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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
Thöme Some people reacted quite harshly to These Are The Voyages.
N'tran DS 12 exsanguination, from latin ex ~ out and sanguineus ~ blood
N'tran DS 12 Star Trek: Exsanguination
C. W. Perkins EMH: Bag it Lieutenant. That's the worst impression of Kirk I've ever seen. Your hair looks way too real and, besides, your shirt is still in one piece.
RedDwarfian ""
jessica Q: If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires, both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid
Bird of Prey Carey: ''At the very least, B'Elanna should have punched the other side of my nose too, so that the blood stain is symmetrical!''
Bird of Prey Carey: ''I asked B'Elanna for a blood wine, not a blood stain!''
McFortner Fight? No, Captain. I walked past the Mess Hall and accidentally smelled what Nelix was making for dinner tonight.
McFortner No, Captain, I have not gotten into your Tyrellian Cocaine stash. Why do you ask?
Bird of Prey Where no(se) man has gone before!
Bird of Prey EMH: ''Get back onto the biobed, Lt. Carey! I don't want you to smudge my whole carpet with your blood!''
hfs.aphelion Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!
Miss Marple Carey: She called it a "Maquis cut".
Miss Marple EMH, to self, sarcastically: Activate the "Pretending-to-Care" subroutine.
Miss Marple EMH: It appears that your Stigmata are acting up again.
N'tran DS 12 We are in orbit, thousands of miles above the planet. These are nosebleed seats
Chromedome And tonight, on HOME SURGERY CHANNEL ... Worlds Worst DIY Nose Jobs
Chromedome And the moral is ... don't pick your nose.
Chromedome See kids, this is what over acting does to you!
Chromedome Get a medic! I have a nasal hair emergency!
mwhittington Janeway: Lt. Carey, let that cut under your nose heal.
Carey: Captain, are you telling me to shut up?
Janeway: No, you have a cut under your nose, and you should have it treated by the Doctor.
mwhittington Vulcan absinthe: Always to be sipped, not guzzled,...or snorted.
PegasusJF I am NOT A CYLON!
EMH_MkI Apparently, suppositories are still big in the 24th century.
Miss Marple EMH: Quiet down, it's just the traditional Epistaxis' greeting.
NASCARtographer Carey - his face cringed, his eyes red.
DBB "Every time I make this face, my nose bleeds."
"Then stop making that face."
DBB "I was applying my lipstick when the ship jolted and I smeared it."
"I mean, I was fighting a bear. This is blood because I was fighting a bear."
Samus The Doctor tried his hand at Red Neck Dentistry with Lt Carey
Samus Lt Carey "I swear its not the Captains lipstick"
EMH: "Uh-hu"
Samus Who needs sedatives when a holographic fist will do
Samus The Doctor tests his new oathe on Lt Carey - Do no harm unless you can fix it afterwards
Samus Mr Carey has been snorting some of the red stuff
The Geek Foreground: Frankie Chestnuts.
Background: The Geek.
Not pictured: Mr. President.
Admiral Dunsel It's true, Doc!

Kes was just showing us some of the things she'd made in her pottery class to help with her work in the Hydroponics Bay..., and all I said was "You've got a nice set of jugs there."
Then Nelix hit me!
C. W. Perkins Give it a rest Lieutenant. You've been trying to break that glass by singing for the last hour and all you've managed to do is rupture blood vessels and get on my holo-nerves.
C. W. Perkins Lieutenant: What's wrong with everybody? Why is everyone trying to kill me Doc?
EMH: Nothing's wrong with them. It's you.
Lieutenant: What?
EMH: You've got a rare case of Kenny McCormick's disease and, as an unfortunate result, everybody wants to kill you.
Lieutenant: You've got to save me Doc.
EMH: Too late. That last injection wasn't vitamins.
Lieutenant: Oh, you bastard.
EMH: Aren't we all.
