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"What he's saying, Spock, is that a man who holds that much power, even with the best intentions, just can't resist the urge to play god." - McCoy to Spock
TOS : Patterns of Force

21 Oct 2017

Section Update
Species The Klingon species article has been updated somewhat - polishing the language, fixing some typos, and generally reworking the section discussing the cold war/hot war history between the Klingons and the Federation to better represent what we've been told about it in various episodes.

No, it doesn't include anything from Discovery. Nor is it ever likely to.

18 Oct 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "How did you like "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry"?" and you voted for "Good" with a winning score of 41 out of 74 votes (55.4%).

10 Oct 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "Do you like Michael Burnham as a character?" and you voted for "No I don't" with a winning score of 50 out of 98 votes (51.0%). This one was really close!

So we're going to speed up the polls some and ask what you thought of each episode, along with some other Discovery questions in-between. This means the "monthly" poll, which has been changing much more often lately, will be changing more often still! Check back daily to see the latest exciting DITL poll!

3 Oct 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "What did you think of the first episode of Star Trek : Discovery?" and you voted for "It sucked!" with a winning score of 41 out of 155 votes (26.5%). This was a close one, with "It was okay" losing by one vote! Hardly a ringing endorsement either way.

We're going to do a few Discovery polls, to get a feel for what people are making of it. Watch this space.

1 Oct 2017

Section Update
Caption Comp Congratulations to Bird of Prey winner of last months caption competition.

25 Sep 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "What did you think of the first episode of the Orville?" and you voted for "It was awesome!" with a winning score of 31 out of 67 votes (46.3%).

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