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The Thaw


Series : Voyager Rating : 0
Disc No : 2.6 Episode : 39
First Aired : 29 Apr 1996 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Marvin Rush Year : 2372
Writers : Richard Gadas Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Carel Struycken as Spectre
Christine Delgado as Susan Nicoletti
Michael McKean as The Clown
Patty Maloney as Little woman
Shannon O'Hurley as Kohl Programmer
Thomas Kopache as Viorsa
Tony Carlin as Kohl Physician
YATI : When Harry complains that the acoustics on board are terrible, Tom replies that the ship was built for war, not for clarinet players. I thought Starships were ships of peace and exploration?
Quote : "You know as well as I do that fear exists for one purpose, to be conquered." - Janeway to the Clown


Voyager encounters a planet on which people placed themselves in suspended animation to await the end of an ice age. However, they became locked into a strange virtual reality environment by a malevolent program created by their own minds.

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