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Series : Voyager Rating : 5
Disc No : 2.5 Episode : 33
First Aired : 12 Feb 1996 Stardate : 49447
Director : LeVar Burton Year : 2372
Writers : Gary Holland Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Dan Kern as First Minister Kellan
Michael Spound as Lorum
Nancy Hower as Ensign Samantha Wildman
Raphael Sbarge as Michael Jonas
YATI : B'Elanna claims that she has reprogrammed the Dreadnought to forget that it is Cardassian, but when it hails Voyager it immediately claims it is Cardassian in design.
Body Count : Zero.


Voyager finds a Cardassian super weapon cruising through the Delta Quadrant; B'Elanna identifies it as one the Maquis appropriated and tried to use in the Badlands. But the malfunctioning device is locked onto a nearby planet, and its nearly sentient computer system is determined to destroy the population no matter what happens.
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