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A Matter
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All Good
All Our
: Earth
Cause and
of Time

Eye of
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Green Men



The Edge
of Forever
The Voyage
Time And

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I just got Rolling Stones' tickets!
Happy BIRTH-DAY, Mr President....
What??? The curtains?
Marry me Frankie Chestnuts, and ALL THIS will be yours!
F.C.: Wot -the CURTAINS?
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #71:
They both have the ability to identify the sex of a ferret from twenty meters by smell alone.
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #71:
They both have the ability to identify the sex of a ferret from twenty meters by smell alone.
Sniff ... Sniff .....Sniff !! I think it's time to empty the Targ litter box.
Kristen Stewart: I wish they would stop harping on "celebrities who have not aged well ..."
Do I have gagh in my teeth?
Klingon Affirmations:
I will kick your ASS!
Klingon Affirmations:
I will kick ALL your ASSES!
Klingon Affirmations:
I am respected.
Klingon Affirmations:
There is no "pay gap”
Klingon Affirmations:
Screw you, and the Targ you rode in on!
Klingon Affirmations:
I am good enough, … and EVERYBODY likes me.
"Me love you long, long time" Klingon love slave holo-deck program -only partake of it with the safety protocols ON!
Klingon: ''Something is smelling like targ excrements in here... Wait... That *is* targ excrements!''
The Man Trap.
Austin Powers: "That's not your mother... it's a man, baby!"
*Female Klingon punches Austin.*
Austin Powers: "You must admit she is rather mannish. Really... if that is a woman she must have been beaten with an ugly stick."
*Female Klingon punches Austin.*
Austin Powers: "That's not your mother... it's a man, baby!"
Austin Powers: "You must admit she is rather mannish. Really... if that is a woman she must have been beaten with an ugly stick."
Do you think I'm pretty. You better say yes or I will rip your arms off beat you with them. I await your answer.
What are Little Girls Made of?
You you thought that Brits had bad teeth...
Is there in truth no beauty?
I am sure she is very beautiful inside...
For SOME REASON, mirrors never became popular amongst the Klingons.
Even their sneezes are violent and bloody.
Whistling being completely unknown in their culture, Klingons have a rather hard time figuring out how to do it.
"DEAR KAHLESS!!! This fried unfertilized avian ovum is disgusting!! Tale it away and bring me some fresh gagh and warm blood wine.
Quiet, slaves! I am tired of your "Master B'Etor" jokes!
I see you're eating one percent gagh. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could totally be eating whole gagh if you wanted to. I don't have any good skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bat'leth skills, computer hacking skills. Klingons only want friends who have great skills.
How can it be pronounced "Kronos"? There's no R in it!
"Bacterium-curdled product of Terran ungulate juvenile nourishment excretion! Did you take it yet?"
"I came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and, it appears I'm having enough trouble with the gum part for the moment..."
Just found out her Bird of Prey got repossessed.
Just found out she's on Obamacare.
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #11:
Lursa is an accomplished dressmaker AND blacksmith.
Please keep it fairly clean
refers to the Klingon's teeth
Klingon: ''What is written on that ship's hull? USS En... ti.., no Enter... pru... pre... Oh, to Gre'thor with it, I really do need glasses!''
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #87:
As young girls, the sisters starred on a long running Klingon children's show: "Where on Qo'noS is B'Etor Sandiego?".
The Klingons had a real tough time with the concept of taking a selfie.
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #14:
Despite their speech impediments, they found a way to live fruitful and satisfying lives.
Chekov: ''Are you the captain of this Klingon wessel?''
Klingon: ''It's pronounced 'vessel'.''
Chekov: ''Wessel, just that I said.''
Klingon: ''No! Vessel! Vv!!''
Chekov: ''Ww!''
Klingon: ''PetaQ!''
"No, there is no Klingon word for 'orthodontist,' why do you ask?"
"I do not understand your obsession with the precipitation patterns in this place you call 'Spain,' nor why such weather should prefer one geographic formation over another."
She just saw the Red Wedding and she approves.
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #62:
