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Series : Voyager Rating : 3
Disc No : 5.4 Episode : 107
First Aired : 3 Feb 1999 Stardate : 52438.9
Director : Terry Windell Year : 2375
Writers : Brian Fuller, Jimmy Diggs, Nick Sagan Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Joseph Ruskin as Vulcan Master
Leroy D. Brazile as Young Tuvok
Lori Petty as Noss
Paul Eckstein as Yost
YATI : Janeway tells Tuvok that there is a temporal difference of 0.4744 seconds per minute. He uses this to say that he has to 2 days, 11 hours and 47 seconds left. It's actually 2 days 15 hours 14.26 minutes.
Great Moment : Tuvok's goodbye scene with Noss.
Body Count : Several large spiders.
Factoid : Lori Petty also played Tank Girl in the film of the same name.
Quote : "I'm a Doctor, not a battery!" - EMH; on the suggestion that his mobile emitter may be used as a power source


Tom Paris and Tuvok are stranded in the kingdom of the spiders. Fortunately, help is on hand in the shape of a fellow castaway who knows how to survive in the wilderness. But things get complicated when she falls in love with Tuvok.

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