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The Loss


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 2
Disc No : 4.2 Episode : 83
First Aired : 31 Dec 1990 Stardate : 44356.9
Director : Chip Chalmers Year : 2367
Writers : Hilary J. Bader Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Guy Vardaman as Darien Wallace
Kim Braden as Ensign Janet Brooks
Mary Kohnert as Ensign Tess Allenby
Tracee Lee Cocco as Ensign Jae
Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan
Moral :
Confidence : Because you can always do more than you think with less than you have
YATI : Near the end of the episode, Data claims that the evidence supports the idea that it is gravity that is pulling the ship and the 2-D lifeforms into the string. Yet all the way through we are told that the ship is drifting at a constant speed towards the string. If gravity is pulling at the ship, then it would be accelerating rather than moving at a constant speed.
Great Moment : Guinan needling Troi about applying for her job.
Body Count : Zero.
Factoid : At one point the writers of this episode considered making Troi's loss of her empathic abilities permanent.
Quote : "Human intuition and instinct are not always right, but they do make life interesting." - Guinan to Troi


Troi must strugle to adapt after loosing all her empathic powers. But she may not have the time - for the Enterprise is being dragged to certain doom by something it cannot see.

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