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The Most Toys


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 4
Disc No : 3.5 Episode : 69
First Aired : 7 May 1990 Stardate : 43872.2
Director : Tim Bond Year : 2366
Writers : Shari Goodhartz Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Colm Meaney as Miles Edward O'Brien
Guy Vardaman as Darien Wallace
Jane Daly as Varria
Nehemiah Persoff as Palor Toff
Saul Rubinek as Kivas Fajo
Moral :
Greed : It'll be your undoing in the end
YATI : Okay, so Data can't get too close to Fajo without the forcefield zapping him. But this forcefield is specific to Data - normal objects pass straight through it, so Fajo can touch objects or other people. So what stops Data from clubbing Fajo over the head with something? Or just throwing a heavy object at him for that matter?

Fajo claims that Data has no sense of modesty. According to "Inheritance", Data actually does have a "modesty subroutine". I suppose we might believe that Fajo wasn't aware of that and simply assumed that Data had no modesty. But then, why didn't Data correct him?
Great Moment : Hard to pick. Data's apparent intent to kill Fajo, his subsequent dodging of Riker's question and his confrontation of Fajo in the brig are the highlights of an episode packed with excellent moments.
Body Count : One - Varria.
Factoid : Originally Fajo was played by David Rappaport, but he attempted suicide two days into filming. Saul Rubineck was hired as a replacement, commencing filming only days later.


A deranged merchant adds a new toy to his collection of unique articles - one Lieutenant Commander Data.
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