Neither of them has had a bowel movement since they last visited Qo'noS.
I can't believe we lost another bird of prey! They are not cheap.
''petaQ'' is such popular Klingon insult because you can say it and spit in disgust at the same time.
Sniff ....Sniff....Sniff....Hmmmmm....I ...smell ..Gagh !!! Or is it Lady GaGa ?
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #21:
They are both able to overcome their intermittent bursts of explosive anger by shear will power.
My eyes are UP HERE, Pahtak!
''From Gre'thor's heart, I spit at thee!''
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #7:
B'Etor played goalie on her college shot putt team.
"Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam... And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva... So tweasure your wuv."
**Dothay ith a gooth thay do thie!''
OMG!! When are they going to come out the washroom !!! I can't hold it much longer !
You have not really enjoyed Playboy until you have read it in the original Klingon.
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #73:
Lursa has the ability to suck a golf ball through a garden hose... making her a very popular party guest.
Maybe it'll be ok. Maybe there won't be an S in her name...
''Lursssssa, House of Durassssssss.''
I need a sonic shower.
''Is there still some gagh hanging between my teeth?''
I LOVE these shoulder pads
Year. Book. Pictures...
In Klingon society, if you point out someone's lisp, killing you right where you stand is accepted as an appropriate response.
Her deepest regret was ignoring her mother's warning about not doing something... and her face would wind up looking like this permanently...
If only she could remember what it was…
PMS causes more distress for some than others.
Klingon Affirmations: I will hurt you.
Klingon Affirmations: I will hurt you so much.
Specimen 47B: Klingon Sexpot
"nIm qut."
[Klingon for cheese.]
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #31:
They have an irrational fear of dentists.
First kiss between a hot Klingon lady and, uh, ... no takers.
Hannable Lecker of the 24th Century: I need some fava beans with my GAGH !!!!
The reaction to a Klingon FART .
Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #15:
Being able to fart the Klingon National Anthem.
Where will YOU be when your prune juice kicks in?
Where will YOU be when your twenty condoms of prune juice burst?
Lursa: "Where's that twit B'Etor?? I bet she is still over with that PetaQ Cardassian's shop looking at fabric!!
B'Etor: "Come on Worf... How 'bout we just cuddle?
C'mon gorgeous, pucker up!
Please help doctor, my chainmail bikini is chafing me!
Do my shoulders look big in this?
By heck, yer look gorgeous tonight flower!
DAMN IT B'ETOR!! This is a toothpaste ad we're not here to KILL BATMAN!
DAMN IT K'NERA!! This is a toothpaste ad we're not here to KILL BATMAN!
''Dentists? There are no dentists on Qo'noS! We killed them all because they had no honor!''
The advent of warp travel broadened the scope of the Miss Universe pageant. Too far, some said.
B'Etor: "It is a good day to floss."
Lady: Hi, I'm Leetha, Leetha Weapons.
Gentleman: I'm BOND, JAMES Bond.
Meth mouth.
Photo used with permission.
Starfleet's Anti-Drug Media Campaign slide #15
B'Etor: "No, Quark... I DON'T want to make 14 slips of latinum the hard way!!"
Parental Nightmare #52
"Good evening Mr. Perkins... I'm B'Etor... I'm your daughter's date to the prom."
One pissed off Duras sister...
"Why don't you all ffff-fade away...
And don't try to dig what we all s-s-say."
BEHOLD! A dentist's worst nightmare.
Offscreen: "Yes, this is a good start, but you have to remember that proper tooth brushing technique best includes burshing the back teeth."
Seeing that her desired mate was too fragile for the usual Klingon courting ritual, this Klingon tried a different approach.
Nerd behavior transcends all boundries.
Teeth kisses are never good...
Bruce Jenner finally completes his transition into becoming a Woman.
Hmmm..... My teeth are looking good , my ridges are clean and my hair ......sniff ....sniff....smells just fine.
Ah, wedding season... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Ah, wedding season! -this is how you feel in a bridesmaid dress.
With those shoulder pads this must be "Star Trek: Dynasty".
Klingon Affirmations: I embrace my inner, raging bitch.
GREY is the "NEW BLACK".
GREY is the new GRAY.
Tired of your teeth looking like this? Buy new Colgate tartar-control toothpaste with extra-whitening formula.


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