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If this guy couldn't keep it fairly clean, how are we suppose to.
Some time this month, Keith Richards look at this picture and said "this brings back so many memories, especially all of the !970s"
I miss when we did a new caption EVERY week.
Sensors indicate he is dreaming of a White Christmas!
Sensors indicate it will be a white Christmas!
Sensors indicate it will be a Holly, Jolly, Christmas!
Sensors indicate it will be a Holly, Jolly, Christmas!
Thank God it's December!
Curry fail...
Whatever he ate, it was hotter than hell!
Man on the left: ''All this ice... Reminds me of a Disney movie I saw...''
Man on the right: ''The Lion King? Mulan? The Little Mermaid?''
Man on the left: ''No, it was a CGI one.''
Man on the right: ''Toy Story?''
Man on the left: ''Exactly!''
Kirk: The weather inside looks frightfull, eh, Spock?
Spock: Mmm.
Kirk: Like the song... The weather inside instead of outside...
Spock: I got it, sir. Please allow me to finish my scans before dropping to the ground in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.
Kirk: Ouch, Spock. Ouch.
According to his badge, he was telephone tech support for air conditioner units
Well, like, I told him that he or ought to get some head and shoulders 'cause the skin flakes were getting everywhere, but no. Wouldn't hear of it.
Spock: "Wow... Pon Farr kicks in at the most inoppertune times."
Crewman: "Pardon me, sir?"
''You are not exactly the best at hide and seek, you know?''
Fahrenheit minus 451
Man on the left: ''I think we'll need more than just a hair blower to thaw him up again...''
Spock: Fascinating, if I were a cannibal I'd be most impressed.
Crewman: What?
Spock: No trace of freezer burn.
Crewman: You really need a vacation, Mr. Spock.
Spock: It appears we need a larger hair dryer...
crewmember: Try taking the end cap off, it'll work better.
The ki-ki birds are out.
They call Ki Ki Ki Ch-rist its cold.
Set phasers to defrost.
"It's so cold in here even a Breen would be like 'f@€k that shit!'"
"Who are you?" "Silence, Earthling! My name is Darth Vader. I am an extra-terrestrial from the planet Vulcan..."
"It's so cold in here even a Breen would be like 'f@€k that shit!'"
"Stop tea-bagging and just shoot'em will ya"
Guy on Right: Where are the HOSTAGES!!
Guy on the Left: Stop it, it wasn't funny the first time and it's not funny now.
"It's way to cold in here man I'm going into the fridge to heat up"
"Wacked while having breakfast, and still still holding the cereal box... Respect"
"It's so cold in here you could pour McDonalds coffee on my head and id feel nothing"
"Still not as cold as my flat.."
Man at the desk: ''Please close the door, the cold gets in!''
Who is this poor soul?
My reading say it's Rick James, bitch.
A weeks worth of puns were made when visiting the planet H'ell, it froze over.
Nice spray stucco work Mr. Spock . !
Spock: "Cause of death...His computer had internet dial up and while it was taking its time to 'dial up' as it were, the computer rerouted all available energy to its processor including the heater. Turns out, they both froze up."
"Quick, Spock, take a reading."

"Sorry, I left my tricorder on the wild, chunky, spunky planet of Mary Lou Retton clones."

"Spock, you are such a putz."

[Quoted from "Bloom County".]
"What do you think his last thoughts were like?"
"He was pobably dreaming of a white christmas."
"What do you think his last thoughts were like?"
He was pobably dreaming of awhite christmas."
Let's go back to the ship and get a blowtorch to thaw him out. That haidryer of yours isn't getting the job done.
Let's go back to the ship and get a blowtorch to Thaw him out. That haidryer of yours isn't getting the job done.
Captain, we are fairly certain that we have eradicated the ebola virus once and for all.
Spock: It appears as though his collection of arboreal seeds from this sector are frozen as well, Captain.
Kirk: Wonderful! It'll take forever to thaw out his nuts...
Guy on left: "Um Brian?"
Brian: "what is it, im busy"
Guy on left: "I dont think that hairdryers gonna defrost him man..."
Brian "NO Steve, we must have HOPE!"
most people mis interperate this famous scene, its actual the lost island of atlantis, and all the white stuff is barnakles and a mysticle white algie!
tell jerry that the special effects for the stage production of frozen were a bit too realistc...
Learn this lesson Ensign, "Don't do cocaine."
The Styrofoam Planet was perhaps one of the oddest Spock had ever encountered.
The readings suggest that smaller portions of spray-on Raita would suffice.
No one was more embarrassed than Spock when he and Kirk showed up wearing the same shower curtain.
Offworlders had to wear protective suits when visiting the planet Cocaine.
"According to my readings...this man has freezer-burn."
That's what happens if you don't bother to repair a broken thermostat...
Frankie Chestnuts: "Yeah... This is him."
The Geek: "I guess this explains what happened to Mr. President."
