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Jeffrey Hunter: ''That's a wrap for the first Star Trek episode ever! Just think about all the other episode we'll be doing together!''
Leonard Nimoy: ''We?'' *roaring laughter*
Spock: "The needs of the many??? Screw that... Outta my way!!"
My what great luck we've struck Mr.Spock!
Star Trek: Bad Trip, The Motion Picture
Guy at far right: Blue & black? Nonsense, I see white & gold.
The simplest of several hypotheses is always the best...
After predicting mobile phones and tablet computers, Trek anticipates the future of the drum kit.
There you have it: ten minutes into the pilot that launched a multi-billion dollar franchise that's spanned generations and shaped an entire subculture. Construction paper, wire and turtlenecks. Humans--so illogical.
Red shirts are red, this plant is blue, why is Spock laughing? I have no clue!
First you couldn’t smoke inside,
then there was the nicotine patch,
then the backlash against vaping…
finally, we have to wait our turn
to fondle Blu E-cig tobacco patches, out back behind the big rocks…
Dr. in Background: "Hey ,Captain... Why don't you and Bob Marley there just let go of that "Blue Sunshine" and come on over here so we can talk you down..."
Ever since ''The Way to Eden'', Spock has been eager to test out any plant concerning its suitability for smoking.
Yes Captain, these props are as cheap as our uniforms and the extras behind us!
Pike: ''It's only a model.''
Spock, would you please put the weapon away before touching the plants.
Spcok, would you please put the weapon away before you start touching the plants.
Pike: Spock! -SPOCK! Stop juggling the urinal cakes!
Spock: I seem to have MISPLACED my pants.
Pike: Spock, stop touching the Trellium-D leaves.
Pike: So this is what weed looks like...IN SPAAAAAAAAACE
Selsun Blue was named after the largest, most formidable flakes of dander that the Federation had ever encountered.
Selsun Blue... It tingles, so I know it's working.
Spock: Ah, the fabled Theremin plant!
Pike: "I understand that logic is the cement of the Vulcan civilization."
Spock: "DUDE! Dat be righteous!"
Spock: "Live long and photosynthesize."
Pike: "Dude!!"
Spock: "DUDE!!!"
Lays new "Blue Chip" flavor -tastes like eating money!
DAMN IT !!!!!!! PIKE !! I'm a Doctor .... not a botonist !!!
Spock gets the blues.
Pike and Spock just loved picking the wings off Talosian butterflies.
Dank Nugz... IN SPACE!
Question: Is that a vulcan?
Answer: I think he's half Vulcan
Question: Is he stoned?
Answer: Yes, Yes he is.
Pike: ''Be careful where you are pointing your weapon at, Spock.''
Spock: ''There is no reason to be concerned, Captain. We didn't bring any redshirts with us.''
Spock: This is JUST the shade that T'pring and I want for the bedroom curtains!
Spock: 'Look what happens when I bend this leaves!''
Plant: *squeak squeak*
Whoops! Nobody told the props man we're using blue screen effects!
"OMG, this, this is the shade I want for my uniform!"
I have been...and shall always be....your frond.
The needs of the many outweigh the reeds of the blue.
Guy in middle: "I've been King Lear, Claudius, Caesar, Othello...and now I've got god damn paper butterflies upstaging me."
Spock's pon farr is so overdue that the plants are getting him in the mood.
Pike: ''Finally something we can make tea out of!''
We now know what laughing gas is made of.
Scandal broke out on Vulcan after this image of a smiling Spock made the tabloids.
This never happened. Did you hear me! I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS HERESY
Mysterious booming voice: ''I AM THE GARDEN OF FOREVER!''
This anti-drug video is brought to you from starfleet:
Drugs make vulcans smile
Spock: ''This is a leola plant. Contrary to popular belief, its roots are absolutely inedible.''
Dr Oz says these will cure EVERYTHING!
...and that's how Captain Pike got the idea to write the song ''The Laughing Vulcan and His Dog''.
"That's right, these ARE on the menu at the Interstellar House of Pancakes."
"Yes, I understand the Bolians eat thousands of these every day."
Pike: ''Why are you acting so... un-Vulcan-like today, Mr. Spock?''
Spock: ''I am in plant farr.''
