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Suddenly Human


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 3
Disc No : 4.1 Episode : 77
First Aired : 15 Oct 1990 Stardate : 44143.7
Director : Gabrielle Beaumont Year : 2367
Writers : Ralph Phillips Season : 4
Guest Cast :
Barbara Townsend as Admiral Connaught Rossa
Chad Allen as Jono
Sherman Howard as Endar
Moral :
Identity : Where your journey started is not at important as who you have become on the way
YATI : In the briefing room scene, the stars in the window constantly drift by in all the close up shots but remain motionless in the wide shots.
Great Moment : Wesley getting smacked in the face with a bananna split.
Body Count : None, though Picard is stabbed.
Factoid : Originally the aliens in this episode were to be called Phrygians; Mike Okuda suggested the previously mentioned but never seen Talarians instead.


The Enterprise rescues a Human adolescent who has been raised by the Talarians who abducted him as a baby. Picard faces a dilemma when the boy refuses to leave the only family he remembers.
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