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Nimoy persuades a studio executive that the character of Wesley Crusher should NOT be included in the original series.
"Alright Mannafort, time to talk!"
A whole generation of men grew up wearing Fedoras, in a futile attempt to have people not look at their ears, and it didn’t work for them, either.
Nimoy: Terry Pratchett wore a fedora.
I would advize yez to shut up aout the ears already...
Spock: You like my new toy. I call her the Vulcan Death Fart. Now the world will come to know as the man you actually died from a Vulcan death fart
It was the Vulcan, with a Thompson submachine gun, in the study.
I told you I had a particular set of skills. Skills I had acquired over a lifetime. Skills that made me a nightmare for people like you. But you didnt believe me and here we are
Spock: I told you i had a particular set of skills. Skills i acquired over a lifetime. Skills that made me a nightmarenfor people like you. But you dodnt believe me and here we are.
You're not going to pull that trigger. Vulcans dont kill in cold blood. Besides,everyone knows evil Vulcans have goatees.
The logic of the gun.
Mister Brown and Mister Blue have a disagreement, forgetting Mister Pink's insistence that they were professionals.
Say what again! Say what again! I dare you! I double dare you!
The fandom war between "Star Trek: Discovery" and "The Orville" suddenly escalates.
Oxmyx: So, do you get a lot of flack about those ears?
Spock: Do YOU get a lot of flack a bout having such a prissy name, BELA?
Oxmyx: Hey, Prissy is my brother's name.
The "Feds" are taking over...
Spock: Was it your idea to broadcast "Star Trek: Discovery" on CBS All-Access instead of regular cable?
Oxmyx: Well, yes, but--
Oxmyx, Spock, the Wall: WHO WORE IT BEST?
Nimoy: "That's right, Gene, I wanna direct a coupla 'Star Trek' movies. You got a problem with that?"
Spocko: "What you say 'bout my hat? Say it again... Go ahead... Do it..."
"Mister Okmyx, your ongoing resistance in the face of an armed captor is as illogical as your continued insistence that I have a Human adoptive sister named 'Michael'."
"Mister Okmyx, I feel I should inform you that making fun of the size of a person's hat while the wearer of said hat is holding a fully-loaded automatic weapon is... highly illogical."
It looks like ladies were not the ONLY victims of Harvey Weinstein.
Apparently, in the future, the NRA is able to overturn the laws that regulate assault weapons and magazine capacity restrictions.
Spock: "I'll make you walk the plank, matey! Arrr!"
Okmyx: "You are on Sigma Iotia II, the planet of mobsters. The pirate planet is Sigma Iotia III."
Nimoy when playing Spock,
Contracted a case of time shock
"I can conjecture
I'm in a picture
Future Trek fans will mock."
AHHHH !!!!!! WAIT ! I'm not Bill Shatner !!!!
It's hard to tell from the picture, but the only thing holding up Spock's hat is his ears.
Spock: "I believe this is where you utter a colorful metaphor."
You may be cool, but you'll never be Leonard Nimoy playing an alien impersonating a mobster cool.
Spock: "I KNOW you have candy in your desk drawer! Give it to me1"
Mr Trump, sign your resignation....or else.
Okmyx: "I hope you are aware that, unlike your phasers, this thing doesn't have a stun setting!"
"Alright, Oxmyx... around here, biggest pocket square wins, see?"
"Yes, this hat which doesn't cover my ears IS supposed to part of my disguise, why do you ask?"
Edith Head was NOT consulted.
"COmment on my cloths one more time, I dare you."
"I'm sorry, but that suit is just ridiculous."
Spock-ter of the Gun.
Spock: "You were right, Mr, Okmyx. I DO look fabulous with a fedora and a suit!"
Spockture of the Gun
Spectre of the Gun
There is just one question you have to ask yourself "do I feel logical?" well do ya?
Spock: "Hurry, Okmyx!"
Okmyx: "Why are you so damn impatient!?"
Spock: "Because it took me hours to bind the tie. I am therefore a bit behind schedule."
This is my weapon, there are many like it but this one is mine. A bullet from this weapon will very soon be yours.
Spock: "Starfleet has a quite chaotic uniform policy right now. There are our usual brightly colored shirts, then there a the blue uniforms with metal stripes, as worn on some ships like the Discovery - and just this morning we got the order to wear this here!"
"Go ahead make my day."
Yes there is a Vulcan Death Grip. Squeezing the trigger finger.
Oxmyx: Why do you need such a big gun?
Spock: I am very insecure.
Spock" OK, Franky... Back away from the keyboard!"
Frankie: "Sure. Oh… By the way. It’s Frankie. With an “I-E”. Not Franky with a “Y”. Come on… Get with the program."
Oxmyx: "You're a funny guy."
Spocko: "Let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me. I'm a little f***ed up maybe. But I'm funny how? I mean funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to f***in' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?"
Spock: So, what's the beef ya got against Frankie Chestnuts? He ain't won no Caption Competition all year, and yuuz all givin 'em nuttin' but crap...
Oxmyx: Well to start, you ARE using a double negative...
One more wisecrack about ears and I'll perforate yours!
I want MORE lines than Shatner!
Okmyx: "Is shooting me really logical, Mr. Spock?"
Spock: "Nothing about this planet is logical!"
Spock: '"Kirk wants a fancier captain's chair for the Enterprise bridge. He likes yours. So stand up and give it to me, please."
"Good morning, Mr Roddenberry. I thought we could discuss who gets the close-ups this week."
Vulcans take trick or treat SERIOUSLY.
You're using a weapon that weights as much as a rifle, but has the effective range of a handgun. I fail to see the logic in that.
