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Series : The Next Generation Rating : 3
Disc No : 4.3 Episode : 87
First Aired : 11 Feb 1991 Stardate : 44502.7
Director : Les Landau Year : 2367
Writers : Bruce D. Arthurs Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Colm Meaney as Miles Edward O'Brien
Guy Vardaman as Darien Wallace
Joyce Robinson as Ensign Gates
Pamela Winslow as Ensign McKnight
Patti Yasutake as Nurse Alyssa Ogawa
Rhonda Aldrich as Madeline
Thomas Knickerbocker as Gunman
Moral :
Persistance : If at first you don't succeed...
YATI : The entire premise of this episode makes no sense. The ship's crew spends more than two whole days dealing with the Paxans, and then carefully setting the ship up so that it seems that only thirty seconds have passed. So what happens when the Enterprise reaches its next destination two days late? The people there are bound to ask what caused the delay, Picard will reply with astonishment that as far as he is concerned the ship is on time - and the whole can of worms will be opened again. The problem could have been avoided by claiming that the wormhole had thrown the ship forward in time, but neither Data nor anybody else makes this claim.
Great Moment : Data's constant 'I cannot confirm or deny that' attitude is nicely played.
Body Count : None.
Factoid : This episode establishes Nurse Ogawa's first name as Alyssa.


The Enterprise falls through a wormhole, knocking the crew unconcious. Data's explanation of events leaves a lot to be desired - but would the infallible android deliberately lie to his shipmates?
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