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Day of Honor


Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 4.1 Episode : 71
First Aired : 17 Sep 1997 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Jesus Salvador Trevino Year : 2374
Writers : Jeri Taylor Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Alan Altshuld as Lumas
Alexander Enberg as Vorik
Kevin P. Stillwell as Moklor
Michael A. Krawic as Rahmin
Body Count : Zero.


When the Klingon Day of Honor arrives, B'Elanna is reluctant to participate. Misery piles upon misery for the Engineer as she is forced to eject Voyagers warp core during an attempt to open up a Borg transwarp conduit. Meanwhile, a species devastated by the Borg in the past demand that Janeway hand over supplies - and Seven of Nine.
Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 9,107 Last updated : 25 Sep 2013