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Sacred Ground


Series : Voyager Rating : 0
Disc No : 3.2 Episode : 49
First Aired : 30 Oct 1996 Stardate : 50063.2
Director : Robert Duncan McNeill Year : 2373
Writers : Geo Cameron Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Becky Ann Baker as Nechisti guide
Estelle Harris as Old woman
Harry Groener as Nechani magistrate
Henry Groener as The Magistrate
Keene Curtis as Old man #2
Parley Baer as Old man #1
Quote : "There's a difference between respecting the spiritual beliefs of other cultures and embracing them myself." - Janeway to Old Man


When Kes is injured, Janeway decides that the way to save her is to abandon all logic and reason. Amazingly, it works.

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