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Assignment: Earth


Series : The Original Series Rating : 3
Disc No : 2.7 Episode : 56
First Aired : 29 Mar 1968 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Marc Daniels Year : 2268
Writers : Art Wallace, Gene Roddenberry Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Barbara Babcock as Exceiver computer voice
Barbara Babcock as Isis's voice
Bruce Mars as Charley
Don Keefer as Mr. Cromwell
Eddie Paskey as Lieutenant Leslie
Lincoln Demyan as Sergeant Lipton
Morgan Jones as Colonel Nesvig
Paul Baxley as Ensign Freeman
Robert Lansing as Gary Seven
Ted Gehring as Second policeman
Teri Garr as Roberta Lincoln
Moral :
Trust : Sometimes you just have to trust that people will do the right thing
YATI : Kirk agonises over whether to let Seven use the computer to destroy the missile, not knowing if he can trust the mysterious agent. Why doesn't he just have the Enterprise blow the missile up instead?
Great Moment : Roberta's reaction to the alien typewriter which wrote everything she said was priceless.
Body Count : Zero
Factoid : This episode was intended as a spin off series for Gary Seven, but it never appeared.


In the 1960s to do historical research, the Enterprise intercepts a Human named Gary Seven who has been transported to the planet by mysterious aliens. But is he there to help Humanity - or destroy it?
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