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Title : Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars
Developer : Gizmo Games Games
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
Certificate : E
Platforms : Windows
Year : 2001
Rating : 2.6000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Trek 17 Rating : 4
Review : A very good game, just a little akward on the controls.
Reviewer : ImmodicusFuror Rating : 2
Review : While this game is fun for the first thirty minutes or so, there is nothing that will keep you wanting to play it after you've gone through a few battles. The storyline isn't exactly engaging, and the combat isn't beautiful or refined enough to make up for the fact that it is a 2D point-click-kill game. If it took more than an ounce of brains to play, it might be a good game.
Reviewer : Daneth the Reed Rating : 4
Review : I found the Dominion Story a little repetative, as you can have the best of the best by the 7th or 8th mission. And while I was a little dissapointed on the last Fed mission, I found the game to be very engaging and well thought out.
Reviewer : scvn2812 Rating : 2
Review : An ambitious game that could have accomplished great things in Star Trek gaming but ultimately fell victim to the most common flaws of Trek games: homogenized ships that only look like the ships of another race, all ships in the same category with the notable exception of the Defiant play almost exactly alike, and bugs. Game crashing, frustration fueling bugs that were only resolved by extensive patching. The story is okay and follows the Dominion Well fairly well but many missions feel very repetitive and combat operates such that there is no reason to build a diverse task force of ships. If you have the points to field an entire squad of Galaxy-class starships, then you'd be mad not to.
Reviewer : Odinson Rating : 1
Review : Pile of crap... It was lame, boring, far too difficult, glitchy, and lacked in story, I did like how you assigned a Captain to your ships though, but one plus in an army of minuses hardly makes up; I could never get passed the Cardiassian Orbital Platform level... ARG!!! I took next to no enjoyment from this game! I think it was horribly coded as well!
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