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Dear Doctor


Series : Enterprise Rating : 2
Disc No : 1.3 Episode : 13
First Aired : 23 Jan 2002 Stardate : Unknown
Director : James Contner Year : 2151
Writers : Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton Season : 1
Guest Cast :
Alex Nevil as Menk Man
Chris Rydell as Alien Astronaut
David A. Kimball as Esaak
Karl Wiedergott as Larr
Kellie Waymire as Elizabeth Cutler
Moral :
Restraint : Learning to avoid meddling in the affair of others
YATI : Star Trek has a long history of abusing evolution, and this episode continues that tradition. It is impossible to predict that one species is going to out-evolve another, as Phlox does here.
Great Moment : Seeing a more serious side to Phlox.
Body Count : Zero.
Factoid : Kellie Waymire, who plays Elizabeth Cutler in this episode, also played Lanya in the Voyager episode "Muse".


Enterprise encounters a sub-warp ship whose crew is searching for a cure to a sickness that is raveging their home world. Archer is keen to help, but on arrival they find that there are two intelligent species on the planet - and Phlox soon realises that helping one might well hold up the natural evolution of the other. But will Archer really be willing to allow a whole culture to die for his principles?
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