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Odo: I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.
Sisko, sighing: Yeah... me, too, but it was AWESOME.
Over time the "Super Bowl" became less and less “Super” as the Patriot's dynasty lasted over 350 years.
The far-reaching benefits of normalizing rights for all species, ethnicities , genders and origins are impressive …
except for the Rockettes chorus line dancers. Thanks Kurt Vonnegut.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you, the triumphant return of the Annual DS9 Musical Statues Competition, now down to its final two competitors!
Odo & Sisko look in disbelief as the Oscar for Best Picture is miss read.
Sisko asks"So Odo being a changeling what bathroom do you use?"
I'm sorry Captain. But I couldn't take that snearing look from Quark anymore. I had his bed moved to the airlock and wooosh! Out he went.
Sisko: Quark really doesn't know we are looking at him while he's orgnizing a smuggling deal.
Odo: I know. Should I arrest him now.
Sisko: Not yet, I want to see how this plays out.
Odo: He just keeps eating. I didn't know a being could eat so much at one time.
Sisko: I know, but he is a teenager. Jake should grow out of it.
Sisko and Odo just can't take their eyes off of the train wreck called: The Trump Presidency.
Holosuite program XXX-B:
Odo: Sooo... this... is ...
Sisko, listlessly: Boredom. Yes.
Holosuite program XXX-B, AKA "Hardcore Boredom" is one of Quark's few, free educational programs.
Odo: Trump's family trips cost nearly as much in a MONTH as Obama's cost In A WHOLE YEAR!
Sisko: Taxpayers are gonna miss Obama.
Sisko and Odo look on in disbelief "TRUMP WON?!"
Sisko & Odo look blankly at the panel as the Auto Destruct count down goes lower and lower.
Each man afraid to ask who has the abort code .
"Yes, commander, I see it too... you will be captain. But nothing is free... I foresee that promotion costing you your hair."
"Oh no! Look at that! It's awful!"
"Yeah, that's gross, man, gross!"
"How could Worf do THAT to Picard?"
"At least it only went on his shoulder. Did you see what Spock picked out of his nose the month before?"
A night out drinking with the boys …really quite boring since synthehol doesn’t give people the same "collapse of inhabiition” as alcohol does.
Odo "But what does it mean?”
Sisko: "The painting embodies "freedom," but I would also add that it's a freedom associated with jazz and freeing the body from physical and social constraints. In this sense, Jackson Pollock's drip paintings create a space for freedom of expression in the fine arts, much like the Beat Generation did in the 1950s on earth."
Odo: "But what does it mean?"
Heard off screen:
Aahh, now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?
Quark: ''Why are you two silently starring at me like that? Whatever it was, I didn't do it! Okay, I did do it, but I didn't know... Okay okay, I admit that I was fully aware of the possible consequences! I am so sorry! Please have mercy! Please!''
Sisko: ''You were right Odo. This *is* fun.''
The new 'Magic Eye' exhibit proved remarkably mesmerizing.
Odo: "Well, I give up."
Sisko: "It's been six hours. If we haven't found him by now, then I suppose we never will."
Odo: "Waldo... maybe Morn has seen him."
Sisko : Odo ; What that thing in your ear??
Odo : It's the New iEar communicator . It's new for the 24th Century .
What do you mean we're unemployed?
Playing "Statues" (or "Weeping Angels" as they call it on DS9) was a serious competition.
Not seen: the HANDS, the scary, scary hands.
Sisko: ''What are you doing here?''
Odo: ''I am observing the wormhole.''
Sisko: ''And? Did anything of note come through it?''
Odo: ''No. Just a bunch of garbage bags with the Dominion insignia.''
Odo: My nose is bigger
Siscko: Like crap it is
Sisko and Odo watched "These Are The Voyages." They were NOT impressed.
Sisko & Odo look stunned as they watch Beyonce perform at the Grammy .
Odo: I’m going to miss affordable healthcare.
Sisko, sighing: Yeah... me, too.
Odo: ''I tried wearing a Bajoran earring, and it left a scratch! Look!''
"I didn't know Quark could fly that far....what did you say he did"
"Oh Kira found him in her underwater drawer"
The moment after Sisko asked if Odo could be Jennifer for an hour or two.
The moment after Sisko asked Odo if he could be Jennifer for an hour or two.
Egon: Don’t cross the streams.
Peter: Why?
Egon: It would be bad.
Peter: I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean “bad”?
Egon: Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.
Raymond: Total protonic reversal.
Peter: That’s bad. Okay. Alright, important safety tip, thanks Egon.
While Odo and Sisko stood there unsuspecting, a lenseflare was about to sneak up on them.
Sisko: ''Odo...''
Odo: ''I am still angry at you. You almost drank me!''
Sisko: ''And I am sorry about that. But it was honestly just an accident.''
