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Patterns of Force


Series : The Original Series Rating : 1
Disc No : 2.6 Episode : 53
First Aired : 16 Feb 1968 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Vincent McEveety Year : 2268
Writers : John Meredyth Lucas Season : 2
Guest Cast :
Bart La Rue as Newscaster
Bill Blackburn as Trooper
Chuck Courtney as Davod
David Bryan as John Gill
Ed McCready as S. S. Trooper
Gilbert Green as S.S. Major
Laskey as Trooper
Patrick Horgan as Eneg
Paul Baxley as First trooper
Peter Canon as Gestapo lieutenant
Ralph Maurer as S.S. Lieutenant
Richard Evans as Isak
Skip P. Homeier as Melakon
Valora Noland as Daras
William Wintersole as Abrom
Moral :
History : We must learn the lessons of history or we are doomed to repeat them
YATI : Kirk and co. find it incredible that a group of Nazis exist on an alien planet. Yet they found it perfectly reasonable that a Roman society could develop in "Bread and Circuses", only nine episodes ago. They claim it is a perfect example of "Hodgkin's law of parallel planetary development". So why are the Nazis any different?
Great Moment : The scene where the Ekosian declared Spock to be physically and mentally inferior. It's always good to see a Nazi make a fool of himself.
Body Count : Gill and one of the Nazis.
Factoid : This is one of several examples of the "Exactly like the Earth" episodes TOS had and the only one with a vaguely sensible explanation, since the similarities were deliberately created.
Quote : "What he's saying, Spock, is that a man who holds that much power, even with the best intentions, just can't resist the urge to play god." - McCoy to Spock


The Enterprise crew find a planet where history is repeating itself as the Nazis run riot again.

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