In ''The Cage'', Spock wasn't yet the strictly logical and emotionless Vulcan we all know and love. Instead he was the dude who annoyed all his comrades by constantly laughing because of every trivial thing he sees.
Even Spock couldn't help but chuckle at the strange noises coming from the Blue Whoopie Cushion plant of Flatula Prime.
Betcha can't eat just one!
Pike: Spock, what can you make out of this?
Spock: This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...
So what do we do with the 3 leaves ??
'People, I know our special effects budget is low, but do the wires have to be THAT visible?'
Pike: "It's obvious Spock... They are the scales of the Giant Blue Lizard of Ajilon Prime...
You go first.
Pike: I agree: the FREDERICK’S OF HOLLYWOOD models must have gone in this direction.
" tingles!"
Pike: She loves me... she loves me NOT...
Spock: ''I once knew an Andorran female who's skin had this exact color...''
Pike: ''Too much information, pal...''
These would make a nice accessory on our uniforms !
Pike: ''Let's prepare a blue salad for Yeoman Colt - that'll freak her out!''
Spock discovers the Vulcan version of "the herb"
"It says, 'You will become a major character'. Oh, boy, now you open mine!"
"Wow, you're right, these just might solve our toilet paper shortage."
"Hey, wanna have some fun? Let's have one of those guys in the red shirts hold these for us and see what happens."
Dr. in Background: "Hey there Captain Starshine... don't bogart that blue acid and put 'American Beauty' back on."
Panama Red ain't got nuthin' on this!
"I know Viagra is blue, but this isn't what I imagined."
"Don't look the blue things, Spock!"
"I can't help it. They're so beautiful!"
(Extra in centre thinks) The 15th take! How much longer can these guys mess about? I need to empty my leg bag.
(Extra on right thinks) I wonder if I can brain these guys with one of the fake rocks behind me?
(Extra on the left thinks) Oooooo pretty flappy things!
Spock: Hot damn, Talosian Blue! Imagine the spliffs we can roll with this!
Pike: "I'm going to play along, and not even LOOK at that personal vibrator that Spock is carrying."
Its soo good, makes even a Vulcan smile!
Doctor in background: Must be something very special about that plant if it can make a Vulcan smile.
The WORST Rave Club in the Universe!
Spock: ''I think I can cook something out of this!''
Now in a Happier Place.
Spock: Hey, Chris, you ever just rub these plants, you know, just feel them? *man, this feels awesome!*
Pike: (to people in background) So, when is the ecstasy supposed to wear off?
Spock: Fascinating! And you're sure you can pick up as many as 180 channels with this?
Pike: That's what the infomercial stated.
Spock: SO COOL!! I'm saying good bye to my satellite bill!!
Spock: ''Oooh, it feels like velvet!''
I can feel it back in my fillings.
White haired guy: Back in my day, we also had a plant that made you happy. We smoked it and it was legal in Colorado.
Spock having a rare moment of youthful exuberance ...before the that dreadful mechanical rice picker incident.
Interesting fact: Leonard Nimoy was an aficionado of incredibly simple origami.
On the rare occasion that Nemoy broke character on set, it was usually when they were "feeling up" the props.
(You can interpret that any way you'd like.)
On the rare occasion that Nemoy broke character on set, it was usually when they were "feeling up" the props.
(You can interpret that any way you'd like.)
Pike: "SPOCK!! Give it a rest... or get a room!"
Spock: "Captain, I believe this it the exotic blue laughing Lilly."
Dr. Boyce in Background: "DUDES!!! Stop bogarting those vibrating plants!!"
Spock! SPOCK! Stop pinching the wings off the Fairies!
" get back to the warning that I received. The brown acid that is circulating around us isn't too good. It is suggested that you stay away from that. Of course it's your own trip. So be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, ok?"
Safety training slide #18:
Remember: always visualize the "loaded chamber indicator" and engage the phaser's external safety BEFORE touching any hallucinogenic flora.
Blue abi-di abi-di I'm BLUE!
Spock: ''The leaves of this plant are blue! BLUE!!! Fascinating! Just... Fascinating! The most incredible thing I have ever seen in the whole galaxy!''
Pike: ''You Vulcans are very strange people.''
The harvested implants from planet Siloconia where greatly valued by the Federation.
It turns out that Spock can mind-meld with plants as well as animals.


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