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Ashes to Ashes


Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 6.5 Episode : 138
First Aired : 1 Mar 2000 Stardate : 53679.4
Director : Terry Windell Year : 2376
Writers : Ronald Wilkerson Season : 6
Guest Cast :
Cody Wetherill as Rebi
Kim Rhodes as Lindsay Ballard
Kurt Wetherill as Azan
Manu Intiraymi as Icheb
Marley S. McClean as Mezoti
YATI : Ballard says she died two years ago, and this makes sense if she was killed by a Hirogen. But then for the rest of the episode, everybody says she's been gone for three years.
Great Moment : The character of Lindsay Ballard lights up every scene she is in.
Body Count : Zero, but there is a walking corpse or two around.
Factoid : Guest star Kim Rhodes has a Masters degree and is certified in four kinds of stage combat; hand-to-hand, quarterstaff, rapier, and dagger.


When Voyager is signalled by an alien woman who claims to be a crewmember back from the dead, it leads to contact with a species who reproduce themselves by scavenging bodies - and who will stop at nothing to recover the woman they consider one of their own.
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