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: Earth
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Eye of
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Auricle ..Oracle .. Emissary
Always the prankster, Kai Opaka would often make "farting sounds" while pressing your earlobe, and then give you admonishing looks if you laughed.
Ferengi holosuite sex programs are now completely customizable.
We ALL have nightmares about that aunt/uncle who always grabbed your face... oh, thank god I woke up!
Pssssst- numbing the earlobe with ice before piercing DOESN’T help.
Airplane seats in coach are getting more and more cramped, I am the EMMISARY! CAN’T I GET AN UPGRADE???
There's something odd that I sense in you in this connection. Something about stealing...of which you're really proud of. Stealing...uh...yes stealing...hhhooommmeee. Stealing home?! Whose home did you steal?! Tell me or I'll yank this ear of yours off!
Due to the lack of vulcans on DS9, the regulars had to make due. Here we see a rather pitiful attempt at a nerve punch.
Sisko: ''Hmmmmm! I begin to understand why the Ferengi are so fond of that!''
The keeper of the Orb of Magic performs the ritualistic pulling of a slip of latinum out of Sisco's ear.
Next, she will steal his nose.
Kai Opaka: ''It is confirmed! You are indeed the Ear-missary!''
Kai Opaka: ''This ritual used to also involve screaming into one's ear. But this was abolished 200 years ago, because it was considered too brutal.''
Kai: This was not the expression I was expecting while pulling on his ear to inflict pain.
Sisko remembers when the caption competition had different winners and not the same ones every month.
On Bajor, Ceti eel removal requires less screaming and phasering than Chekov's ordeal.
A typical Starfleet promotion ceremony. Here an admiral pulls a captain's pip out of Commander Sisko's ear.
Kai Opaka: ''My mind to your mind... My thoughts to your thoughts...''
Sisko: ''You're not Vulcan. This is illogical.''
"They're not lobes but they'll do."
"The off switch must be here somewhere..."
"Oh baby, it's on! It's definitely on!"
"Commander, have you explored your Pagh?"
Sisko nearly shouts "Aaahh!"
Hard pinch to the ear
Brings out a tear
The Kai has fingernails like a claw.
Hmmm.... that feels good . Oh Oh I think it's working !!! Damn !! Where the washroom .!!!!! This really works for constipation !!!
Oop! Found a penny!
We are now one , connected . You will obey my wishes .
Sisko : Not in your life time.
Sisko (to self): "Think about baseball... Think about baseball."
Kai Opaka: ''Quark's are bigger.''
Sisko: ''You don't say!''
The Bajoran religious observance for pinching the ear led to a rather interesting set of intimate rituals in Bajoran society.
Iman, offscreen: "Not everyone keeps their genitals in the same place!"
"...and that is why I think it's unbecoming for the commander of this station to wear a 'Playboy bunny' earring."
All I need is the right ear and my life-sized Sisko model will be complete!
Sisko: ''Sigh... And Dr. Bashir will be so confused when he sees that I have a bruised ear AGAIN..."
Lobeplay became standard practice in the mid-24th century.
OMG !! It's getting bigger and harder. ...... Stupid Blackhead.
"Just be glad you're human, Sisko. Whenever I try to read a Ferengi's pagh, things get...weird..."
Kai Opaka: ''Ever thought about piercing your ear? You would look quite dashing with a huge golden ear ring! Like a pirate!''
A frame from the very obscure sci-fi film "Invasion of the Ear Snatchers"
Kai Opaka: ''Did you know that your right lobe is a few millimeters longer than your left lobe?''
Sisko: What the hell are you doing?
Kai: Uh, Vulcan Neck Pinch?
Sisko: No, stupid, you're touching the wrong spot, it's where the shoulder reaches the neck
Kai: Like...this!
Sisko: Yeah! (collapses)
Sisko: ''No offense, but the Vulcan method of pinching someone into unconsciousness is far more effective.''
Sisko: ''Pull as many coins from behind my ear as you want. I know that this is just a slight of hand bit of stage magic, not a special power granted to you by the Prophets!''
Proof that airplane seats are getting more and more cramped.
Fistful of Lobes
Deep Space 9's version of Spock's Brain....
Sisko's Ear
You know what the difference between you and me is: I make this look good.
Kai Opaka: "Who's the best non-voluntary Emissary of the Prophets??? Who's the best? YOU ARE!!! YES, you are!!"
Get ready for the Star Trek version of Reservoir Dogs!
DS 9's version of "Wink of an Eye"...
"Pinch of an Ear".
Sisko: "Hey... now I see why the Ferengi love this!"
"There's a certain Vulcan I know that should be your next target -- I mean, guest."
Opaka: I learned this from that Ferengi bartender. He had me do it to him. He seemed to like it.
Sisko: need to stop what you're doing.
Is he asleep? He fell asleep. Wake him up. Poke him or something. Grab his ear.
Not every one keeps their genitals in the same place.
The smaller the mind, the less contact you need for a mind-meld.
Data isn't the only Starfleet officer to have a conveniently placed "on/off" switch.
Sisko: ''I am not a Vulcan.''
Kai Opaka: ''Uh... What's your point?''
Sisko: ''Exactly. There is no point.''
Sisko was expecting something different when he was ordered to attend a hearing...
I'd like to see how the Kai can pluck a coin from Sisko's ear in a cashless economy.
Oh, keep still, it's normal for a pierced ear to bleed a little. Don't be such a baby.
Sisko had to get over his kaciraffphobia very quickly.
Sisko (thinking): I'll ask Kai Winn if she wants to feel Quark's pagh too. She has probably never heard of oo-mox - that will be funny!
Ahh that feels good.
Accupressure...IN SPAAAACCCCEEEE!!!!
I just love your lobes, they are so soft and gooshy!
The Kai gets a lot of Ferengi converts this way
As a reward for years of service, the prophets surrendipitously changed Siskos ears to act like Ferengi ears.
Sisko: I DO realize I'm the Emissary of the Prophets... But I can clean my own ears. Now get me a Q-Tip and lick my feet."
Sisko: I DO realize I'm the Emissary of the Prophets... But I can clean my own ears. Now get me a Q-Tip and brush my teeth."
Sisko: I DO realize I'm the Emissary of the Prophets... But I can clean my own ears. Now get me a Q-Tip and carry me back to my quarters."
Sisko: "I REALLY don't get it... WHAT does Quark see in this?


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