This, crewman, is what happens when the study of snowman farts goes horribly wrong.
Beware! It's the Abominable Snowman!
Not on every planet the crew of the Enterprise is welcome. Sometimes the reception can be rather frosty.
Mr. President: "You got him?"
The Geek: "Yeah, and look at this book he's holding: '1,001 Funny Captions for All Occasions'."
USS Polar Vortex
It's the ol' put the frozen guy's hand in a bucket of ice water and watch the fun ploy...
Ensign: "Tough way to go... Death by Dandruff..."
Spock: "A little 'Head and Shoulders' would have gone a long way."
Ensign: "Gotta be the WORST case of dandruff I've ever seen."
Forget the frozen guy. Why are we wearing suits that look like Betsy Ross got her hands on a shower curtain?
I don't think this hair dryer will do the trick.
Best Served Cold ?
Man on left: And not a chestnut in sight...
Spock: Indeed, sir, humour such as that chills even the best of us to the bone.
Shatner (frozen): Spock, this is the Final straw... there's really... no need! for this Frontier justice!
Spock: Dr. McCoy drained the last of our cordrazine...
Guy on left: Damn, I hope... - ah, well, good.
Nimoy decided that if this promotional still was going to work one of his colleagues was going to need a little help...
To add insult to injury: not only is this man frozen over, he's still on hold with the HP call center.
Cold Station 13 ?
Spock: Fascinating. Captain, I do believe we found the powdered sugar that the chef complained was missing.
''Oh the irony! He froze to death while contemplating which package of frozen food he should thaw...''
Rick James in da house!
It's still warmer than my ex girlfriends heart.
Damn it! I know letting a Breen control the thermostat was a bad idea.
The Geek: "Do you think we got him?"
Mr. President: "YOU KNOW IT! Frankie Chestnuts will NEVER cross our paths again."
Man on the left: ''That's him! That's the fugitive!''
Man on the right: ''FREEZE!!''
"Dude, that will never work. Your hair dryer isn't even plugged in!"
Receptionist: I'm sorry, but the slushy machine in the lobby has malfunctioned. Please come back later.
Shatner: !? I traveled 500 lightyears for this???
Kirk: Use a phaser.
Spock: No.
Kirk: But it'll be MUCH faster.
Spock: That's what she said.
Frozen Guy: Ohhhh, BURNNNNN!!!!
And the irony was Spock was packing so much heat he had sucked it right out the room.
So Arnold Schwarzenegger took a stroll through Studio B spouting really bad cold puns. Now look what they've got to work with.
The job was to popcorn texture everything but this is ridiculous.
Nimoy: Do you remember that time when I said I'll teach you how to do the Vulcan hand sign when hell freezes over?
Shatner: Yeah.
Nimoy: I lied.
the latest methods used on the fight against ebola
Frozen Dude: "I once caught a frozen fish THISSSS LOOOONG."
So far, the tests of Starfleet's new "Chameleon" space suits were showing great promise. Spock was particularly impressed with their performance during the "ice planet" phase.
Spock: "By Grabthar's Hammer!! That must have been SOME party!!"
Frozen Dude: "Hey, guys... Never give up... Never surrender. And please keep it down."
Faal, fahl, phaal, phal, paal... Whatever he ate, it was hotter than hell!
Spock: "By Grabthar's Hammer!! That must have been SOME party!!"
Man on the right: ''It work! It works! Our ice ray really works!! Hooray!''
Man on the left: ''But wasn't it supposed to be a heat ray?''
Man on the right: ''Shush!''
Spock: When I said "Freeze," I didn't mean it so...literally.
Here we see that originally in the "Tomorrow is Yesterday" episode, the photographic evidence of the Enterprise's visit to Earth's past crash-landed to Earth at Ice Station Zebra.
Spock's landing party have to arrive there to recover it before the Americans or Russians get there.
Time for a core sample....
"My scans indicate that this man died while binge-watching Disney movies. If my calculations are correct, he last one he saw was 'Frozen'."
Long before Spock brought a marshmallow dispenser to Yosemite, he took a Pringles dispenser to Psi 2000.
Well, SOMEBODY went overboard with the Spackle.
Oh the weather inside is frightful...
Extra (thinks): $50 isn't enough if I have to earn it by being covered in foam.
"What's that in his right hand?"
"It appears to be a box of 'Frosty Flakes' breakfast cereal."
"Wow, so the advertising is true. It does give a frosty start to your day!"
The secret Frosty Fart weapon was a success.
Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab.
Cluedo: It was Mr. Spock with the ice gun in the lab!
Captain Birds Eye, I presume
Alright, freeze! Oh...
This one could be tough. Better dust for prints.
I told you an antimatter-powered Reddi-wip can was a bad idea!
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Spock: These readings show that he waiting for the IT guy to show up.
While at Star Fleet academy, Spock worked summers renovating houses with, of course, the occasional prank.
Kirk: Seems to me he got too stressed out and just... froze up!
