trek: Judgment Rites
Developer : Interplay
Publisher : Interplay
Certificate : E
Platforms : Macintosh, Windows
Year : 1993
Rating : 4.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Drake Zure Rating : 3
Review : The sequel to 25th Anniversery, this game sports mildly improved graphics and a level played mostly within the Enterprise itself. Kinda fun, but it's more fun to fly around at random and provoke the various aliens.
Reviewer : Kevin Czajkowski Rating : 5
Review : This is my favorate Star Trek game of all time. it is simple, and pretty straight-foward but loads of fun. i wish there was some way to install this on my computer again but there is just no way... and even if you can the newer mouse drivers will not work with the game. (per a dialouge i had with interplay). Where this game really shines is in the subttle dialouge "easter eggs" of a sort when you do something you shouldn't. For example in the mission with trelane try giving the Schnapps you pick up to Bones in different situations or use it on different people and Bones usually responds with varying levels of hilarity. Or try phasering everything you come across.
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