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The First Duty


Series : The Next Generation Rating : 3
Disc No : 5.4 Episode : 118
First Aired : 30 Mar 1992 Stardate : 45703.9
Director : Paul Lynch Year : 2368
Writers : Naren Shankar, Ronald D. Moore Season : 5
Guest Cast :
Carl David Burks as Russell
Ed Lauter as Lieutenant Commander Albert
Jacqueline Brookes as Rear Admiral Brand
Ray Walston as Boothby
Richard Fancy as Captain Satelk
Richard Rothenberg as Cadet
Robert Duncan McNeill as Nicholas Locarno
Shannon Fill as Cadet Sito Jaxa
Tracee Lee Cocco as Ensign Jae
Walker Brandt as Cadet Second Class Jean Hajar
Moral :
Truth : Truth is the first duty of a Starfleet officer.
YATI : Data claims to have graduated in the "class of 78." Since it is now 2368, as dated from "The Neutral Zone" in which Data says it is 2364, did Data really graduate ninety years ago?

Riker claims that the Vulcan superintendant made being at the academy like "being with your parents". Riker's mother died when he was very young and his father was hardly ever around, so how would he know what being with your parents is like?

Great Moment : Picard's verbal beating of Wesley in the ready room.
Body Count : One cadet killed in the starburst.
Factoid : Robert Duncan McNeill, who plays Nicholas Locarno in this episode, went on to play Tom Paris in Voyager, both characters have a very similar background.


Cadet Crusher and his friends mess up big time.
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