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Hollow Pursuits


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 4
Disc No : 3.5 Episode : 68
First Aired : 30 Apr 1990 Stardate : 43807.4
Director : Cliff Bole Year : 2366
Writers : Sally Caves Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Brent Spiner as Musketeer-Data
Charley Lang as Lieutenant Duffey
Colm Meaney as Miles Edward O'Brien
Dwight Schultz as Lieutenant Reginald Barclay
Gates McFadden as Holo-Beverley
Jonathan Frakes as Holo-Riker
Jonathan Frakes as Musketeer-Riker
LeVar Burton as Holo-Geordi
LeVar Burton as Musketeer-Geordi
Marina Sirtis as Holo-Troi
Marina Sirtis as The Goddess of Empathy
Patrick Stewart as Musketeer-Picard
Wil Wheaton as Holo-Wesley
Moral :
Fantasies : Well be honest, you would if you could...
YATI : Twice in this episode people walk in on Barclay playing in the holodeck, embarrasing him immensely. I don't know about you, but I would really, REALLY want to lock the door if I was on a holodeck. Yet there is no indication that anybody over rides a lock in order to get into the holodeck, they just walk in.
Great Moment : I absolutely love the bit where Troi, Riker and Geordi come across the 'Goddess of Empathy', most epsecially Geordi's stunned reaction.
Body Count : Zero.
Factoid : The transporter test objects seen in this episode are actually casings for US Navy sonar bouys.


Meet Lieutenant Barclay, nervous wreck by day, swashbuckling adventurer by night, and his collection of strangely familiar playmates.
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