C. W. Perkins EMH: I don't care if you are Irish. Mixing Romulan Ale with Klingon Blood Wine is never a good idea.
Bird of Prey Carey: ''Odd... I am smelling blood...''
mckinneyc I only asked her for mustard not ketchup!
Frankie Chestnuts Another graduate of the "Miles O'Brien School of Crazy Friggin Irishmen".
The Geek A typical reaction to all the cheesy jokes The Geek posted last month.
Bird of Prey EMH: ''Your fault. After all, what did Q tell you about taking a little bloody nose?''
Admiral Dunsel Rocky: ADRIAN!
AJ So, let me get this straight: You have a half-Klingon assistant, and you got into an argument with her, and then the argument got physical.
Exactly which in this progression of events seemed like a good idea?
Bird of Prey EMH: ''How did you spend February 14th?''
Carey: ''It was my bloody Valentine...''
Miss Marple I'm Scottish, I've got got angry eyebrows. and can complain any time I want to..
Miss Marple Notice Dr Who-cares?
N'tran DS 12 You got blood on your face, big disgrace, kicking your can all over the place...Singing we will, we will, Rock you.
Miss Marple NO! I don't think anyone would be so desperate as to snort KETCHUP!
Miss Marple Fine! I'll call you GARRETT!
Miss Marple And then when I said: "That DOESN'T make your ass look big, she hit me AGAIN!"
andrew r I am to old for this crap
The Geek Come on, people, be nice. Wouldn't you also be upset if a hologram just ripped off half of your mustache?
mikey "Cocaine problem?! The hell?! Who has a cocaine problem?! I don't see anyone around here with a cocaine problem?! What cocaine problem?!
mikey "I want that moustache back NOW, dammit!"
C. W. Perkins There's absolutely nothing wrong with you EMH's bedside manner. Absolutely nothing. Could someone hand me a tissue?
The Geek "... so then I said he was a doorstop, not a doctor, and he HIT me!"
The Geek Carey: "... so then I said he was a doorstop, not a doctor, and hit HIT me!"
N'tran DS 12 First Spock's Brain, now Carey's Nose.
Admrial Adam Carey: What kind of doctor are you???
Doctor: Quiet, this is in the name of science... now, does it hurt when I do this?
MLCoolJ Carey: Oh, sh--
Doctor: No, it's not time for a colorful metaphor.
The Geek (voiceover) "Tonight, on Doctor Photobomb, M.D., see the good doctor manage to squeeze himself into a close-up of another person! Only on UPN!"
Frankie Chestnuts Stereotypical pissed off Irishman.....
Bird of Prey Carey: ''Why are you all staring at my nose? is there snot hanging out, or something?''
NASCARtographer "I referenced one Monty Python bit and next thing I know, I have a flesh wound of my own!"
The Geek Just to shake things up, the EMH becomes the nature of the medical emergency.
Miss Marple The Geek is BACK!
The Geek Just to shake things up, the EMH becomes the nature of the medical emergency.
Miss Marple IT'S A BLOODY NOSE! So why do you have to KEEP CHECKING my prostate?!?!
The Geek Nosebleeds: Just one more negative side effect of the "Shatner" acting method.
Frankie Chestnuts Doctor: "Gesundheit!! ...also EEEWW!"
Frankie Chestnuts Doctor: "Gesundheit!!"
Miss Marple "The beatings will continue until morale improves."
Frankie Chestnuts Doctor: "Lt. Carey, if you don't shut up and sit down, I'm going to have to give you a hypo of Shatnerzene. It won't calm you down, but no one will notice because of the over-acting.
Frankie Chestnuts Doctor: "Lt. Carey, if you don't shut up and sit down, I'm going to have to give you some of the Captain's coffee... It always seems to calm HER down."
Miss Marple Doctor: I can treat that bloody nose immediately, the attitude adjustment will take much longer, ...probably requiring more bloodied noses.
Frankie Chestnuts "Badges??? We don't need no STINKING BADGES!!!"
MLCoolJ Carey's attempt at getting facial tattoos left a lot to be desired.
Miss Marple Bad mustaches... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

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