Spock: Fascinating. Captain, it appears his 20 condoms of China White burst... all over the place.
Mr. Spock !!! Is that the only heater you could get ????
I think this spray foam gun needs some adjustment.
Baby, it's cold outside...
Man on the left: ''For some reason I am now hungry for fish fingers... Or chicken nuggets... Something deep-fried anyway.''
All right, everyone...chill!
Tech on left: I told him to not order the Vindaloo...
Behind the scenes at The Academy Awards... It's all about a ton of cocaine and really bizarre outfits.
Spock: "OK... Freeze!!"
Spock: "OK... Freeze!!"
Tormolen: "Wow... Irony?"
Spock: "Irony."
An admirable attempt to finish In Search of Lost Time, the tome still clutched in his right hand
The day hell did indeed freeze over... Yes it was really was that bad in TOS's third season.
"Oh God... How did he die?"
"I can only surmise... that he remained at his station, attempting to win that farcical DITL Caption Competition, while his race destroyed itself and brought about a nuclear winter."
Spock misinterprets his race's concept of propagating ice cold logic a little too literally.
Kirk: Gentlemen, report.
Spock, on communicator: Captain. We have discovered what appears to be a typical reproduction of a 20th century Earth post office.
In retrospect, Starfleet Command regretted its rather poorly worded cancellation of the Psi 2000 Research Project when it issued the command to "Put it on Ice."
Extreme Home Makeover Psi 2000 Edition had all the makings of a hit, until the Great Spray Popcorn Ceiling Disaster of '65.
Desperate to milk every last sent out of the once bountiful cash cow, Paramount unsuccessfully put their efforts into the family friendly but ill conceived "Star Trek On Ice."
"And by freezing the patient we succesfully cure the Ebola." "But what do we do with the frozen body?" "Eh, let someone in the 24th century thaw them out. I hear that works!"
Man on the left: ''I don't know as much about this stuff as Dr. McCoy, , but I THINK this man's cause of death was the immense cold.''
Man on the right: ''A rather far-fetched assumption. Let's not jump to conclusions here.''
Spock goes mad with his new fire proofing application gun
Spock figured that his submission for the annual ice-sculpting contest was guaranteed to win.
"It could have be worse... He might have misplaced his suit."
During the filming of "The Incredibles", a horrible accident occurred when Frozone's freeze ray malfunctioned.
Is it cold in here, or is it just me?
Is it cold in here, or is it just me.
I don't know what you think you're doing, but shooting this guy in the head seems overkill.
Spock was just a little late with the Thermos.
A touch of red can really warm up a room.
Especially in the future, NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!
NEVER, EVER sit there idly thinking "What's the worst that could happen?"
Blinded with SCIENCE!
Don't worry, everybody. Keith Richards survived his latest binge.
Man on the left: ''I am growing sick of being on a starship! Why can't I have an assignment on a space station, like this one here?''
Man on the right: ''What is so much better about a space station?''
Man on the left: ''Just look around! Look as this guy! Here is where all the cool people are!''
Ensign 1: "Hmmm.... Maybe you should turn that thing down a little. I think you overdid it."
Ebola hype never gets too irrational.
The Department of Motor Vehicles Waiting Rooms......
Frozen Dude: "HEY! Shut that DAMN DOOR!! It's colder than a witch's nacelle out there!
... the benefits of cold cereal for breakfast -my ass!
Frozen Dude: "Shut that door, will you. I'm feeling a draft."
Love the "high-tech" chair.
Ensign 1: "It looks like the 'Tetris' game he was playing is still running."
Ensign 2: "Ooo, ooo... I love that game. Me next!"
The weather gnomes... IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!
Ensign: "It looks like the 'Tetris' game he was playing is still running."
Well, turns out it does need to be a cold day in hell before help arrives.
"I don't care what the Captain says... This turkey isn't going to be thawed in time for Thanksgiving Dinner."
Ensign: "It really doesn't look like it's doing anything. Turn the hair dryer up to 'Medium'."
Finally, hair salons comply with OSHA regulations.
"It looks like he's been watching an episode of an old earth adventure series about the exploration of space... Or a cheesy remake of that episode."
He thought he was so hot. That'll teach him!
I believe this will finally slow down Frankie Chestnuts...
Tech on right: “♪You’re as cold as ice, you’re willing to sacrifice our love…♪”
Tech on left: “You just couldn’t resist, could you?”
Guy on left: "Wow, it is amazing how this 'frost' looks so much like spray-applied foam!"
Director: "CUT!"
Tech on right: "According to these readings, Ensign Cokehead succumbed to..."
Tech on left: "A cocaine overdose?"
Tech in right: "... hypothermia."
Tech on left: "Oh! Uh... well... er... I just thought... you know, never mind."
Tech on right: "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
Guy in chair: "Oh, shut up."
Ah, the ol' "Plunge the room's temperature to arctic levels in one minute" prank claims another victim!


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