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Caption Competition


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Name Caption
Horta not Vorta "Gorch."
mwhittington Stadi: Tom, you know I'm Betazoid, and no, I won't play with your "stick shift".
Paris: Well, would you...
Stadi: No, I won't "pop your clutch" either!
mwhittington Paris: You. Me. Hot tub. Champagne.
Stadi: You. Alone. Hot tub. Plasma conduit.
Frankie Chestnuts A romantic evening on the Holodeck. It seems harmless enough. Until Mr. Paris becomes a bit too forward and ends up wearing a plate of Neelix’s Talaxian worm hair pasta. This ultimately results in Mr. Paris’ evening… and uniform, to be a total loss.
We've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
We are Farmers
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''I appreciate your concern about my otitis media, but the Doctor gave me a hypospray that has been working quite well so far.''
AdmiralM "Tom I a certified pilot stop being a backseat driver"
Chromedome I said ... please can I borrow a cup of sugar?
MR. WORF Paris : I just wanted you to know .... Good Luck ... We're all counting on you.
MR. WORF Stadi : I wanted to tell you ... Good Luck ... And we're all counting on you.
DBB Sexual harassment seminar video: Here we see an example of sexual harassment. If you witness such behavior, you could 'delegate' and tell someone; be 'direct' and confront the person yourself; or 'distract' and interrupt the situation somehow. A safe work environment is a healthy work environment.
Paris, watching video with crew: I really wish they'd stop using that picture...
DBB "I hope that's your phaser poking me."
"Of course it's my phaser. I'm offended that you would imply that I would be so unprofessional."
"I'm sorry, sir."
"I'm just kidding. It's my junk."
Ilandra "I've never played 'Chopsticks' this way"
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''If you don't happen to be a space vampire, go away from my neck.''
Rylan Sato Stadi: I need an adult.
Paris: I am an adult.
MLCoolJ Paris: Now put the black 8 on the red 9.
Stadi: Yes, Paris, I know how to play Solitaire.
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''This shuttle has seats for the passengers, you know?''
MR. WORF Poor Tom Paris ; Little did he know Belana had , had herself cosmetically altered to look like Lt. Stadi.
MR. WORF Stadi : Tom , What are you doing ?
Paris : Trying to stop a Warp Core Dump .
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''No, I won't let you fly the shuttle!''
Paris: ''But you are about to crash it!''
Stadi: ''That's only because you keep blowing into my ear!''
MR. WORF Is that a Phaser in your pants ?! Or are you glad to see me?
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''Guess from which planet I am!'
Paris: ''Hmmm... Judging from your ears, it's probably not Ferenginar.''
Miss Marple -Ever wonder why they “pay” us in credits? Well, it all started out when Trump, as a businessman, refused to pay his creditors… Yeah, all part of Trump’s Legacy.
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Stadi... What are you thinking?"
Stadi: "I'm trying to figure out if that unnatural relationship you have with Harry is a really freaky friendship or a seriously scary Bromance."
LB Lefftenant Expository Dialogue reporting for duty.
Optimuskr "You know, I've been in prison for a long time"
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Hey, Stadi... I ate Neelix's Jibalian Garlic Stew for lunch. Should I brush my teeth before my shift?"
Stadi: "You should spend a couple of hours in the decontamination chamber... Starting NOW!"
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Hey, Stadi... I ate Neelix's Jibalian Garlic Stew for lunch. Should I brush my teeth before my shift?"
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''What are you about to do? Examining my ear for Ceti eels??''
MLCoolJ Paris: Hey...didn't I see you on "JAG"?
Mikey "Tom, why are you biting my neck?"
"Well, how exactly did you think the crew survived unchanged all these years in the Delta Quadrant?"
Chromedome (Outrageously fake French accent)
"Can I tempt you with one, small, wafer thin mint?"
Chromedome "Is that fake news?"
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Tell me, Stadi... Who does your hair?"
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Stadi... do you like movies about gladiators?"
Stadi: "What the hell are you talking about?? LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!"
Paris: "So, you DON'T like movies about gladiators?"
Mikey Stadi: "Tom, watch it with your hand!"
Paris: "Both my hands are on the panel."
Stadi: "Then what's th- *barf*"
Mikey "... I don't know - fly casual!"
MLCoolJ Paris: You're definitely an officer, Stadi, because you make my privates stand at attention.
Stadi: Your privates are about to get busted.
Frankie Chestnuts Stadi: ♪"There's Klingon's off the starboard bow, starboard bow..."♫
Paris: "Technically, I'm off the port quarter..."
Stadi: "Shut up... you're still a Klingon."
Miss Marple Paris: ♫ A dream is a WISH your heart makes ♫
Stasi: Well, how 'bout I rip your heart out?
mckinneyc Red Alert! Shields up! We have a Paris coming up fast from behind
MLCoolJ Paris: I spy with my little eye...something that is sexy.
Stadi: So which little eye would you care to lose first?
Frankie Chestnuts Stadi: "Tom, will you LEAVE ME ALONE."
Paris: "Wait a sec... YOU'RE the one in the Men's Room."
Stadi: "Fine. At least use a different urinal."
MLCoolJ Paris: I know I've been a bit of a playboy and I've never taken relationships seriously...but for you, I'm willing to go "Stadi". (laughs) Get it? "Stadi"?
Stadi: kill...him...
Miss Marple Tom: Do you know what I'm thinking?
Stadi: It doesn't take a Betazoid to know what YOU are thinking.
Chromedome "Yeah, whatever!"
Frankie Chestnuts Stadi: "Tom... I'm Betazoid. I hear EVERYTHING you are thinking. ...and you're a dirty, dirty little man."
Miss Marple Sexual harassment ... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Miss Marple Sorry, Tom, but blowing into my ear does nothing for me. You would probably have to blow the whole ship into the Delta Quadrant for me to notice anything.
AJ I understand, I truly do, but literally shoving his clarinet up his ass was a bit much, don't you think?
Miss Marple The "red shoulder", as lethal to some as the "red shirt”.
Silent Bob Creepy shoulder lurker
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: “Listen… You’ve GOT to go out with him… I’ll give you a weeks replicator rations. He’s driving me NUTS! He was in my quarters this morning. He woke me up playing “Everybody Hurts” on his clarinet!”
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''You want a kiss? I would rather kiss a Klingon!''
Paris: ''So would I, but I still have to wait a few seasons for that.''
MLCoolJ Paris: I know I've been a bit of a playboy and I've never taken relationships seriously, but for you...I'm willing to go

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