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Silent Enemy


Series : Enterprise Rating : 2
Disc No : 1.3 Episode : 12
First Aired : 16 Jan 2002 Stardate : 1-Sep-51
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2151
Writers : Andre Bormanis Season : 1
Guest Cast :
Guy Siner as Stuart Reed
Jane Carr as Mary Reed
John Rosenfeld as Mark Latrelle
Paula Malcomson as Madeline Reed
Moral :
Preparedness : It's a dangerous universe out there, you have to walk softly and carry a big stick
YATI : Talking about the phase cannon, Reed claims that their power is 500 Gigajoules. He should more properly have said this was their energy output, as the Joule is a unit of energy not power.
Great Moment : Reed thinking that Hoshi was coming on to him when she tried to find out what his favourite food was. The phase cannon blowing up the mountain was also rather cool.
Body Count : Two crewmen were injured by the alien scans.
Factoid : John Rosenfeld, who plays Mark Latrelle in this episode, had a small part as an alien technician in Voyager's "Friendship One" .


When a mysterious alien vessel launches repeated attacks on Enterprise, the crew struggle to get the ship's armement up to specs by adding phase cannon. Archer begins to wonder if he should have taken the ship out on her maiden voyage before she was fully ready.
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