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Series : The Next Generation Rating : 3
Disc No : 6.4 Episode : 144
First Aired : 5 Apr 1993 Stardate : 46693.1
Director : Robert Wiemer Year : 2369
Writers : Jean Louise Matthias, Ronald Wilkerson Season : 6
Guest Cast :
Guy Vardaman as Darien Wallace
Tracee Lee Cocco as Lieutenant Jae
Wendy Hughes as Nella Daren
YATI : When Picard and Darren ride the turbolift together, a crewmember enters and rides it with them. I guess she just assumed that it was going her way, because she never gives it any kind of instruction or asks its destination.
Great Moment : Daren and Stewart really work well together in this episode, and their romance is very believable.
Body Count : Eight Enterprise-D crewmembers lost in the firestorms, including Richardson.
Factoid : Michale Piller dubbed this episode "Brief Encounter on the starship Enterprise".
Quote : "I've lost people under my command, people who were very dear to me, but never someone I've been in love with. And when I believed you were dead, I just began to shut down. I didn't want to think or feel. I was here, in my quarters, and the only thing I could focus on was my music... and how it would never again give me any joy." - Picard to Darren


Picard falls in love with his head of Stellar Cartography. And we all know how that one ends, don't we?

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