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Santorum said WHAT???
Vash, to self: Why can't he be the type of captain who is always taking off his shirt?
Apparently, it took a lot of trial and error to sort out how do "first contact" properly.
Picard's singing is just that good!
Vash: ''Can I kiss you, Jean-Luc?''
Picard: ''Engage!"
Vash: ''Also with tongue?''
Picard: ''Make it so!''
Picard dances like Mr. Arex; three left feet.
So this is who I have to hump to get out of here,

"Ah! Sweet mystery of life...
At last I've found thee!!!"

Picard: "MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!"

"Ah! Sweet mystery of life...
At last I've found thee!!!"
Picard: "Focus, Vash... FOCUS..."
Picard: His lips engaged.
Picard: Did you know that the majority of people turn their heads to the RIGHT when they kiss?
Vash, to self: Whatever.
How does love get so off course?
All I wanted was a white knight
with a good heart, soft touch, fast horse.
I got a Starfleet captain
with an artificial heart, soft chair and fast ship.
Cialis... so you can be ready anytime.
This feels creepy, like kissing my older brother, I'M LOOKING AT YOU JOSH DUGGAR!
Where will you be when your laxatives take effect?
Q makes a surprise, and unfortunately for Picard, appearance.
The moment quickly died when she suggested that they take to the bedroom and Picard said "make it so"
Where did that red-headed doctor get a PHASER?!
Picard and them women: To baldly go where Kirk has already gone before!
A slightly different "Picard Manuver".
While Beverly Crusher is known as the Dancing Doctor, Jean-Luc Picard is notorious for being the Kissing Captain...
Riker: Riker to Enterprise. Found the Captain. He's snooging again.
Wait, that's Patrick over there. Who am I kissing?
Cross Contamination
Risa: Where even grumpy Starfleet captains find love!
Disc Jockey: ''Captain Picard, do you have any preferences for the dancing music?''
Picard: ''Make it slow!''
Kirk: ''If I had known that bald men can be so attractive to some women...'' *fiddles his obvious wig*
OMG !!!! It's my husband !! FUCK !!!!
Piccard to Enterprise , Emergency Beam out ...
And the frenchman failed french kissing.
Patrick Stewart, Sir Patrick Stewart of her majedsty's royal archeological society reporting: The woman Named Vash used me, I feel, so ashamed. I think I'll go cry now.
Quick my boyfriend is watching kiss me!
Picard and Vash
In a Fictional Archeologist Kissing Contest.
Vash keeps her eye on the pair to beat.....
Indiana Jones and Lady Lara Croft.
Oh my God! There's my Dad. I forgot to mention he's a Naussican!
Picard: ''I kissed a girl, and I liked it...''
This Kiss This Kiss..Unstoppable...
Vash: ''You are a better kisser than the Ferengi. Yeah OK, that was a rather faint praise...''
Vash, sighing to self: The things I have to do to score the COVER of AARP Magazine...
"Star Trek: Klute"
Vash's facial expression was curiously syncopated with the absence from view of either of his hands.
"So, is it twoo what they say about bald Fwench men with English accents?... Oh, it's twoo, it's twoo!"
...and then Locutus learned that resistance is indeed futile!
I see four lights!!! and a couple of Vorgons.
I was not expecting that type of reaction, captain.
On communist Risa, T.V. Vashes you.
Vash: I can't, Jean-Luc... It's like they're watching us!
Picard: Relax. The eleventh Doctor deactivated all Star Trek Cybermen in that silly crossover comic.
In 24th century Russia, T.V. Vashes you.
Picard fought bad breath and tooth decay with 24th century mouth-Vash.
Hmmm, Jean you're suc...hey is that Spock...later frenchie!
Vash made it a habit of kissing Picard whenever he started talking about his First Medical Officer. There was always a certain tone in his voice that simply triggered her jealousy...
Yeah, Vash, we know. Stop gloating.
Eventually Vash found a way to prevent Picard from delivering yet another lengthy speech.
Vashie and Jean-y were lovers♩....
♫ Oh, Lordy, how they could love♩...
Picard: Hey, my EYES are up here!
Vash: ''You are a starship captain? Ooh, I love men with power!''
Picard: ''So, your absolute dream guy would be omnipotent then? Haha!''
Picard was not one to boast that he is quite the magnet to this day. Voluntary or not.
Is that a phaser in your pants or are you glad to see me ????
Picard: "I keep telling you: I'M...NOT...GAY!!!"
Vash: "SURE you aren't... Here... I'll prove it to you."
Picard: "I'M FRENCH!!"
Vash: "With THAT accent??? REALLY?? Admit it."
HMMMMMM...... Captain my lips are down here.
OMG !!!! I see Gene Roddenberry !!!!!!!!
Vash has always wanted to try out French kissing!
Vash: Oh no! Kirks walking up to us!
Picard: He can piss off, he had his chance.
Vash: "Wait, Jean-Luc... Not in front of the Ferengi.
Vash: Oh, you're so
Vash's Mother: Vash! What are you doing with that Picard mannequin?
Vash: Um...nothing.
Vash: That's right, Mr. Cameraman, keep it on us.
Santorum said WHAT?!?!?!
Beverly Crusher, eat your heart out!
Crusher, eat your heart out!
It's called a camera, now would you mind looking the other way and at least pretending that your acting.
I think I can feel the captains log
Vash: Oh no! Wesley's coming!
Picard: So am I!
A facehugger? Isn't that the wrong franchise?
She never said her full name, Vashta Nerada .
Star Fleet sex education slide #13:
How well do you know your partner?
Vash, to self: "WHAT was my Safe Word again?"
...and that's what's called a mouth-Vash.
Jean-Luc wait DITL is watching!
The real reason transporters were invented: because there's no other reliable method to get Captains away from pleasure planets.
And that was the last time that Ferengi asked, "Do you think bald men are hot?"
The first of several 'See a Ferengi, hit on Captain Picard' episodes.
Necessary evil
Vash, thinking to self: My, what BIG EARS you have!
Vash was surprised at the size of Picard's Horga'hn!
"Do I smell Bergamot?"
While often unappreciated by outsiders, "Pass the Nanites Without Using Your Hands" game was a hit on Risa.
“Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one... was not even close to one of those."
"Whoa, You're not Q."
"And you're not Beverly Crusher."
"I should watch who I am kissing."
Where will you be when your laxative starts to work?
S.M.A.C.K. [Stars Making A Crushing Kiss.]
Breaking the fourth wall, while in a lip-lock...
Oh, God, I hope he isn't really my brother.
Wow, his tongue sure is long.
In your gash, Vash!
Vash: ''No offense, but... Your breath smells like Earl Grey tea.''
Remember the guy, in "Daria", whose eye did that same thing?
It appears that his Horga'hn wasn't the ONLY thing that Picard was displaying on Risa.
Best start of a vacation on Risa... EVER!
Where will YOU be when your twenty condoms of China White Heroin burst?


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