Odo: ''Yes, I know. But after taking one sip, you spit it out again and told Quark that your drink tastes absolutely disgusting! THAT'S what makes me really furious!''
Sisko: "Wow... Could you be kitten and go an arrest Mr. O'Brien?
Odo: "He REALLY can't hold his synthehol, can he?"
Famous Duos:
Crockett and Tubbs
Bert & Ernie
Jake & Elwood
Holmes & Watson
Buzz & Woody
Jay & Silent Bob
Sisko & Odo
Wait a sec… Sisko and Odo?
Turner & Hooch, yeah… Turner and Hooch.
Sisko: "So I'm thinking about shaving my head. You know, change it up a bit."
Odo: "Well if you do that, then I'm going to start dating Major Kira..."
Sisko: "What?"
Odo: "What?"
There is ONE light!
As Sisko looked on, Odo told of an earlier time he had spent as a Solid named Trump, when his morphing skills were poorer ... which totally explains the hairdo.
Jadzia: ''...and now look away while I take off my regular uniform and put on this 23rd century mini-skirt. Oh, and Odo? Don't think I won't notice it if you form eyes on the back of your head!''
Odo: I miss Obama.
Sisko, sighing: Yeah... me, too.
Odo: I miss the truth...
Sisko, sighing: Yeah... me, too.
Sisko: "You welded the brick of gold-pressed latinum directly to his bar?"
Odo: "In related news, racketeering and smuggling on the station is at a three month low."
Sisko: Odo, stop trying to "measure" my pagh.
Odo: I miss nerd86.
Sisko, sighing: Yeah... me, too.
Sisko: ''Yes yes, neat how you have improved the anatomy of your neck. Now get back to work.''
Jadzia complained that someone had drilled a peephole into her shower.
Sisko said that he and Odo would look into it.
Sisko : Well Odo , you lost the bet . Patriots won . Now you have to shape shift into Donald Trump .
Odo : Auggghhhhhh Barrrrrffffff !!!!!
Odo: ''There, I found one light. Those cunning Cardassians hid the other three quite well, but I will find them too, Captain!''
Los Odos
Just another band from the Alpha Quadrant
Ben & Jeri
I know, I know... It's ODO. But we all REALLY wish it were Jeri Ryan.
Sisko: "What the hell IS that?"
Odo: "I don't know WHAT the hell that IS!"
Sisko: "What in the hell is THAT?!"
Odo: "Hey, you kids! Get away from there!"
Sisko: "I would not mess with that thing..."
Odo: "Don't put your lips on it! "
Sisko: "WHAT the hell is that?"
Sisko: ''That's not what I meant when I said that you should go back to your work and do some profiling.''
The Man and the Changeling Who Stare at Goats
Star Trek: Brokeback Mountain
Sisko : Odo what this I'm standing in ???
Odo : Hmmm .... Ahhhh .... I believe.... that it would be me !
Sisko : Why does it smell so bad ?
Odo : Sorry Sir ... It was that Chillie that Quark served yesterday .
Sisko : Hmmmmmmmm Baaarrrrf !!!!!
Sisko : Odo do you know who that is over there ?
Odo : I believe its one of your late Presidents ; Donald Trump .
Sisko : God Help us all !!!!
Odo: What the--THAT'S the ship they're using in "Star Trek: Discovery"?
Sisko: I guess they really don't make them like they used to.
Sisko and Odo both stare blankly as they see William Shattner is the special guest star .
Profiles in Courage
Sisko: "Christ! Was that you?"
Odo: "Holy Crap! NO!! Wow, wasn't that you?"
Sisko: "Not me... God, I hate O'Brien."
"Voiding in the Round" will never, EVER catch on.
Another men's room where the urinals are too close.
Sisko: "Odo... Eyes front. You're peeing on my leg."
"In 2363, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Bajorian underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire The DS-9 Team."
Sisko: "Mine's bigger."
Odo: "I'm sorry, Commander. But mine's bigger."
Sisko: "No... MINE'S Bigger."
Odo: "Mine's bigger. AND I can make it even bigger still."
Sisko: "Not fair... Right now! Kira, who's forehead is bigger?"
Kira: "You two are idiots."
Sisko : So Odo you think you can shape shift in Major Kira for my fantasy with bigger breasts ?
Odo : Would you like her black too ?
What is it with the Star Trek franchise and EARS?
Sisko: "Constable, is that Chanel No. 5 you're wearing?"
Odo: (Looks away uncomfortably)
Apparently, there is something off-screen that Odo finds absolutely fascinating, and Sisko finds incredibly boring.
Sisko and Odo, posing for the cover of GQ... Geek's Quarterly.
Sisko and Odo saw "Fifty Shades of Gray." They were not impressed.


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