Spock: ''Your planet is barbaric, but at least you have excellent tailors.''
Spock: Our demand is exceptionally logical, give us weekly caption competitions or else.
Some captioneers took the disappearance of Mr. President rather hard.
Okmyx: "If you leave me alive, I'll tell you what you want to know!"
Spock: "Shoot!"
Okmyx: "YOU are the one with the gun!"
"Initiate greetings towards my diminutive acquaintance!"
"Hey, the Klingon last month got threatened with a phaser rifle, why do I only get threatened with a lousy Tommy gun? Haven't you aliens ever heard of progress? And what's with the red tie already? That's so bad even my Pa wouldn't wear it. What kinda mobster are you trying to be? It's people like you who give us a bad name ..."
"Please may I kill him now, Captain?"
"Okay Frankie Chestnuts, step away from the keyboard!"
Spock : Resistance Is Futile !!!
Onxyx: You have to shoot. If you ARE logical! You HAVE to shoot!
Spock: I do not want to
Onxyx: What you want is irrelevant!
Spock: This is a Thompson submachine gun chambered in .45 Automatic Colt Pistol, with a rate of fire of 600 to 700 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 950 feet per second. It could easily remove your cranium from your torso. Therefore you must ask yourself this query: Am I experiencing good fortune?
Numbers two and three on the Federation's most Wanted.
Say hello to my little freind.
Do you feel lucky, punk?
"Say 'what' again muthaf....r!"
Do we really need aliens to come to earth and shoot people? I think we've got that covered ourselves.
Look, Pal, I understand you want to wear a hat to cover those ridiculous ears of yours, but the rest of your outfit is nothing but a crime against good taste.
A red tie and a red handkerchief?! Really?
Mr. Nimoy was getting a little trigger happy as the Oxmyx charactor kept flubbing his line for the 15th take !!!
Spock: Stop looking at my ears!!!
Prelude to the Vulcantine's Day Massacre
Okmyx: Personally I would prefer if Kirk was pointing that at me.
Even with the gun in his face, Okmyx could not stop looking at the ears.
Okmyx: "What are you planning to do with that Tommy gun?"
Spock: "Who is Tommy? My name is Spock!"
I believe this is the appropriate moment for some colourful idiom.
Logic indicates that the universe will be a better place without you in it.
Safety regulations state that one should never aim a gun at something unless one is prepared to shoot it. Therefore it is logical to assume that I am in fact prepared to shoot you.
Spock: I want the truth. Or I will have to kill you
Omxyx: You can't handle the truth!
Spock: Tell me, or say hello to my little friend
Omxyx: I don't swing that way
Spock found he looked pretty good in Armani..
Spock: Wait, your name is...
Oxmyx: Oxmyx.
Spock: And your brother's name is...
Oxmyx: Mytzpytlyk.
Bones: (offstage)Oh, super! Just Super!
Spock: Comply with my instructions or I will terminate your existence.
Oxmyx: *stares*
Spock: *sighs* Do as I say or I'll kill you.
Bones: Give it a rest, you green-blooded hack!
Spock: Refrain from producing unnecessary vocalizations or I will destroy your cranial structure.
Oxmyx: ...Come again?
Spock: *sighs* Keep your mouth shut or I'll blow your head off.
Kirk: Okay, Spock, just give it a rest.
Spock: If you perform an improper action, you will be forced to consume a high-speed metallic projectile.
Oxmyx: ...Say what?
Spock: *sighs* One false move and you'll be eatin' lead.
Oxmyx: You know, you really need to work on your threats.
The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
Oxmyx : I'm dieing for a Fag !
Spock : What did you say about Fag ?!
Oxmyx : OH ! OH !! I mean a smoke !!!!!!!
The Logical thing to do during the National Anthem is to stand. Do I make my point ?
"Doesn't Starfleet have phasers anymore, Mr. Spock?"
"Budget cuts."
Spock: *What* was that about my ears?
Oxmyx: "Youse look pretty uncomfortable in dat suit. And dat hat would look better on a hat rack."
Spock: "I DO have the weapon."
Spocko (to self): “Must… resist… urge… to … shoot… gangster…"
Spocko: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few... and right now, I thinks I needs to plug your with my little friend."
Oxmyx: "Careful where you point that heater, Fed."
Spoko: "Keep dialin’ or your gonna have some serious trouble gettin' blood stains outta dat suit.
The first publicity still from the new "Dixon Hill" movie.
The VERY moment Nimoy realized that he wanted to devote his life to shooting photos of LARGE, NAKED WOMEN.
Oxmyx: "Careful with that heater, pallie."
Kirk: "That’s Spocko to you."
Spock: "Mr. Spocko."
Spock: "I would advise yas to keep dialin', Tex Mex."
Oxmyx: "That's OXMYX!"
Spock: "Just keep dialin', amigo."
Spock: "I would advise yas to keep dialin', Less Dixs."
Oxmyx: "That's OXMYX!"
Spock: "Just keep dialin', pallie."
Spock: "I would advise yas to keep dialin', Chex Mix."
Oxmyx: "That's OXMYX!"
Spock: "Just keep dialin', pallie."
"Remain motionless see. Don't be illogical see"
Spock: I would suggest that you position your brachial extremities within my visual field.
Oxmyx: ...Huh?
Spock: *sighs* Keep your hands where I can see them.
Oxmyx: Oh, okay.
Would Agatha Christie approve of this interpretation of "The Man in the Brown Suit"?
Bela Oxmyx: "Is that a machine gun in your pocket or...Oh."
Spock: "Say hello to my...oh, this is too obvious."


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