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Fair Haven


Series : Voyager Rating : 2
Disc No : 6.3 Episode : 131
First Aired : 12 Jan 2000 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Allan Kroeker Year : 2376
Writers : Robin Burger Season : 6
Guest Cast :
Fintan McKeown as Michael Sullivan Richard Riehle as Seamus
YATI : Janeway says: "Then transfer all secondary power sources, transporters, replicators, holodecks.", however, in Parallax we're told that you cannot use holodeck power for any of the ships other systems.
Great Moment : Janeway modifying Michael to make him her perfect boyfriend.
Body Count : Zero
Factoid : This episode shows us the holo-lab for the first time, giving some insight into how holoprograms are created.


Tom creates a new holoprogram for the ships crew to relax in - a recreation of a nineteenth century Irish town. Things go swimmingly for a while, with even Janeway getting swept up by one of the locals. Unfortunately, when the ship hits a particle anomaly those pesky holodecks go awry yet again. Don't the manufacturers of these things ever get sued?
Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 6,912 Last updated : 24 Nov 2014