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Series : Deep Space Nine Rating : 5
Disc No : 6.6 Episode : 145
First Aired : 6 May 1998 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Mike Vejar Year : 2374
Writers : Ronald D. Moore Season : 6
Guest Cast :
Aron Eisenberg as Nog
Ashley Brianne McDonogh as Chief Dorian Collins
Courtney Peldon as Karen Farris
David Drew Gallagher as Riley Aldrin Shepard
Paul Popowich as Tim Watters
YATI : So the Federation wants an alliance with the Ferengi... and they send Nog? Ensign Nog? Imagine if the USA wanted an alliance with somebody and they sent a junior officer barely out of training. It would be a huge diplomatic slap in the face. A senior diplomat should be making this kind of overture.
Great Moment : The loss of the Valiant. It's always sad to see a Starship go down in flames, and this was gorgeously staged.
Body Count : Quite a few of the Valiant crew. Probably quite a few on the Dominion ship, as well.


Jake and Nog are picked up by the USS Valiant, a Defiant class ship which has been stranded behind enemy lines for months. With the regular officers dead, a group of Cadets are running the ship. But when their Captain decides to launch an attack on a Dominion super-battleship, Jake begins to wonder if he's leading them all to destruction.
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