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Through the Looking Glass


Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 2
Disc No : 3.5 Episode : 64
First Aired : 17 Apr 1995 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Winrich Kolbe Year : 2371
Writers : Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe Season : 3
Guest Cast :
Alexander Siddig as Julian Bashir (Mirror)
Andrew J. Robinson as Garak (Mirror)
Avery Brooks as Benjamin Lafayette Sisko (Mirror)
Colm Meaney as Miles Edward O'Brien (Mirror)
Dennis Madalone as Marauder
Felecia M. Bell as Jennifer Sisko (MIrror)
John Patrick Hayden as Cardassian overseer
Max Grodenchik as Rom (Mirror)
Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys (Mirror)
Terry Farrell as Jadzia (Mirror)
Tim Russ as Tuvok (Mirror)
YATI : Why does Quark ask Morn to help him set up the vole fighting? Given how talkative Morn is, word was bound to slip out!
Factoid : This is the second Mirror universe episode.


When O'Brien pulls a phaser on Sisko and forces him to beam off DS9, the Commander quickly realises that he has been taken to the Mirror universe Kira and Bashir briefly visited in "Crossover". The Terran Rebellion is not faring well against the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance, and their fate will shortly be sealed when a new sensor array is completed by an alliance scientist - one Jennifer Sisko...
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